Tuesday July 20 2010 – 9:00am Easteron – Toronto, ON

The Matt Barnes deal may be dead.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports sent out this tweet on his Twitter account a few hours ago:

‘For Matt Barnes-to-Toronto, a league source says, “The sign and trade (scenario) is dead.” Blamed on a “miscalculation” somewhere in talks.’

The transaction for the Raptors was originally reported as a free agent SIGNING (apparently for 2 years, about $10 million), but as more info and sources became available it sounded like this move would be a TRADE involiving Toronto and Orlando … not an outright signing.  The reason for such a move, apparently, is that the Raps used most of their mid-level exception on the signing of Linas Kleiza; they wouldn’t have the room – financially, under the CBA – to sign Barnes as well.

So if the sign and trade is dead, is the deal dead entirely? 

At this point it looks like that could be the case but the Raptors (and Magic) haven’t said anything in regards to confirming or denying any deal or any talks for that matter.

That’s a key point to keep in mind in this whole scenario:  At no point have we heard from the TEAMS themselves.  So if this alleged transaction does fall through, we can’t be pointing fingers at the organizations.    We have to look at how the info got out, who it came from, and how it was handled.  Someone had to tell Barnes.  Perhaps his agent?  And Barnes had to feel pretty confident that a deal was done if he went ahead and jumped on Twitter and not only announced that he was going to Toronto, but took time to thank the fans of Orlando for a great season last year as well.

Something doesn’t feel right.  And, unfortunately, if this alleged deal truly falls through it will be the second time this has happened to the Raptors in about a week … with their deal with Charlotte (for Tyson Chandler and Boris Diaw) having fell threw as well.

Time will tell if the deal is dead or not; or if there even was a deal in the first place!

E. Smith

27 Responses to “Update On Barnes”
  1. 1.

    2 major trades apparently fall through in about a week .
    Do you think this in any way tarnishes Colangelo’s reputation?

    - Chas
  2. 2.

    How can 2 deals fall thru in a week after being anounced by the players involved???

    Colangelo really needs to do his homework before getting involved in supposed trades or deals. This makes the franchise and organization looks really foolish if this deal falls apart.

    I really dont mind if we dont get Barnes …he isnt the type of player the Raps need for one yr at 5 million and a opt out for the second yr …all Barnes is looking for is a payday and the Raptors are known to give out big paydays to under performing players (Turk)…lets not forget that Barnes was only making 1.6 million last year with Orlando.

    - Niel
  3. 3.

    I know I’m opening up the biggest can of worms out there (the NBA CBA), but I hear talk from time to time about teams spending into the luxury tax. If teams are allowed to spend into some sort of luxury tax, why are the Raptors forbidden to sign Barnes straight up?

    - WDM
  4. 4.

    If in fact this deal does “die”, the optics are really bad for Raptor fans. Twice in a week to get excited about possible positive additions to the team, and then see things fall apart are truly disappointing!

    If the Raptors truly wanted Barnes, why didn’t they try to get him with their mid-level exception prior to offering a contract to Kleiza?

    It looks like the management staff is acting on the fly and not following a pre determined plan.

    - Shane
  5. 5.

    Maybe this is what’s happening.

    With all of the Twitter hype with Lebron, Bosh and Wade, now everyone is hypersensitive to criticism of how the spin things.

    We all know that Twitter will never go away. Businesses are making too much money from it. The challenge then is this. How do you use it to sell your product? And not have the “don’t disrespect fans and owners” in the process?

    Can you name one media outlet, pro sports team or player that DOESN’T use Twitter?

    - Tom
  6. 6.

    I hope they find a way to make this happen. Defensive intensity that is badly needed by the Raps.

    - MacKay
  7. 7.

    All will be forgotten about when Chris Paul joins the Raptors.

    - John a.k.a. DOOGIE
  8. 8.

    Why would Chris Paul want to join the Raptors?

    - brento.
  9. 9.

    For some reason, it seems the NBA is really, really beginning to struggle with it’s image…from a legitimacy, professional, ethical standpoint.

    All the pro league’s deal with internal issues, but the NBA seems to be in a freefall. Not that tickets aren’t selling; not that tv contracts won’t be signed.

    But, with so much darn focus on offseason, offcourt shenanigans, what’s happening to the actual game?

    I grew up watching Malone, Stockton, MJ, Magic and Bird — I can’t imagine what they must think of the current status of the league. When I was a kid, the only issues were winning/losing, trades and the occasional signings. Nowadays, from Twitter to drugs, guns to domestic violence, hiphop crap to bling bling, the league is becoming second rate.

    I wonder if it’s time for David Stern to consider moving on, and the league finding a way to reinvent itself. All this non-basketball crap is surely pushing me and my money away…

    - brento.
  10. 10.

    Listeing online to the Big Twitter Question. And the underlying issue is this.

    How much free global publicity did Lebron, Bosh and Wade get thru Twitter? How many firms and people would kill for that kind of endless coverage?

    Nobody forced ESPN to air the Lebron MegaSpecial. But they did anyway. And it got big ratings. Now, every player and agent wants a piece of that.

    David Stern can criticize and fine all he wants. But in this corporate celeb culture, we all know that hype (and how you spin it) is the key.

    How do you make money off of Twitter? I’d put my Twitter username here. But that’s spamming. And that would be wrong. So instead I’ll post responsibly.

    - Tom
  11. 11.

    Let’s hope GM Colangelo doesn’t get really confused and offers to trade Calderon for Kaberle .

    - Chas
  12. 12.

    Barnes is not going to make or break your team. The raps dont need a guy like him….yes he plays hard defense but really the raps arent going to be playing for much next season and why not let the young guys play those minutes instead of Barnes a 30yr old veteran.

    No other team was offering barnes more than 2million a season and the Raptors come in and more than double that offer and give him a opt out after this season!!!

    I can understand having to over pay for top of the line talent to come and play in toronto but Matt Barnes is a top line player not even close! He is at best a bench player on a good team or a good defensive player but for 4.5million a yr. Thats a joke!

    Colangelo needs to understand that we are rebuilding! Lets do it the right way NOT THE MAPLE LEAF WAY!

    - Niel
  13. 13.

    Well, I hope Matt Barnes signing does happen, because he played with PHX in that up tempo offense so he knows the style of play and he can defend and has a certain type of toughness.

    - Raps Fan
  14. 14.

    Theres no chance Chris paul comes here..


    - Carts
  15. 15.

    I think people need to get off Colangelo’s case. How could he possibly be responsible for players/agents “spilling the beans” before deals are done ? He deserves credit for trying his best to improve this team. Remember the untradeable Turk ? ….Guess what ? …. traded. Does everyone forget this is the guy that got someone to take Hoffa ? Relax people. Summer’s not done yet.

    - MJ Elliott
  16. 16.

    GM Colangelo is starting to remind me a bit of Captain Edmund Smith.

    - Chas
  17. 17.

    I hope a better deal come’s together for the Raps.

    Miss you and Jack on the Game Plan. What’s happened to this station? That was a great show. Hopefully they figure it out soon and get you back on a regular show.

    - B from TO
  18. 18.

    this has been kooky being a huge raps supporter,,,thank goodness the perception around the NBA of the raps is not going to change,,,,i have no worries at all like E re this franchise/team/direction,,,,,,,,what is the latest on bc contract extension

    - lemongellofan
  19. 19.

    @ WDM
    Raps cant sign Matt Barnes outright, unless he wants 1.9 mill or less.Teams over the cap space cannot sign players unless using the MLE or trade exceptions etc etc. Teams only go into luxury by that sense and that combined with players salaries increasing depending on how it was structured.Raps happen to be 1.9 mill under the cap.

    So i guess he is going for the heat ? hope not i think barnes would bring a lot to that team. Hate the heat. woulda liked to see him back in Orlando though. too bad

    - Web
  20. 20.

    Brian Colangelo needs to contact the Orlando Magic and New Orleans Hornets and orchestrate a large deal to help facility the trade of Chris Paul to Orlando.

    The transaction must include Matt Barnes, PG Nick Collison and C Emeka Okafur to the Raptors. The Hornets are said to be shopping Okafur around to any taker.s They want to get out from under the contract. Barnes would need to sign and trade with N.O. to make the deal work.

    Players, expiring contracts, cash and draft picks can go to the Hornets. It would be a win/win because everybodies needs would be met. The Raptors get three players they need, the Magic get Chris Paul and the Hornets get out from under Okafurs’ contract plus get good assets in return to start their rebuild (assuming that’s what they want to do).

    What do you think Eric?

    - R. Ralph
  21. 21.

    He’s going to LA :(

    Well, any how New York gets Chris Paul!

    him and Amare = DANGEROUS!

    - Raps Fan
  22. 22.

    If I am BC I would still see if there is a deal to be made between Orlando, N.O. and the Raptors. If they can help facilitate a trade between the Magic and Hornets for Chris Paul it might be worth a try. N.O. wants to rid itself of Emeka Okafor. He would look great in a Raptors uniform and maybe the Raps can pick up PG Nick Collison. In exchange the Raps can include Jose Calderon and other assets.

    - R. Ralph
  23. 23.

    @ R. Ralph

    you gotta be kidding! First off why would the Hornets need the Raptors in a deal for CP3? Secondly why would you want Okafur who has over 50million left on his deal at 4 yrs!!! He isnt that good and isnt worth that kind of money….also you think the Hornets are going to trade both of their PG’s CP3 and Nick Collison (the guy they would want to replace CP3 as the starting PG) and be left with over priced Jose Calderon!!!! Come on now Ralphy…lol

    You really dont know basketball or how the NBA works. Those trade scenerio’s are a joke and ridiculous!

    - Niel
  24. 24.


    You really are sounding like a grumpy old man that hasnt been able to keep up with the changing times. We live in the internet age now Brento ….get with it or get over it!! Its that simple and I really dont know what you mean by “hip hop crap”, I too grew up watching MJ, Bird, Magic and enjoyed the rugged battles and the hard rough elbow in ur back, knock em down defense and guess what those guys also listened to HIP HOP!!!…and there were guns, domestic violence back then also plus gambling, betting, corupt officials, sleeping with 20 thousand women etc…. I guess that was because of hip hop crap too ..right Brento?

    So really your comments are bogus and ignorant. Hip Hop is mainstream and in every major sport MLB, NBA, NFL even the country club league the NHL! So wether people like you listen to it or not hip hop is here to stay and has nothing to do with crap going on in sports!

    and one more thing Brento “bling bling” is so 90′s….its 2010 now get up to speed people dont use “bilng bling” anymore…lol !

    - Niel
  25. 25.

    It’s Darren Collison!

    - Raps Fan
  26. 26.

    That was a good rant, Niel :)

    Sadly, the NBA has degenerated into a low skill set, high “highlight” kind of league. Regardless of what you may believe about the 60s to 80s, layers are more disrespectful than ever. Yes, there are Tim Duncans and Steve Nashs, but it seems the number of quality guys is dwindling.

    From an oncourt standpoint, the game is almost entirely about slams. The shooting percentage in the league has been dropping for 20 years, as kids try emulate players like Wince Carter, who was all about the “big” play, but not at all about winning.

    At 39, I’m not quite an “old man”. But, I am a man who has watched this league turn into a near farce, and I’m not happy about it. Surprisingly, I don’t have a problem with the Miami situation, because I really do believe those three guys realized their legacies would be greatly minimized without winning titles (or, at least, competing for them).

    The league is not alone. The NHL has had issues with overt violence, and MLB has a massive dilemma involving winning back fans who were disgusted by the drug situation.

    At this time, I really do believe it’s time David Stern rethink his approach…or else, risk losing a very large group of corporate supporters and season seat holders over the next decade. Remember — someone’s gotta buy those seats…and I can guarantee you I am far from alone when I say I am just about at my breaking point with respect to all this Twitter and offcourt garbage.

    - brento.
  27. 27.

    Actually, Niel…hip hop is not here to stay. Just like blues, rockabilly, folk, rock ‘n roll, disco, and other once mainstream genres of music, it too will pass. Thankfully, it has not been granted permanent status as a mainstream form of popular music.

    And, thankfully — after piles of complaints from season seat holders — David Stern made a very public, concerted effort to significantly decrease the amount of rap and hip hop played at venues this past season. A noticeable change was evident at the ACC, where rock and pop made their return to the arena, at the expense of rap and hip hop.

    Perhaps that shift has already commenced…

    - brento.
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