I was blown away when a friend of mine out west was telling me that she has to buy her own Christmas gifts.  I was stunned.  How is that possible.  She says her husband gets to stressed out shopping and doesn’t want to do it.  So he says go buy something and then I don’t have to.  I’ll pay the shot.


Is it just me or is that completely and utterly wrong?  Maybe there are women that actually appreciate that.  The husband is likely going to be the wrong thing anyway so you might as well just get what you want.

I guess it’s hard for most of us to understand why we wouldn’t want to go and find something for our partners….even if the gift is good or bad.  Isn’t it the thought that counts.  Wouldn’t you want your partner to put some effort into it.


I get the whole stress about shopping in crazy people packed malls thing.  But at the end of the day you have choices.  You could do online shopping, you could do Sears catalogue orders you can hire somebody to do it for you…..something.  I felt bad for her though because the appeal of the gift is it’s a mystery, it’s fun, the wrapping paper and wondering what your partner bought for you, the anticipation of guessing what it is and most of all the thought, love and effort that was put into it. 


So whether you receive a bad Christmas sweater, dime store jewellery, or a completely useless gadget.’s the thought that counts.  Guys…that does NOT mean you can go out and buy her a chainsaw and then say that if she doesn’t want it you’ll just use it yourself.  Come on…..


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