Sunday November 28 2010 – 12:07pm Eastern – Toronto, ON

Quick update for ya folks …

Peja Stojakovic has a swollen left knee and will NOT play today against the Atlanta Hawks.

Pre-game on the FAN 590 comes up in less than 25 minutes.

E. Smith

One Response to “Peja Won’t Play”
  1. 1.

    Peja is for trade and will all know that , we will not see him play.

    I live in Toronto and I know that with Peja they will make playoffs.I am Raptors fan from time they make franchise in Toronto.

    Feb is coming and maybe (Lakers, Dalas and even our guys Maimi) our manager will make “great destitution trade for money or pick that is after 8 place .

    Wish you luck

    Paja is healthy.( he did not slip on a banana in 3 hours., and will all know).
    I am disappointed that nobody telling the realy story abouth Colangelo and Peja and Toronto he waz and be best player that he bring here .

    Best Regards Zlatko Korajlic

    - Zalatko Korajlic
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