Friday January 28 2011 – 3:13pm Eastern – Toronto, ON 

The league’s worst offence … against the league’s worst defence.  It’s a battle of wills tonight at the ACC.

Toronto is allowing opponents to shoot nearly 50% from the floor against them this season and they’ve coughed up just under 110 points per game over their last 4.  To say the Raptors are struggling (having lost 9 in a row) is an understatement. 

But IF there’s a light at the end of the tunnel … perhaps it could come via the train-wreck of an offence that is the Milwaukee Bucks. 

The boys from Wisconsin could be going at it tonight with Brandon Jennings, John Salmons, and Drew Gooden and there’s no denying that Scott Skiles could use some of that fire-power in his line up:

                                    Bucks Issues on OFFENCE

                                                                 NBA Rank

                               Points – 91.2              Last
                               FG%  – 42.3               Last
                               Assists – 18.0            Last
                               3PT FG%  – 34.6         19th

The Raptors will be hoping to avoid their 10TH straight loss (and 5TH straight at home) … two ‘streaks’ they haven’t had to face in nearly 5 years!  The last time things were this bad for T.O. … it was late March / early April, 2006.

One man that could present some serious issues for Toronto is Bucks big man Andrew Bogut.  Not only is he a solid rebounder and a centre with a good nose for the hoop as well (he averaged 20+ PPG in 3 games against the Raptors last season) but he’s the #1 shot-blocker in the NBA too:

 Andrew Bogut (MIL) - 2.69 blocks
JaVale Mcgee (WSH) – 2.56 blocks
Darko Milicic (MIN) – 2.33 blocks
Amare Stoudemire (NY) – 2.24 blocks
Dwight Howard (ORL) – 2.23 blocks

Paul Jones and I will be on the air at 7pm tonight on Sportsnet Radio, The FAN 590. 

Also, if you’re heading down to the ACC this evening … don’t forget that hip hop legend Rob Base will be performing at the half.

Have a good one

E. Smith

* Thanks to Jumpin Johnny Rusin for his help with some of these stats

4 Responses to “Buck The Trend?”
  1. 1.

    Against the Bucks:
    Win the game, you should have won against a terrible team.

    Lose the game, and it’s just another season low…

    What good can come from this game unless they win in a walk???

    - Gary
  2. 2.

    you have made it clear you believe in the team going for 8th in the tough east again this year because of course if they get it ,,its huge experience for the likes of gaines and dupree and others in the young ones,,so now i see nothing from you on this playoff push,,sure they haven’t won a game in a bit ,,but the fact is they are only 5 games back from a playoff spot,,,i think your fan club would be interested on “going for it philosophy that you have been selling ,,,only 5 games back with almost 40 gps left tells me we have time,,,,,,,please tell me that is has not sunk in that by BC not getting any actual NBA players to help (vs raiding the Z league )is telling you that he is not buying into “going for it ” for the experience,,,,,you have been selling so strong on the above,,please e give us direction ,,,,sounds like you and BC are not on the same page,,that would be unique vlog to hear that you disagree with BC,,,,i’m going to assume that its by accident that the playoff talk has stopped because losing a few in a row is nothing for this franchise,,,go raps go

    - lemongellofan
  3. 3.

    Yet again Lemon … your attempt at either (1) stirring up junk or (2) being funny/sarcastic couldn’t be more off-base and inaccurate.

    Let’s just forget about the fact that Dupree isn’t ‘young’ and he’s not on the team anymore … and that Gaines isn’t a Raptor any longer either …

    Both Jonesy and I said countless times – on the air during our broadcasts and in the VLOGS – that as long as the Raptors were within 5 games or less, we’d talk about the post-season picture. Justified or not … the wins and losses don’t necessarily matter if you’re still within legit breathing distance of the post season.

    HOWEVER, Toronto is currently 7 games out of 8th in the East and as a result … I haven’t said a word about the post-season for nearly a week now. They’re no longer in the hunt. The minute they get back to 5 or less, I’ll mention it again.

    Gotta study-up on your fact-checking a little bit.

    - Eric Smith
  4. 4.

    E, you should be a lawyer

    - Nik
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