When it gets hot like this, you have to do something to keep cool…I suggest eating ice cream for breakfast! 

Here are my Top 10 reasons why you should eat ice cream for breakfast…

10. You have a wide variety of topping options to “healthy” it up…strawberries, whipped cream…well, strawberries anyway.

9. Because it’s good and you like it!

8. If you burn your tongue you can quickly cool it down with your ice cream

7. It’s a great way to make room in your freezer for more important things like…those ice cream cones with the chocolate at the bottom of the cone!

6. Your parents said you could do what you wanted when you got a house of your own…today is that day!

5. Do you really want another bowl of All Bran?  Who wants to spend the summer in the bathroom anyway?

4. Putting ice cubes down your pants didn’t work out the way you hoped it would

3. You can always compensate by having salad for lunch…and dinner

2. Everyone else in the house will most likely be sleeping, so you won’t have to share

and the number one reason why you should have ice cream for breakfast…

1. Let’s face it; you weren’t really going to fit into that Bikini this summer anyway!


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  1. 1.

    Hey Vicki! I am a local Guide Leader. For one morning during each of our camping trips, we have ice cream for breakfast between two waffles. The girls dress them up with chocolate and/or camamel syrups, whipped cream and different sprinkles. Ok, we know it isn’t the most healthy breakfast, but we serve them with juice, milk and fruit wedges. If they ask for them, you know they will eat them! … and that is how I get my guilt-free ice cream for breakfast! Wanna be a Guide Leader too? LOL

    - Tracey
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