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We’ve spent a lot of time taking about NHL13 , and we do it with good reason. NHL13 looks to be off the hook, but let’s not ignore another staple of sports gaming.

To talk Madden, we cornered Clint Oldenburg, one of the associate producers working on Madden 13. We’re going to have him on the show again to talk about his amazing story of going from a seasoned NFL offensive tackle to game producer; however, today we’re speaking to him about Madden 13.

But before we get to that discussion I have a bit of homework for you. You see, this year each conversation with the Madden development team always started with the Infinity Engine. It’s the new game engine that handles things like collision detection between virtual players. I’m not going to bore you by trying to explain the mechanics behind the engine, but instead I was just hoping that you would click on the video below this paragraph. If you do that you’ll see what the results of the new engine are in terms of game-play.

Now that you have a visual reference, let’s figure out what you can expect in this year’s version of Madden. You can find our discussion with Clint in the audio file below this paragraph.


Momin talkes with Madden NFL Football producer Clint Oldenburg.
Momin talkes with Madden NFL Football producer Clint Oldenburg.

And while you’re listen to that, I must take a moment to mention that I found it a little strange that there wasn’t a bigger focus on visuals with Madden 13 at E3. I say this because it seems like they’ve stepped up their visual game also. This first image you see uses Washington to compare what a game of Madden football would look like in both Madden 12 and 13.

This next image shows what a game could look like at 5 different times points throughout a virtual game day.


Now, I know what you’re thinking, and I don’t know why these images are so small either. At E3, we were given a USB drive with a ton of images and videos to show off all the games that EA/EA Sports was showing at E3, and the 2 images above this paragraph were the ones on the drive. I also checked a separate visual media vault that EA keeps around so that press can download assets like these screenshots. Those 2 images were the same size in that vault as well; therefore, I grabbed all of the images below this paragraph from that vault, and I am posting them here in the hopes that it will give you a better idea of what the visuals in Madden 13 look like.

Unfortunately, there are no image in the world that can explain virtual Phil Simms and Jim Nantz.

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