You know how Janet Jackson’s nipple slip was the most paused moment in TV history?  Now some nerds have figured out the top ten most-paused moments in movie history.  And wouldn’t you know, most of them involve nudity in some way.

1. Sharon Stone crossing her legs – Basic Instinct (1992) – 31 %

     I probably can’t put that on my blog…but you can watch it here if you like.  I forgot Newman was in this scene!  Newman! 

2. Jennifer Lopez naked rear – The Back-Up Plan (2010) – 16%

     She’s not actually naked, it’s a little thong.  You can fast forward to the 3:15 mark to see it…I’m wondering though – for a moment to be one of the “most paused” moments, shouldn’t the movie have been seen by more than eleven people?

3. Stormtrooper bangs his head – Star Wars – Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) – 15%

     Did I really just see that?  Yes, I did.  Did I really just care?  Yes, I’m an enormous nerd.

4. Jamie Lee Curtis flash – Trading Places (1983) – 8%

     Once again, can’t put this on the blog.  But you can watch it here.  Maybe it’s because I’m not a child of the 80s.  But I don’t really get it.  The girl in Leprechaun 3 had a nicer rack…and Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies was, I think, vastly superior to this one…

5. Jessica Rabbit goes commando – Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) – 6%

Jessica Rabbit

     Couldn’t find a video…here’s the screen shot.  I don’t know what’s creepier.  That people are pausing and rewinding their movies to see this, or that (clearly) some of them are doing it after renting the movie with their kids.

6. Brad Pitt flashes behind doctor in hospital – Fight Club (1999) – 5%

     I get it, at least.  It’s a ladies’ version of our Sharon Stone moment.  More on Fight Club here.

7. Captain America’s shield appears on desk – Iron Man 2 (2010) – 4%

     This is probably a combination of two things – first, giant giant giant comic nerds are obsessive.  And second, this movie was SO bad, and SO boring, that people were scanning the background for something more interesting than the action in the centre of the screen.

8. Dust spells out ‘S.F.X’ – The Lion King (1994) – 3%

     Seriously?  Even with it spelled out for me on that video, I can’t tell anything is there.  Who would pause THAT?

9. Pacman cameo – Tron (1982) -2%

     In the NEW Tron, if you look really, really closely, you can spot Oscar winning actor Jeff Bridges.

10. Nicole Kidman rear-end flash – Eyes Wide Shut (1999) – 1%

     There are places on the net you can go to see this scene.  Actually, there are many many places you can go to see Nicole Kidman naked in a variety of movies.  Sometimes a butt, sometimes boobs, sometimes more.  But my computer at work will not let me go to those places on the internet until I am older.  My big question here is – with all the Nicole Kidman nudity available to the movie viewer, it’s that one scene in Eyes Wide Shut they paused?  That’s weird – it means that person had to spend a few seconds MORE watching Eyes Wide Shut.

     I welcome comments  here – any moments in movies left out of this list?  I, for one, would suggest a few – Leprechaun 3, of course, because I watched it at the age where things of that nature were very interesting to me.  I also paused a Brad Pitt scene a few times – the one in Meet Joe Black where he gets hit by many cars and a bus.  And the scene in Wayne’s World where Lara Flynn Boyle falls off her bicycle.

4 Responses to “The most paused movie moments in history”
  1. 1.

    Since you’ve included some geeky moments, the original Genesis Planet scene in the Star Trek movies: the CGI was generating a mountain range that the “camera” was flying into. Programmers had to undo several days’ work and w

    - Paul O
  2. 2.

    Since you’ve led the way with some geeky moments, the original Genesis Planet scene from the Star Trek movies, in the early days of CGI: as the Genesis effect sweeps the planet, it becomes clear the viewer will be carried through the upcoming rock face. Programmers had to rewind several days’ work and write in a gap to “fly” through. They all signed a single frame of the movie for their efforts.

    True geeks have looked for that frame, but reports are it didn’t make it to DVD.

    The scenes you _can’t_ show above are much better. Even geeks appreciate the female form.

    - Paul O
  3. 3.

    Any movie with Raquel Welch in it has got to have at least one “wish I could freeze frame” moment.

    - Mark
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