Tuesday June 21 2011 – 1:26pm Eastern – Toronto, ON

Dwane Casey was introduced to the media as the new head coach of the Toronto Raptors.

President and General Manager, Bryan Colangelo, was on-hand as well.

Here are some key quotes from the 40-minute press conference:


“It was a long and exhaustive process”

“He has had some tremendous mentors in his career …some great experience to draw from”

“Everything we set out to find is sitting right next to me”


“I’d like to thank Bryan Colangelo for giving me this opportunity”

…Says the job was attractive because of Colangelo and the young core

“I want to continue the path that Jay (Triano) went down …(RE: the development of the players)”

“More of a free-flowing offence…not as many set players. We want to trust players offensively but your earn that on the defensive end”

Says DeMar is “on his way to being a superstar”

The offence has to be “natural and instinctive”

“Defensively, I’m going to be a control freak”

…..Says he spliced in hockey clips to his Mavericks post-season video sessions in order to try and fire-up the toughness in Dallas vs Miami

“Jay did a great job of starting the process”

“Every experience I’ve had has been good for me …even getting fired in Minnesota was great.”


“There are a few players in this Draft that would address…defence.”

“The best talent; the best fit. We have a young core we’d like to compliment.”


“I don’t want players to like me, I want them to respect me.”

…..Says he will get on players if need-be / whenever it’s needed but says he “never has and never will embarrass a player.”

“This team here has more athletic talent than that team did.” (Comparing Toronto now vs Minnesota – his 1st head coaching gig)


…..Says he got a call from Rick Carlisle on the night the Mavs won the championship asking what it would take to get Casey the job up in Toronto. Carlisle said to BC, “It’s right for him and it’s right for you.”


For more on Casey’s hiring, be sure to check out the world-famous Smith and Jones VLOG (video blog) as well.

E. Smith

3 Responses to “Key Quotes From Colangelo & Casey”
  1. 1.

    Welcome to Toronto Coach Casey!

    - Nick
  2. 2.

    I was advocating for Lawerence Frank, but I guess that can go on the back-burner for now.

    I like the things that Casey was saying about the free-flowing offence earned by hard-nosed defence. That will help ensure the defensive message is recieved.

    Casey is definitely right about wanting respect form his players, something we haven’t had in Toronto 100% since Lenny Wilkens. If he can get that level of respect that he has earned from his fellow coaches, he can most certainly get it from the players.

    The best part about that whole news conference was the amount of times “defence” was said. Over and over again. Already delivering the message as to what we can expect.

    It’s also nice to hear him talk about DeRozen being the future No. 1 guy as opposed to BArgnani. Not that anything is wrong with Bargs, but it’s nice to see him get some serious competition for touches during the game. Perhaps it will toughen him up a bit.

    De-fence. De-Fence. De-Fence.


    @ all the other superstitous fans like me…I have a new pair of lucky Raptors slippers I am going to wear every game; plus I am getting a different hat – these last two seasons haven’t been that good.

    Hi brento!!!!

    - T.J.
  3. 3.

    They both didn’t mention anything about Ed Davis which shocks me. Here is a young boy who is showing way more potential and work ethic than Bargniani and he’s saying that Bargniani is our best player? If Bargniani isn’t traded this season, i’m not buying a single ticket and neither am I watching this team on TV. 10 straight years I watch the Raptors, but I just can’t stand this. I can’t stand how BC can’t admit his mistake and keeps trashing this team to prove that Bargniani was a good pick. We all know he wasn’t. For the love of God trade the man before he loses all his value and move on.

    - Orest
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