Hey Got Gamers,

I feel the need to start this blog off by correcting  a bit of misinformation you may hear on this week’s show.  Running out of gas on the first lap does not count as being dominated. Having it happen to me twice in one race does not mean I am a terrible driver; it simply means I have the worlds worst pit crew. And that’s exactly what happened when I took these two go-karts out onto the track during the ModNation Racers media event…


…That’s not being dominated.

So now that we got that all cleared up, you must be thinking, “what in the world is he talking about?” Well the answer to this question and so many other things can be found in the audio file below, or as we like to call it, the Got Game Podcast for Sunday, May 30th, 2010.


Now believe it or not, we somehow managed to pack even more content then normal into this week’s episode. We still were not able to get it all in, but this week:

  1. - We start off the discussing a rumor that we we found on the ESPN website regarding Micheal Jordon being in, and on the cover of, NBA 2K11. Is this an automatic win for 2K Sports?
  2. - The crew debates the idea of the iPed, an iPad knock off that run’s on Google’s Android operating system. Is this something that Apple needs to fear? Our thoughts on the matter can only be found inside our podcast; but, below you can see what a iPad knock-off, running on the Android operating system, would look like.
  3. - And as we’re entering the magical time of this year’s E3, the usual rumors are starting to surface. 1 of the more realistic rumors we’ve heard so far is regarding the launch date and price of project Natal. We discuss if this new price is still low enough to convince us and the gaming-nation to pick one up.
  4. - Another rumor we heard is about Sony offering a two-tiered online service for their PlayStation 3. What are the details and is this a smart move? Check the podcast for the answers to those questions.
  5. We also manage to literally go inside a game called BackBreaker. We’re not talking virtual reality here, but it is all sorts of awesome. All I am going to say regarding this, at least before you hear the show, is GO L.A. RAPTORS!


Plus we somehow find time to review:


Super Mario Galaxy

And do a hands on impressions of ModNation Racer (full review to come next week)

And finally, if you did not get a chance to go down to the Mario Galaxy 2 launch, at the Yonge Dundas Square last weekend, here are some images we took on location.


Also, Momin had a chance to talk to Nintendo Canada’s Matt Ryan about Super Mario Galaxy 2, and for your listening pleasure here is that discussion (in the audio file below this sentence).


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