Saturday November 27 2010 – 6:47pm Eastern – Toronto, ON

Reggie Evans was scheduled to have more testing done on his right foot this afternoon.

The Raptors expect to be able to confirm the extent of the Evans’ injury – thus far diagnosed as a fracture – some time tomorrow. However, we will likely have to wait a little longer for a decision from the training and medical staff RE: a course of treatment and how long The Regend might be sidelined.

Expect to see a whole lot more of Amir Johnson and don’t be surprised if Joey Dorsey vaults up the depth chart – especially while Ed Davis is still down in Erie, PA in the D-League.

E. Smith

2 Responses to “Update On Evans”
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    While I think the team will do allright in his absence, boy do I feel bad for Reggie. I’m glad it’s the other foot, and am hoping for his return to health. Knowing with his expiring contract and Dorsey and Davis in the wings, there is a distinct chance he will be traded before he returns to play. Am hoping the Raps make a pitch for him next season, allthough not by overpaying.

    - Tinman
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    I’ve broken the “fifth”…and, let me assure you…it freakin’ HURTS!!!!!

    Here’s a little bit o’ trivia: the fifth metatarsal is the most commonly broken bone in the human body. Why you might ask? It’s extremely vulnerable — and, there are two classic ways for it to be broken. Most common is when women, wearing heels, lose balance and turn over their ankle, forcing all of their body weight to come down on the outside of their foot. For men, it’s the typical spots injury, involving a player coming down on another’s foot, turning the ankle, and cracking the outside bone.

    Recovery for me wasn’t too bad. I wore a boot for about three or four weeks, and then (gingerly!) began walking on the unsupported foot. But — and, it’s a big but — I couldn’t truly apply full pressure on it for months. It’s a tiny bone, but is relied upon for some serious support.

    I can’t imagine a guy with a body as big as Reggie’s, being able to play NBA ball for at least two months. Even still, how effective he’ll be will be in complete question.

    It’s a shame, because he was definitely on the verge of being traded…likely for a 2nd rounder and a prospect. Who will want him now?

    As for the team, it’s an injury that will hurt in the standings but definitely help in the team’s development. That spot on the roster (and, particularly in the starting five) was completely being wasted on a player who will be long out of TO by the time the team is contending for a championship.

    - brento.
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