Monday November 29 2010 – 4:27pm Eastern – Toronto, ON


The Toronto Raptors announced on Monday afternoon that they have recalled rookie forward Ed Davis from the Erie BayHawks of the NBA D-League.

In 2 games with the BayHawks, Davis averaged 10.0 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 3.0 blocks in about 17.5 minutes of action. 

Davis is expected to arrive in Toronto in time for Tuesday’s practice and he will be in the line up for the Raptors when they host the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night at the ACC.



Peja Stojakovic, who missed yesterday’s game against Atlanta with a swollen left knee, did not practice with the Raptors today. 

He will be re-evaluated again tomorrow and his status for Wednesday’s home game versus the Wizards has yet to be determined.



Raptors fans may not get a chance to see rookie sensation John Wall in action on Wednesday.

Wall missed Washington’s first showdown against Toronto – 2 weeks ago – when the Wiz blew out the Raps in D.C.  The youngster was sidelined for that game with a sprained ankle … an injury that actually kept him out of Flip Saunders’ line up for 4 games. 

Wall returned to action against Philadelphia on November 23 and then played again two nights later … when the Wizards were hammered in Atlanta.   However, he was back on the Inactive List on Saturday night when Washington lost by 1 to the Orlando Magic. 

His latest ailment:  a bruised right knee.

The Wizards play in Miami tonight and Wall is listed as questionable for that game.  

There’s no doubt that Washington could use the rookie’s services though.  Not only is Wall averaging 18.0 points and 9.1 assists, but the Wizards have yet to win on the road this season (0-7) and they’re currently playing without Yi Jianlian, Al Thornton, and Josh Howard as well. 



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10 Responses to “Rookie, Peja, Rookie, MO”
  1. 1.

    Has anyone around here noticed Roy Hibbert, Raptor for a day, is developing into an allstar centre for the Pacers?!?!?!?!?

    Seriously — anyone still supporting Bryan Colangelo and his long string of terrible moves while in Toronto, can use yet another bad deal as concrete evidence that our GM has FAILED!!!

    Hibbert, chosen by the Raps two years ago as the team’s 17th pick, was traded to Indiana for Jermaine O’Neal.

    Yes, THAT Jermaine O’Neal!!!!


    - brento.
  2. 2.

    You know…brento is absolutely correct.
    We had a pretty good-looking young Atlanta team in here the other night.
    I did a bit of research, and the Hawks have had 4 top ten draft picks since 2003.
    Your Toronto Raptors, during that same time period have had 5 top ten picks, including a #1 pick, and a #4 pick in probably the best draft year ever (2003-the Lebron, Wade, Bosh draft)…
    PLUS, the raps were dealing a top 10 talent in Vince (for which they parleyed into nothing).
    This last, amazing, rebuild opportunity has been completely botched by Babcock and Colangelo.
    I’ve said this several times before;
    B.C. got extremely lucky with Steve Nash elevating his game to M.V.P. status, and Bryan’s been riding Nash’s coattails ever since!

    - sparky chewbarky
  3. 3.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Ed Davis on the floor. Let’s start seeing the “future” guys all getting some floor time.

    We’ll also see Soloman Alabi at some point. He’s 7’1 or 2 and around 250 lbs – making him just about Bargs size.

    Eric, how do you compare the two, is Soloman any tougher and could push Bargs a bit to compete more.

    - Gary
  4. 4.

    Not BC’s fault that O’Neal din’t pan out. I think a an unhappy PG and a 1st round pick for a multi-time all star and veteran presence is deal you make anytime. Especially coming off the season they had just had.

    Things happen.

    No one had a crystal ball.

    I’m sure if BC could, he would take that deal back. Oh wait…he did.

    I’ll take integrity over underhandedness any day.

    - T.J.
  5. 5.

    yup hindsight is great…

    - Nick
  6. 6.

    You’ve got to be kidding me, TJ. Integrity? BC has been an arrogant, pantload of a GM since he signed a massive contract to bring Toronto Raptors fans a championship. From pronouncing two years ago, this was “the best team he has had in Toronto” to firing a coach at the absolute worst time of the season, he has done nothing but infuriate the “real” Raptors fans who actually “get it”.

    If it was you or I who had botched the rebuilding of this team — sure, I’d say “things happend”, “we all make mistakes”. But, Bryan Colangelo is a self-pronounced genius of NBA architecture (smirk, smirk). He has been paid millions of dollars to bring this team into a perennial finals contender. He has been granted boatloads of time to show us fans exactly how to build the kind of team free agents will clamor to join.

    I’m not sure there has been a bigger flop of an overpaid, overhyped GM in the sporting history of this once-amazing professional sports town.

    Thankfully, being an obvious lameduck this season, he is about to be shown the door at the ACC. Can’t wait!

    - brento.
  7. 7.

    And, Nick — hindsight is EXACTLY what a company uses when evaluating the performance of it’s management team…from the bottom right up to the top.

    And, using hindsight, Colangelo has FAILED.

    - brento.
  8. 8.


    Get real, Hibbert is not anywhere near all-star status. And no one saw him developing this way, not even the so called ‘draft experts’.


    - Mike
  9. 9.

    Also Brento, draft picks are just a tad slightly different concept than setting and evaluating strategic strategies in a given industry. The use of hingsight, in general, creates an excuse for poor decision making.

    - Mike
  10. 10.

    roy hibbert an allstar? not likely, but a solid player? yes… absolutely…

    as for BC, i’m not convinced of his work… sure, he was in phoenix and built some good teams… but the thing with them was, they never got passed the 3rd round… i mean, its better then us, yes, but the thing with toronto right now is, there seems to be a little bit of hope… if the NBA goes on strike, the raps may have a chance to redeem themselves if the league goes to a hard cap, and teams have to clear contracts… the raps may pick up some pieces…

    - chefdiz
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