Friday November 26 2010 – 10:18pm Eastern – Boston, MA

Toronto falls to 6 and 10 on the season, losing to the Boston Celtics 110-101. 


Raptors – allowed 7 points on 4 turnovers;  shot just 34.8% FG;  had Andrea Bargnani go 0/4 FG … for 1 point
Celtics – shot 66.7% FG;  Rajon Rondo went off for 8 assists (Boston had 12 total);  led by as many as 14 (31-20 after 1st)


Raptors – used a 12-0 run to cut the BOS lead to 1 at one point (58-82 at the half);  Bargnani scored 10 PTS in the Q
Celtics – coughed up 13/23 FG to the Raps;  still scorching at 57.6% FG;  Kevin Garnett leading all scorers @ half w/ 16


Raptors – scored only 9 points in the opening 10 minutes (finished with 15 (28-15 BOS));  Bargnani:  scoreless QRT again
Celtics – shot 10/17 FG and had their percentage back up to 58% through 3;  opened up a 22 PT lead at one point


Raptors – cut the once 22-point deficit down to 6 but couldn’t get over the hump;  outscored BOS 34-24
Celtics – Glen Davis scored 10 points in the 4th;  BOS finished the game with *64* points in the paint overall



Bargnani scored one point in the 2nd half

Bargnani’s stat line:  0 points in the 1st Q … 10 in the 2nd Q … 0 in the 3rd Q … 1 in the 4th Q

Peja Stojakovic scored 13 points in the 2nd half – 10 of them coming in the 4th

Kevin Garnett scored a season-high 26 points

Jose Calderon had 15 assists and 3 turnovers (12 points) in 33:32 minutes

Toronto coughed up 22 points on 18 turnovers

Reggie Evans left the game in the 2nd half with a right foot sprain and did not return.  After the game, Raptors head coach, Jay Triano, said Evans broke his foot on the play and will be out an unspecified amount of time———-

Post game edition of The Rap, including a post-game interview with Celtics guard Ray Allen: [audio:]


The Raptors will head back to Toronto … getting set to play host the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday afternoon at 100pm Eastern at the ACC.  Paul Jones and I will be on the Fan 590 at 12:30pm with the pre-game show and we’ll have the tip off just after 100pm.

Have a good one

E. Smith

4 Responses to “Evans Hurt In Raps Loss”
  1. 1.

    That really sucks to hear about Evans. He is a true game changer and would put a good team over the top if a starter. Who`s going to pick up the garbage now and why is there not more players like evans in the league today. You would think after the success of the Bulls in the 1990`s we would see many more Rodman prototypes in the NBA but still we have almost every player in the NBA needing to get his. Wheres Pops when you need him.

    - Rob
  2. 2.

    That is beyond disappointing news Eric. Evans is the engine of this team and someone I think BC needs to seriously think about keeping around. The things Evans do are intangible. If anyone disagrees, look at how much Bargs has improved going inside. That is all Reggie in practice.

    Something must be in the air in Boston. Twice in two years that Reggie breaks his foot against Beantown? The end of Garbo’s NBA career was against Boston as well.

    Beyond that disheartening news, it was a solid game last night. There is NO quit in this team, and I love it. I also got a kick out of the U.N. line-up, who played pretty well. I wouldn’t use that all the time, but it certainly got the offence going.

    Nice to see the Raps battle and be persistent.

    Not sure what happened to Sonny Weems last night, but he will learn that on a night when your shot isn’t going, you have to find something else to help the team win.

    My shirt nows stands at 2-1 and will indeed be washed.


    - T.J.
  3. 3.

    The shirt is washed folks. Fresh and ready for Atlanta on Sunday.


    - T.J.
  4. 4.

    Sad, to hear Reggie’s injury but, glad in a way so now guys like Amir can show why he should be in the starting line-up.

    DeMar NEEDS! to step it up like where has he been after Orlando? Like he is a no show and Jay needs to get him more touches to truly see what can he really do.

    - Nik
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