Saturday March 10 2012 – 10:04pm Eastern – Auburn Hills, Michigan

Jose Calderon was injured in the 2nd quarter against the Pistons…stepping on the foot of Brandon Knight (who was trying to track down Calderon from behind as the Spanish guard was bringing the ball into the front court for the Raptors) and going down in a heap!

Calderon was diagnosed with a sprained right ankle and then was sent for X-Rays inside The Palace of Auburn Hills.  X-Rays were negative, but Dwane Casey was forced to hand the keys to Jerryd Bayless and Gary Forbes at the point.  And that will be the case for the foreseeable future, as long as Calderon is sidelined (no timetable has been determined yet).

This raises the question:  What about veteran point guard Anthony Carter?

Many in Raptorland believe he has been waived by Toronto already.  However, that is NOT the case.

Carter is not with the team.  He has gone back home to Denver.  But he has not been officially waived by the Raptors.

Carter’s agent, Bill Duffy, is trying to find a team for his client to go to; he’s looking for a club that may be interested in a veteran guard for help and depth with a playoff run.

IF Duffy can find a taker, one of three scenarios will unfold with Carter:

- he’ll be waived before the trade deadline
- he’ll be waived right after the trade deadline
- he’ll be included in a trade (either on his own or with another member of the Raps)

The question could be asked:  Now that Calderon is hurt and point guard depth is an issue – with Bayless and Forbes (and Leandro Barbosa?) being the only options – could Bryan Colangelo tell Carter to get back to Toronto and help THIS club out?

The answer to that question is not easy.  But the simplest answer may be:  Yes, Colangelo COULD do that…but in all likelihood Duffy would probably say that his client is not going to report back to T.O. and he’d essentially force the Raptors to suspend Carter and then, ultimately, waive him.

Chances are the Raps will eventually let A.C. go and use the open roster spot to sign someone to a 10-day contract.

E. Smith


2 Responses to “The Goods On Anthony Carter”
  1. 1.

    :”Could Bryan Colangelo tell Carter to get back to Toronto and help THIS club out?”

    You mean, help them tank? I think current squad should do the trick.

    - Triano?
  2. 2.

    geez i was getting ancy that the season is more the half over and we have yet to have a guy with a “mystery injury” or explictily wants to leave raps land,,,,better late then never,,the bj armstrong curse continues,, go raps go

    - williecanatefan
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