Wednesday November 16 2011 – 4:48pm Eastern – Toronto, ON

DeMar DeRozan was on Sportsnet 590 earlier today – with Paul Jones and me – and he broke the news that he has been considering the possibility of organizing a charity game in Toronto at some point in the next month.

Details are limited at this point, but DeRozan told us that he and Raptors teammate, Amir Johnson, recently discussed the idea and they are meeting tomorrow or Friday to figure out the details and determine if this event could fly or not.

Basketball fans in and around Toronto will remember how successful Vince Carter was when he held charity games at Air Canada Centre for a few summers in the early years of last decade.  But DeRozan and Johnson would likely not be able to host their game at the ACC given the fact that Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment owns the building and the Raptors (conflict of interest RE: the ongoing Lockout).  Ditto for Ricoh Coliseum.  So a DeRozan-Johnson venture would likely tip off at somewhere like Ryerson or U of T.

DeRozan mentioned in the interview that he has been doing a lot of work in the off-season with NBA players like Corey Maggette and Matt Barnes so you could probably expect those guys to show up for a charity game in T.O. IF it went down.  Brandon Jennings is a close friend to DeRozan too … And all-star Kevin Durant has shown up for pretty-much every charity game that teammates and fellow ballers have put on this summer and fall.  But his participation is purely speculative at this point (as is the game itself for that matter).

Keep it tuned to Sportsnet 590 and this blog for more details.

E. Smith

* If you missed our chat with DeRozan, you can listen to it here:


3 Responses to “Charity Game May Be In The Works”
  1. 1.

    It’s good to hear players discussing a charity game .

    It contrasts with David Boies telling the owners :
    “Greed is not only a terrible thing, it’s a dangerous thing . “

    - Mort
  2. 2.

    Well according to Kevin Durant on Twitter he’s bored right now. So if they ask him to come I’m sure he will say yes. He said yes to the flag football game not too long ago so I’m guessing he would most likely say yes to the Charity game lol

    - Steve Suk
  3. 3.

    LeBron, Chris Paul, Wade and Carmelo Anthony are also planning charity games in each of their home towns. Chirs Bosh is rumoured to be playing in each of them.

    I say donate to charity and boycott their games. It’s one of the few chances for fans to send a message. Deny them the attention (and pay cheques) they crave.

    And the no-touch games will suck…

    - Gary
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