Friday November 26 2010 – 12:55pm Eastern – Toronto, ON

After 3 straight home games – and 3 straight wins at the ACC – the Raptors are back on the road … getting set to face the Boston Celtics tonight.

And being on the road means … the return of the world-famous Fan 590 VLOG!

Check it out below … VLOGGIN from the hotel in Beantown on “Black Friday”

Again, we’re on the air with the pre-game show at 7pm tonight and we will have the tip off just after 730pm.  Be sure to tune in for interviews with Jose Calderon, Reggie Evans, Andrea Bargnani, and more.

And don’t forget to check back at this space here, and at, for the latest roster updates prior to tip-off tonight.

Toronto has lost 4 in a row in Boston but they’ve won 4 in a row overall … so which streak will hit 5 tonight?  We’ll soon find out!

Have a good one

E. Smith

6 Responses to “VLOG 9.0 – Boston, MA”
  1. 1.

    Nice ‘stache!!

    - Jonathan
  2. 2.

    hey eric;

    Reggie evans has been unbeliable, hope bc doesn’t trade him, he is worth a new contract from the raptors, as he is the defacto leader on the court-and off the court as well. I would also keep peja as he and bayless have fit in seamlessly and will help the raptors in the long and short term. peja is a much better shooter than kapono was and donyell marshall aws well. hope the raptors give the celtics heck-p.s I like barbosa @ the point, he is very quick and versitile-go raps go-keep up the great work with jonesey!

    - robert.s
  3. 3.

    Nice work. Although maybe I’m too young to remember the days when Shaq could run.


    - T.J.
  4. 4.

    TJ – if you missed Shaq in his prime, you missed an absolutely legendary NBA centre. Not only was he exemplary off the court with respect to charitable donations, he was respectful on the court, was a beast under the basket — and, most memorably, had absolutely PHENOMENAL footwork for a centre. Seriously. For a guy who could tear his way to two points as well as anyone in the history of the league, his footwork was unbelievable. One of my favourite athletes of all time.

    As for Robert S. – if Barbosa is the Raps starting PG, they’ve got a whole pile of problems coming. As for Peja, if he’s willing to drop from $14M(!!!!) to about $4M, I’d keep him, too. But, I imagine for $4M a year he’d insist of being on a winning team. And, comparing him to Kapono is like comparing Gretzky to Kypreos — Kapono was horrendous as a Rap. Likely one of the most disappointing FA acquisitions in the history of the team. One of a huge pile of mistake transaction committed by our halfway-out-the-door GM.

    - brento.
  5. 5.

    Kapono wasn’t a mistake. He was a bust. Two very different animals. You can’t fault BC for giving someone a chance and that person not taking full advantage of it.

    I was also being sarcastic about Shaq. The first basketball game I ever taped (VHS and everything) was when Eric Montross had his first game vs. Shaq and the Lakers. I was young, maybe 12 or 13, but I remember.

    The real shame of it all is that Montross fell into the injury bug hard.

    - T.J.
  6. 6.

    TJ — it’s always an interesting debate as to who’s responsible for a player not reaching his potential; or, performing far below his potential.

    As far as I’m concerned, the GM is almost entirely responsible for his team’s performance. While it’s true he isn’t the one actually on the floor, he stands almost solely accountable for acquiring and/or drafting the team’s players. In the exact same way that a GM is held accountable for making a “bad” pick in the entry draft, he equally should be held accountable for acquiring players via other means.

    In the case of Kapono, he was a complete stiff. Lazy, unmotivated, half asleep during nearly every Raptors game. And, while he obviously should be held responsible for his terrible oncourt effort — as a fan, I was more concerned about the person who was responsible for signing him. What procedures did BC go through to ensure Kapono was a wise investment? Proper due diligence must be done to maximize the liklihood the player will perform up to his career averages. That is why GMs have huge expense accounts and a team of behind-the-scene scouts — to ensure the team maximizes it’s investments in players.

    If a GM is held responsible for missing a good player in the entry draft, or makes a mistake drafting a player too high, he should also be responsible for other acquistions, too. Otherwise, what’s the motivation for the GM to perform at a high level?

    Your attitude towards BC is one of he reasons he has been allowed to flounder about, wasting MLSE’s resources (and our time!), while other teams like Atlanta, Chicago and Milwaukee have flown past he Raps in the standings. If ownership and fans don’t hold the GM responsible for the performance of the team’s players, things will never, ever improve.

    Sure, Kapono was a lazy bum; but, the guy who gave him a huge contract to work in Toronto cannot be granted immunity from that $15M mistake.

    - brento.
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