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Hey Got Gamers,

We know that after last week, many of you were hoping for another live edition of Got Game, but for various reasons we had to pre-tape this weekend’s show. We’ll do another live show at some point, but  just because we’re forced by certain situations to pre-tape, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be part of the program each week.

We’re always on the lookout for emails that are worth the time of our listeners, so email those questions to and they could end up in one of the future audio files that we put below these paragraphs. However, we just call them the post-broadcast podcasts of our weekly shows. The one below this sentence is the podcasted version of our July 29th 2011 radio show.


This week on Got Game the crew discusses:


Plus, we take some time to talk with Michel Gagne and Craig Lee about their upcoming XBox Live Summer of Arcade game: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.


And in our review section we 1st look at this week’s Summer of Arcade title: From Dust…

… Before Calhoun tells us exactly what Atlus made when they created Catherine.

Finally, as promised earlier, here is the full list (from the game’s developers via their forums) of all the improvements and bugs that Eutechnyx is trying to fix with the 2nd Patch that they released for NASCAR the Game 2011:

  • Fix lack of Caution Flags
  • Fix issues with the A.I. exiting the pits and then pulling straight up the track
  • Fix Cautions Lights being illuminated all of the time
  • Improve the PS3 voice comms
  • Fix the instant wrecking during Online Rolling Starts
  • Fix the Lobby Race Start Counter freezing
  • Fix Spotter saying “Clear” too often
  • Truex Jr. & Bill Elliott being corrupt during celebrations
  • Hardcore mode enabled on Xbox 360. PS3 already works
  • Fix Custom Setups working Online
  • Car rolling away during a celebration leaving the driver celebrating in mid-air
  • Pace car lights in single player are on all of the time
  • Issues with the Lucky Dog rule
  • Issues with the Wave Around rule
  • Improve FFB and wheel sensitivity options
  • Slow Down indicator is no longer displayed on Talladega as it’s a wide open track
  • Spotter says “Clear” when there are cars along side the player
  • Green White Checkered problems – Should read “Caution – 1st Green White Checkered”
  • Opponent cars floating above the track
  • Loss of Save
  • Improve general stability and freezing issues
  • Fix the Rolling Starts Online/Offline so the cars begin in the correct formation and together
  • In Private games, the host will start the timer when they are ready
  • Add support for the Porsche GT2 wheel (XBox 360)
  • Allow the HUD to be completely turned off
  • Ensure only Carl Edwards performs a back flip
  • Add the ability to change your Online Car
  • Add proximity indicator to split screen
  • Added Manufacturer Logos and Headlight / Taillight stickers to the Paint Shop
  • Adding time to the lobby count down when people enter a lobby
  • Added a penalty mechanic to slow down the player when cutting corners on the Road Courses
  • A.I. difficulty being too easy when qualifying
  • Added Wheel Control sensitivity option to the XBox 360
  • Allow the Rival Icon to be turned off, use In Game options menu
  • Change the Gas indicator so it defaults to full in the pit stop interface
  • Add support for the T500 wheel
  • The sensitivity when using the stick to move / rotate etc. is too high
  • Disable rubber banding
  • Legends Challenge, Only show the closest tag
  • When any players are in a race, players in the lobby should see “PLAYERS STILL RACING” where it currently reads “AWAITING OTHER DRIVERS” in the lobby
  • Added an Auto Kick system for removing disruptive players, Driving Backward or not Moving, in an online race
  • A.I. bunching on certain tracks
  • Accelerated vinyl projection rendering, slightly faster on Xbox 360, almost twice as fast on PS3
  • Upped custom decal layer count from 50 to 75
  • Non-Supported wheels now have better general compatibility, Thustmaster (All) & Logitech (MoMo & GT Force)
  • Reconfigure the damage to improve the look and add more debris on impact
  • Allow a greater selection of race distances in the lobby / private lobby.
  • A.I. pitting problems causing them to collide into each other
  • Hitting the wall often turns the car ending up with the player facing the wrong way
  • It’s difficult to start moving again if you’re on the grass or if you’re turned
  • Online Collisions
  • More smoke in Celebration burnouts
  • Online lag affecting the ability to run closer to other cars trough corners without spinning
  • Added a splash and go animation when just fuel is added during a stop
  • Draft effect both on the car and visual to be tweaked
  • Free up the A.I. cars so that when they are hit by a player they will get loose
  • A.I. being overly aggressive when bump drafting the player
  • A.I. slamming their brakes on for no reason

Hey Got Gamers,

We just got a press release from publisher 505 Games and developer Kung Fu Factory announcing that Supremacy MMA™ will “break bones and smash faces” on the PlayStation Vita this fall.

According to the press release, Supremacy MMA for the PS Vita will include exclusive content like new fighters, venues, and yet unnamed features found only on the PS Vita version of the game.

Here’s the trailer!

The Got Game Show Blog For July 23rd 2011

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Hey Got Gamers,

Normally, these show blogs are a little longer then this one is going to be. That’s because I always post links to the topics that we discuss each week, but this week our topics came from your calls, emails and tweets that we took during our live show.

I am not going to list all those questions here, but you can always catch them in the audio file below this paragraph. However, we just call it the post-broadcast podcast of our July 23rd, 2011 show.


This week we started off by talking about the new covers for NBA 2K12, and as promised here they are.

Larry's Cover
Larry’s Cover

Magic's Cover
Magic’s Cover

Jordan's Cover
Jordan’s Cover

Those covers were by far the biggest story of last week, but not the only one. We also talked with:

And in our Review Segments we took deep looks at Bastion…

…NCAA Football 12…

…And Call of Juarez: The Cartel.


Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Hey Got Gamers,

You want to make them, so we’re going to take them.

Image Courtesy of Jeff McAllister and the Got Game Facebook Page.
Image Courtesy of Jeff McAllister and the Got Game Facebook Page.

Don’t miss a special live edition of Got Game, this Saturday from 4 to 6 pm, were we’ll be taking your phone calls and emails. Do you have a videogame question that can only be answered by a panel of experts? Have you ever wanted to interact with the crew of Got Game? Well here’s your chance!

You can reach us on one of our many phone lines at 1-888-666-0590 or locally at 416-870-0590 or simply hit *590 if you’re calling us on your cell phones.

If you want to ask us something, but can’t call in because you’re working or something, then why not reach out to us by email instead? We’ll be checking our Got Game email inbox throughout the show, so send us questions or comments on things you want to discuss to

We’ll talk to you this Saturday at 4 pm. Until then!

Hey Got Gamers,

Life has a few rules that we all must live by. One of them is that nothing really lasts forever, sadly that nothing also includes multiplayer servers for all of your favorite EA and EA Sports titles. EA has announced that they’re shutting down 18 servers in 2 stages before the end of the year. The first stage will be shutting down on August 11, 2011 and will include:

  1. Army of Two for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
  2. Army of Two Demo for Xbox 360
  3. Battlefield 2142 Demo for PC
  4. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for Xbox 360
  5. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Demo for Xbox 360
  6. Medal of Honor Airborne for PlayStation Portable
  7. Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for PlayStation Portable and Wii
  8. NASCAR 09 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (North America)
  9. NCAA Basketball 10 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
  10. NCAA Football 10 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
  11. Need for Speed Most Wanted for PC and Xbox 360
  12. Need for Speed Undercover for PlayStation Portable
  13. Skate for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
  14. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii
  15. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Demo for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

On October 1, 2011 the remaining servers on the list will be shut down:

  1. Madden NFL 10 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
  2. NHL 10 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

However, the sad news about these EA servers is only a small portion of news that came out of the videogame industry this week. You can hear all the rest of it in the audio file below this paragraph, but we just call it the post-broadcast-podcast of our July 16th, 2011 show.


This week on Got Game the crew discusses:

Plus, we take a long look at UFC Undisputed 3 with the game’s producer Neven Dravisnski.


And in our review section Calhoun takes some time to think about Puzzle Agent 2.


Hey Got Gamers,

It’s amazing what you will learn on a hour long, weekly radio show about video games. This week we learned that Momin’s life is now complete…

Momin in Front of the Kwik-E-Mart
Momin in Front of the Kwik-E-Mart

… but that only a small fraction of the things that we learned this week. To hear all the jaw dropping news you’ll have to listen to the audio file below this paragraph; but, we just call it the post-broadcast podcast of our Sunday, July 10th, 2011 show.


This week on Got Game the crew discusses:

Plus, Zack takes an in depth look at NBA 2K12 with Rob Jones from Take Two Interactive; and if you want more impressions of NBA 2K12 check out Zack’s 2K12 blog post from E3.

And in our review section, Zack takes a look at a pair of Nox Audio Gaming Headphones that he discovered at this year’s E3.

Zack Wearing the Nox Audio Headphones
Zack Wearing the Nox Audio Headphones

Hey Got Gamers!

Thanks again to everyone who joined in on this week’s email contest for 1 of 4 XBLA game codes. Sorry to all who didn’t win, but sadly we received far more emails than we had codes to give. If you were one of the lucky winners, you have already received an email from us with a code inside.

However, that contest is just a tiny part of what made up this week’s edition of Got Game. As always you can hear the full show in the audio file below this paragraph, but we just call it the post-broadcast-podcast of our July 2nd 2011 show.


This week on Got Game the crew discusses:

Plus we take some time to see if the COD Black Ops DLC is worth your money…

…If FEAR 3 is as good as the very spooky FEAR 2: PROJECT ORIGINS

…And if Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D is worth all the bbbbrraaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnssss.