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I’m a little late in getting this in (1 game is already in the books and another is approaching halftime) … but I have Twitter proof that my picks were made BEFORE the post-season began … so this breakdown will simply serve as a more detailed report of my prognostications!



For those that asked: CHI in 5. BOS in 6. IND in 6. MIA in 6. OKC in 7. LAL in 6. LAC in 7. SAN AN in 5. There are my predictions

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Chicago (1) vs Philadelphia (8)

Bulls in 5.  Too much depth and too much D for the 76ers to deal with.  This is a no-brainer.

Miami (2) vs New York (7)

Miami in 6.  Kudos to Mike Woodson for getting the Knicks on track but the 1-2 (3?) punch of James and Wade (and Bosh?) is too much for New York to deal with … especially given how infrequently NY’s core has played together this season (due to injuries).

Indiana (3) vs Orlando (6)

Pacers in 6.  No Dwight Howard = No chance for the Magic.

Boston (4) vs Atlanta (5)

Boston in 6.  The injury (bone spurs) to Ray Allen concerns me — as does the overall as of the Celtics.  But Doc Rivers had his team playing so well down the stretch of the season that I have to stay with them.  Atlanta may be due for a shake-up (Josh Smith finally traded?) if they make another early exit from the post-season.


San Antonio (1) vs Utah (8)

Spurs in 5.  Too much experience for the Jazz to deal with.  Plus, after getting stung by the Grizzlies last year, I don’t see San Antonio letting lightning strike, again.

Oklahoma City (2) vs Dallas (7)

OKC in 7.  This may be the worst match-up for the Thunder.  The 2010-11 CHAMPS as a 7th seed in the 1st round?  Ouch.  This will be a battle but I don’t know if it’s a changing of the guard … given that Kevin Durant and Co. MAY have to go through the Mavs, Lakers, and Spurs to get to the final (if things play out like that).  That’s epic.

LA Lakers (3) vs Denver (6)

Lakers in 6.  In spite of the suspension to Metta World Peace, I think LA still has the depth and All Star talent that wins you playoff games.  I don’t know if Denver can truly match-up vs Gasol and Bynum and I’m interested in seeing how JaVale McGee reacts to his first taste of the post-season — especially against a marquee opponent.

Memphis (4) vs LA Clippers (5)

Clippers in 7.  The conspiracy theorist in me believes the league will find a way to get through to the 2nd round.  Memphis is a SOLID team that scares many.  I get that.  Most folks are taking the Grizz.  But I wonder how much respect Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will get in the post-season and how much that could truly affect the series.  I’m staying with LA.


So there are MY 1st round picks.  Who do you have?

E. Smith

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