Thursday September 30 2010 – 8:10pm Eastern – Toronto, ON

I  had  someone let me know last night that free agent centre, Erick Dampier, was going to be in town for a ‘visit’ with the Raptors today.  So I broke that news in my blog late last night and then kept an eye on things throughout the day today – while I was hosting the 9am-12pm shift on the FAN as well.

Then late this afternoon I got another tip that Dampier was still at the ACC and that he’d be watching the Raptors evening practice.  So …even though I wasn’t scheduled to cover the night session …I went down to the gym on my own time …to see what I could sniff out.

Dampier was indeed at the ACC but I was told that he was not talking to the media. 

I did, however, get a 1 on 1 with Jay Triano …talking all about Dampier and the impact that he COULD have on the Raptors if he were to sign on the dotted line. 

But that’s the key point right now … Dampier has NOT officially signed with the Raps.  In fact, Triano said he believes that Dampier may still have a visit scheduled with another NBA club. 

So the FAN has broken this story (as major or as minor as it may be) twice now;  we’ve been all over it …and we’ll all see what ultimately happens and if he signs-on or not.

Dampier, a 14-year veteran, has averaged 7.8 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 1.5 rebounds per game for his career.  He spent the past 6 seasons with the Dallas Mavericks and his best year as a pro came in 2003-2004 when he 12.3 points and 12.0 rebounds.

He turns 36 in July 2011.

Keep it tuned to the FAN 590 and the 20/20 updates for more info on this story – as it becomes available.  And I’ll have any new info in this blog space and/or on Twitter  as well. 

Have a good one folks

E. Smith


* You can hear my 1 on 1 with Jay Triano in the AUDIO ON DEMAND section of this website or simply click on the link below:

3 Responses to “Dampier Visits Toronto”
  1. 1.

    Dampier is good in the post!

    - asdf
  2. 2.

    How long a contract do you offer a 36 year old who has waited this long not to attract an acceptable offer.

    Would he be able to elevate to a 10/10 season and help Bargnani and would a 2 year deal take it?

    Woud he just bring us a worse (in this case low but higher) draft pick out of the pkayoffs and who else it out there?

    - Gary
  3. 3.

    Don’t worry, Gary. He’s gonna get $1M, which is nothing to a company like MLSE — more importantly, he’s not very good and won’t have the type of impact that would actually lead to the Raps finishing higher in the standings.

    Good is news is most folks in TO want the Raps to completely rebuild and finish near the bottom of the standings, in order to secure a top draft pick. I think fans are finally starting to get it!

    - brento.
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