Tuesday June 15 2010 – 11:50am Eastern – Toronto, ON

This space has been a little empty for a few days … ’cause I was in Chicago enjoying a little vacation time. 

But I’m back and I’m gearin’ up for Game 6 of the Finals tonight.  Hopefully LA shows up (well, hopefully everyone and anyone not named Kobe shows up) or Boston will be hoisting the trophy in Hollywood.

Let’s get back into the swing of things by talking about the Lakers and Celtics … and dip into some Raptor chatter as well … in an all-Twitter Q and A:


@RaptorsDevotee – A lot of chatter that Jack will be moved and not Calderon. We know one will be moved. Your thoughts.

@Eric__Smith – Jack is a better defender & he’s more aggressive. Calderon is better in the pick & roll; better distributor too. Jack’s contract is likely easier to move

@AndrewVC15 – What is the plan for the Raps this summer? Rebuild around developing young guns or swing trades for vets to push for low seed?

@Eric__Smith – Until we know FOR SURE what Bosh is doing, it’s anybody’s guess. Even with Bosh gone though I don’t know that they’re in a “rebuild”

@Lewickipedia – If Doc Rivers ends up leaving after this season as many suggest, where do you see him ending up as coach?

@Eric__Smith – I don’t even want to speculate because I think it’d be foolish for him to leave. Win or lose (championship) he should stay in Boston

@Tzwart24 – Where do the Raps go in the Draft, and more importantly, do u see Bosh, Turkoglu, Calderon back with the team?

@Eric__Smith – See above from @AndrewVC15 & @RaptorsDevotee. It starts with Bosh staying or going then all trickles down … good or bad.

@yyzsportsmedia – If you were BC, what’s your next move?

@Eric__Smith – Finding a new home for Hedo Turkoglu.  I still think he can help this team but his actions soured me

@PatHanlon – Of those who fans say BC ought to trade Hedo, Jose, Jarrett (to a lesser extent) who’d be most missed or have a big bounce back?

@Eric__Smith – IF CB goes, Hedo could be missed cause a ton of scoring pressure will be on Bargnani. Jack’s grit / Jose’s playmaking would be missed

@idjmanifest – Do we develop youth (ie – DD & Weems) or do we move for established Free Agents? What’s the Raps appetite for that now?

@Eric__Smith – I wanted to give ya the shout-out for taking the time to write … but … see @AndrewVC15; it’s like you’re connected!

@jonathannorris – Is it really possible to get Collison for Okafor’s brutal contract? If so DO IT NOW!

@Eric__Smith – Careful taking 1 guy’s opinion & making it fact. That’s not even a rumour it’s an opinion. IF it were ever legit, ya, I’d look hard at it

@coatesy71 – What is Hedo’s value, and is there some weight to a Hedo/Bosh package to move his contract?

@Eric__Smith – It’s impossible to know – truly – what his value is. But I think he is trade-able, yes. In a package? I’d be taking back hefty contracts!


I’ll check-in again tomorrow. 

Enjoy the game tonight (G0 Lakers!) and be sure to tune in to The Game Plan today as well.  Alvin Williams will be in-studio from 3pm-4pm. 

And FYI … Jarrett Jack, Amir Johnson, Sonny Weems, and DeMar DeRozan are all in town for workouts, etc.  So we’ll try to get them on The Game Plan at various points this weeks as well.

Have a good one

E. Smith

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