There is no better feeling than coming home for Christmas.  The familiarity, the smiles, the sense of belonging.  When travel a long way to do it it’s even better.  Your journey ends with feelings of comfort and your heart filling with joy.


I went back to Manitoba for Christmas….and the first few hours were great.  Got my rental car, picked up my son, went to the mall for a while to walk finalize a few gifts, had a nice dinner and then went to a sports pub to watch the Jets hockey game.  I walk in and I know a few people.  Throw my chair on the stool and go talk to these old friends for a tiny bit.  Go back to the stool and my leather jacket is gone.  Inside was my iPod.  Thankfully I had my passport, keys and wallet in my pants. 


So I’m in Winnipeg in December with no winter jacket.  Not exactly the welcome home I was hoping for.  I end getting jacket stolen, my ipod stolen, paid twice for the same purchase and cut my finger and lost some blood. So if anybody says I didn’t give enough this Christmas…..  gave until it hurt. Literally!

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    Yo J….. Sorry to hear of the loss of the jacket and i pod…that really sucks…Karma will get the dog who did that I am sure ..Hope the New years was better ..I spent it at Mulvaneys cabin on Denman Island….Far out that was….It is raining like crazy out here just now …monsoon season fo sho …

    Cheers and all the best from the real West ..

    Pete M

    - pete murphy
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