Wednesday June 29 2011 – 8:50am Eastern – Toronto, ON

It looks like Dwane Casey’s coaching staff for next season is set.

As I reported first last week, Scott Roth will be back with the club – one of three holdovers from Jay Triano’s crew.  Roth turned down the Los Angeles Lakers’ offer of joining Mike Brown’s staff in lieu of staying on with Casey and the Raptors.

Roth came to T.O. last season following stints in Golden State, Memphis and Dallas.

There was speculation last week that Triano assistants Micah Nori and Eric Hughes may be kept around by Casey as well — given that the two were in attendance at Casey’s introductory press conference — but neither would confirm or deny their contract status to me.  However, David Aldridge ( / TNT) is reporting that both men will stay in Toronto with Casey.

Nori is one of the longest-serving members of the Raptors organization (13 years) and he has recently held of the post of Director of NBA Scouting in addition to his coaching and advance scouting duties.

Hughes came to Toronto in 2007-08 as a basketball development consultant and was promoted to the post of assistant coach / basketball development in the summer of 2009.  The former NCAA head coach is primarily responsible for working with the younger players; arriving 3-4 hours before game-time on most days for guys to get in extra work.

Aldridge is reporting that Johnny Davis will be joining Casey’s staff as his lead assistant and Tom Sterner will come aboard in Toronto as well.

Davis played 10 years in the NBA – winning a championship with Portland in 1977.  Davis has been a head coach in the Association on 4 separate occasions:  during Allen Iverson’s rookie season in Philly, in two difference stints in Orlando, and as an interim head coach in Memphis … when he replaced Marc Iavaroni.  This fall will mark Davis’ 35th season in the NBA as a player, coach, or front office executive.

It’s not yet known if Alex English will catch-on with another club.

PJ Carlesimo – in spite of the one year he had remaining on his contract – will not be back with the Raptors.

Though many believe(d) otherwise, Alvin Williams was technically not on Triano’s staff last season.  He did do some pre-game work with the guards, but he was not on the bench during the games.  Williams was and is, officially, the Raptors Director of Player Development.  He has told me on numerous occasions that his NBA aspirations are in the front office and not as a coach.

E. Smith

6 Responses to “Coaching Staff Complete?”
  1. 1.

    It’s good Casey was alloweed to hire 2 of his own assistants.

    Casey needs to go after a few free agents he likes.

    Maybe Casey can get BC to trade for a few players to shake up the roster.

    Let’s hope BC doesn’t interfere too much as Casey attempts to make Raps. competetive again .

    - Chas
  2. 2.

    With the lockout potentially lasting for the whole year, how will the NBA determine the draft order for 2012? Will they do what the NHL did a few years back or will they go by last year’s standings? Thanks for the insight.

    - Joe
  3. 3.

    Chas…I think it’s a fair assumption to believe Colangelo will, once again, use his position to propagate his agenda…which is, precisely, to build a losing team while stockpiling extraordinarily expensive suits.

    Colangelo is clueless.

    - brento.
  4. 4.

    I agree BC’s job performance , esp. over the last 3 seasons, was brutal and worthy of his being fired.
    Lokk ast the draft. Cavs get Irving, Tristan and Macvan .
    Wiz get Vesely, Singleton and Mack .

    BC has one pick who may play in the future and the local media, with few exceptions, defend BC to the hilt.

    But I like to see the glass as half full rather than half empty.

    Casey needs to be strong and not allow BC to interfere with his vision for the roster.
    Casey should insist on trading or releasing some of the fringe players .

    Make a blockbuster trade to shake up this 22 win team .Maybe Tony Parker is still available for example. Go after a #5 by dangling Barg. maybe.

    It’s hilarious to read media slobbering over Weems like he’s a superstar.

    Let’s hope Casey brings some reality to this sham con-job BC has been weaving.

    - Chas
  5. 5.

    Another good example of BC’s incompetence is his original hiring of PJ Carlisimo.

    What did he do to improve the defence?

    - Chas
  6. 6.

    I doubt if Casey had a say in any of the selections outside of Johhny Davis.

    Why keep 3 holdover coaches from a 22 win team that was the worst defensive team in the NBA 2 years running?

    Alex English is the only coach I would have kept.

    It’s time to clean house btu BC just offers fans more BullChit image over reality.

    - BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!
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