By Tom Parisi

The recently formed Kirkland Lake Blue Devils franchise of the NOJHL has folded.

Former team owner Robert Kasner announced the team would cease operations for the rest of the season.

League Commissioner Robert Mazzuca said he received word the teams was folding just before noon Thursday.

“Mr. Kasner informed the league he would be folding the team and ceasing operations the remainder of the season, no official explanation has been given for the decision at this time.”

Later the same day Mazzuca said they’d already found new potential owners for the franchise.

“Around 3 p.m. we’ve found a consortium with ties to hockey who immidiately put in a application for a franchise. If all goes smoothly we could have hockey back in Kirkland Lake by January 20th.”

The players rights are currently owned by the league, but with rosters having to be finalized by January 10th Mazzuca said it was not the best of timing.

“We weren’t sure what would happen to the players but with the new owners coming in fairly quickly we shouldn’t run into any problems.”

Because of the swift work of the league the franchise may only have to postpone two games against the Abitibi Eskimos on Friday and the North bay Trappers on Saturday.

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