Hey Got Gamers,

Sadly, Zack could not join us for the show this weekend, but no matter what the show (and the show blog) must go on! Therefore, and in that spirit, let’s get things rolling this week with an unstoppable post-broadcast-podcast. As always you can find the podcast of our latest show in the audio file below this sentence.


This week on Got Game we discuss:

Plus we take a look at the upcoming PS3 exclusive, Killzone 3, with the help of the game’s Lead Level Designer: Chris Haluke. We also spent a bit of time this week talking about our experiences with a PlayStation Move accessory called the Sharpshooter. For your reference, here’s an image of that accessory.
And in our review segment, Justin Amirkhani helps us out with a review of Marvel vs Capcom 3.

While Calhoun takes a look at NBA JAM for the iPhone.

And like Calhoun promised, here’s a high quality image of what NBA JAM looks like on the iPhone.

3 Responses to “The Got Game Show Blog for February 19th, 2011.”
  1. 1.

    Hi Guys and Gals…

    Haha.. sitting here working and listening to the Fan ( and GotGame on iTunes) and hearing Zack giving the AutoShow updates, talking cars etc…

    I wonder if Zack is gettin’ the urge to go home and play to GT5 now!!!! LOL!

    cheers, keep up the great work!

    - Ed
  2. 2.

    Hey Ed,

    In all honesty… right beside GT5 (at the auto show) was a booth with the new Motorstorm (in 3D) – that looked pretty damn cool (I’ve always said I’m more of an ‘arcade racer’).

    GT5 is a little too much of a bully to me. I want to have fun.

    …I assume you’re still enjoying it, though?

    - Zack Cooper
  3. 3.

    LOL.. they had Motorstorm right there too! Yeah.. I love the Arcade racers as much as than the realistic one(s)…

    Currently GT5 is sitting on the shelf.. but i remember having ‘urges’ to play a realistic racer once in awhile, and that is when I’ll pick it up again..

    I’ve gotten to the point in GT5 where all that is left are endurance races.. umm.. I’m NOT gonna sit there for 4 hrs and race a single race.. zzzzz…

    BTW… I sure wish there was a Road Rash remake.. clobberin’ people on a bike w/ the Tea Party’s ‘Temptation’ was a fond memory o’ mine….


    - Ed
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