Wednesday March 21 2012 – 10:40pm Eastern – Toronto, ON

The details are sketchy right now but there is strong speculation swirling at the moment that Canada Basketball could be close to making a major announcement regarding its Men’s National Team.

Steve Nash may be taking over as the “General Manger” of Team Canada.

It would be a role similar to what Steve Yzerman (and, previously, Wayne Gretzky) has served for Hockey Canada.

This move has been swirling in the rumor mill for weeks (if not months) and it is apparently closer than ever.

If / when this unveiling is made, there is strong indication that Jay Triano will be named as Head Coach of the Canadian squad; his second stint as the lead man on the sidelines for the Canucks.

The Men’s National Team did not qualify for this summer’s Olympic Games in London and, thus, doesn’t really have any meaningful games on the horizon for at least another year. ¬†However, the hope would be – with Nash taking over – that the 2-time MVP would be able to attract Canada’s top talent (some who have arguably not shown up in Red and White in the past) and convince them to represent their country.

Time will tell if this truly goes down and what impact it could have on the future on the Canadian National program and the growth of the sport with current and future generations.

E. Smith

2 Responses to “Nash To Take Over Canada?”
  1. 1.

    Basketball Canada has snubbed the best players when they are young. When that talent rises above the current “chosen ones”, Basketball Canada has shot itself in the head because their “chosen ones” aren’t as good as the snubbed players and they do not want to bother with Canada Basketball. Hopefully Nash can reverse it.

    - Proud Dad
  2. 2.

    Does this mean Nash is retiring from the NBA? Also, Nash is one of those guys who has arguably not shown up in the past for the red and white.

    - Bradzerker
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