Monday April 19 2010 – 8:29pm Eastern – Toronto, ON

Sorry for posting this so late folks – it was a busy day … covering the Bryan Colangelo press conference and then hosting The Game Plan this afternoon as well.

But I wanted to be sure to post something from Colangelo’s end-of-the-year chat with the media.

The President and General Manger of the Raptors weighed-in on topics like:

- The future of Chris Bosh and whether or not he could be moved in a sign and trade
- The future of Jarrett Jack and Jose Calderon and the fact that 1 of the 2 may be on the move
- Toronto’s inconsistent season
- Hedo Turkoglu’s sub-par season and the higher expectations he’ll have next year
- Jay Triano’s job security
- The Raptors standing in the overall landscape of the Eastern Conference

And much more.

If you missed Colangelo’s comments, you can hear the press conference in its entirety right here, right now:


Have a good night folks … enjoy the NBA Playoff action!

E. Smith

16 Responses to “BC Speaks”
  1. 1.

    Honestly…I hear this guy start muttering and I feel like vomiting. Stumbling and bumbling his way through answers…providing fans with absolutely nothing of substance. Digging himself in deeper and deeper.

    Whether you like Burkie or not, one thing he knows how to do is address the media. Burke says more in ten seconds than Colangelo can say in ten minutes.

    I am so tired of the crap BC has been spewing since he arrived at the ACC.

    And, one more Eric…hearing you on the FAN today, discussing Bargnani versus Aldridge, and commenting on how wonderful the contract that Bargnani has signed with Toronto is. About how much better the Raps are with respect to Bargs’ contract.

    Enough is enough, Eric. We don’t wanna hear it anymore. Don’t wanna hear you talk about his “ceiling” of talent, his ability to do “things Aldridge just can’t do”.

    If you think the Raptors are in an enviable position with respect to Bargnani’s contract, you truly have lost your mind. What planet are you living on?

    At this pace, Bargnani will reach 50% of the player you think he will be…by the end of the 5th year of his contract.

    - brento.
  2. 2.

    i like E ,, am buying it from BC,,,,,,can’t wait till next year,,,,its going to be awesome,,the guys are going to come to camp even more focused ,,,,,,totally off topic,,,,,just curious how many more years are left in raps fan590 contract ? ,,,,,,go raps go

    - lemongellofan
  3. 3.

    Oncore Brento,

    I’ve always shared your views.

    Eric has been trying year after year to sell BC and how good a Gm he is and what he did in phoenix blah blah blah, yet year after year raptors either fall short of the playoffs or loose easily in the first round. This year he tries to sell how talented the raptors are and to me how much more talented the raptors are than the Bobcats yet where are the Raptors for the second straight year and where are the bobcats, where are the raptors in respects to defense and where are the bobcats. Then Eric tries to tell me this load of you know what, that it’s pretty much a general consensus around the league about this amazing raptor team, yet many including Eric at times complain that rapts get no love south of the border. Eric’s predictions are just as accurate as BC saying befor hand that he feels that that O Neal, Ford, Marion are great peices, yet they all ended up out of town in a very short period of time.

    - Thomas
  4. 4.

    You talk about the D, but you ignore the offence. The top offensive team in the East and top 5 in the NBA. Also, you ignore the fact that I’ve never once claimed that the Raptors were a good defensive team and that they don’t have to VASTLY improve to even come close to the defensive effectiveness and consistency of a team like Charlotte.

    But your comments are taken with a grain of salt Thomas. As I’ve said many times in the last month – which you’ve continued to ignore – where were you when Toronto was 25-11, 6-7 games above .500 and Charlotte was languishing and out of the post-season picture?

    Don’t be a front-runner and show up only when things are ‘good’ and then look for glory. At least I’m here, good or bad, every day.

    Your comment RE: “south of the border” is off-base because coaches, GMs, and scouts aren’t the ones that people (like me) are talking about when they discuss the lack of respect for the Raptors. It’s the major media outlets and such. So you’re wrong on that. Heck, I even named some of my sources; if you choose to ignore those facts, their comments and views, that’s up to you.

    Charlotte made it in, Toronto didn’t. And when the Bobcats lose in 4 or 5 games to the Magic I’m sure you’ll be just as critical of Charlotte – as you would have been of Toronto – for their early first-round exit.

    - Eric Smith
  5. 5.

    I gotta hand it to you Lemon, I can honestly never tell if your comments are serious or dripping in sarcasm :)

    You keep me / folks around here on our toes!

    The Fan 590 has been the home of the Raptors for 12 years — since the lockout season. The latest 3-year deal ended this season so we’ll see where things go from here. I can’t comment on negotiations and what might happen because I’m not involved in them. The bosses take care of that stuff!

    - Eric Smith
  6. 6.

    Eric, would you comment on this please:

    1/ BC’s first priority and intent would be to re-sign Chris Bosh.

    2/ If CB wants to leave, there would terrific pressure on BC to at least get something in return so as not to let another free agent “walk for nothing”.

    3/ His obvious preference would be to get back at least a piece or two of serviceable value.

    4/ Therefore, in a sign and trade scenario, you have to by default:
    -get minimal value in return that still eats up cap space
    -get real value in return that weakens the team that your free agent would go to

    So if the free agent chooses to have his cake and eat it to (keep the max money alternative but still bolt) he does it by weakening the team roster he is going.

    I hate the sign and trade option being available to the player. There’s no way we get (close to) equal value back imo and they get the destination of their preference, weakening the team they’re heading to and keep the max money that was supposedly the ace in the hole for the Raptors.

    I know the counter arguments but this is how it fleshes out for me.

    - Gary
  7. 7.

    not necessarily gary. let’s use the knicks as an example (and for what it’s worth, there is a ‘rumor’ out there that this could be a possibility) …

    david lee for chris bosh.

    lee is not as good as bosh overall but he’s still a solid player that would plug into any line up in the league.

    however, if new york were to add bosh, they’d likely be fine with losing lee. i don’t see bosh and lee playing together; both would be undersized if they played center and their games are too similar to be on the floor at the same time. that’s my opinion.

    so you can make a deal that helps both teams. you’re not necessarily hurting one team and helping the other or simply taking back next to nothing as you suggest.

    plus, this is where you rely on pro scouting as well — finding a player or two that fit your system better than where they’re currently playing (i.e. – Sonny Weems was dealt from Denver … to Milwaukee … and then sort of ‘thrown in’ to the Bucks-Raptors trade – and turned out to be a huge asset for Toronto).

    - Eric Smith
  8. 8.

    And what good did our top 5 offense get us? Couldn’t even manage top 8 in the inferior conference.

    And why didn’t anyone in the media correct Colangelo when he stated this was the 2oth defense. 20th based on what? FG%?

    This team was LAST in defensive efficiency, one of the 10 worst defenses of the past 30 years.

    For all of LMA faults, he was basically the only player who made a full season on a 50 win team playing as the teams 2nd best player. Why couldn’t Bargnani carry us to more than 40 wins? Roy missed more games than Bosh (never mind all the injuries to Oden, Pryz, Batum, Fernandez, etc).

    You guys shill so hard for this team it’s sad. Honestly I wish you didn’t do radio for the team and just did The Gameplan b/c I guarantee your analysis would be different with respect to this team.

    And a couple of other notes: If Bargnani is such great value, then how come:
    - All 4 years in this league this team gives up more pts with him on the floor than off of it.
    - This team gave up 8,5 more pts/100 possessions with him on the floor than off of it THIS YEAR (his first year as the game in game out 35 mpg center)
    - For comparison, Portland gives up less pts when LMA the sieve is on the floor.
    - Bargnani has a rebound rate that would make a shooting guard proud, and is dead average for a small forward.

    - Mike
  9. 9.

    Mike, perhaps you missed this:

    “I’ve never once claimed that the Raptors were a good defensive team and that they don’t have to VASTLY improve to even come close to the defensive effectiveness and consistency of a team like Charlotte.”

    - Eric Smith
  10. 10.

    Fair enough, but then answer this question:

    How does the defense get any better if:
    - The coaching staff is coming back
    - Andrea Bargnani is coming back (in fact our GM is in love with his game and claimed he’s a good defender)
    - Hedo isn’t going anywhere

    This is one of those massive circle jerks where everyone acknowledges there’s a problem but nobody is going to bear responsibility.

    I mean really is the answer going to be that the only person who falls on his sword for this season is Bosh by way of Colangelo possibly not resigning him even if he wants to come back?

    How do you make this team better defensively if the biggest reasons why it’s a terrible defensive team aren’t going to change?

    If for example Jose/Hedo/Bargs are all here next year how does this team become league average defensively short of having Thabo and Garnett playing the other 2 positions in a fantasyworld.

    - Mike
  11. 11.

    Thomas…as I stated three months ago, when you and Eric engaged in one of most pointless debates I have EVER witnessed, I couldn’t care less whether or not the Charlotte Bobcats are better than the Raps or not.

    As far as I’m concerned, both teams have no chance of getting anywhere near the conference finals. Anyways, why would I freakin’ care about the Bobcats? I live in Toronto. I’ve been a Raps fan since Day One.

    That said, I would take the Bobcats roster in a FLASH over the Craptors. In fact, I would like take close to 25 teams ahead of the Raptors, particularly when looking forward at the next several years of desperately trying to rid the team of BC’s brutal contracts.

    I believe the NUMBER ONE problem with this team is the general manager, who not only has failed in his bid to get this team deep into the playoffs, but has also saddled this team with a pile of terrible contracts.

    I’m not saying the team will immediately improve as a result of ridding the team of this terrible GM, but at least it’s a start. He is very, very quickly losing the trust of every fan in this city. If MLSE cannot see that now, there is going to a major day of reckoning arriving in the near future.

    - brento.
  12. 12.

    OK Eric that’s a good example.

    But wouldn’t Bosh benefit his new team, in this case the Knickers, by just signing there (at less money than the Raps could give), freeing the Knicks up to move Lee for another complimentary asset that might play alongside him or shore up the depth?

    That’s my point:
    The Raps either get little value in return just to save face and not let a free agent walk for nothing, or you get reasonable (but not equal) value in return and it weakens the receiving team JUST SO THE FA CAN GET MAX MONEY.

    I simply don’t like the sign and trade scenario, not because it can’t help my team, but because it takes away the “we’re the only place where you can get max money” bargaining chip and doesn’t let the player have his cake (cute eh?) and eat it too.

    If you want to leave, fine. Understandable.
    But you’re leaving the 30M on the table, in neat little piles…

    - Gary
  13. 13.

    Eric, hello from down the hall, it’s Aston TheIntern from Kiss925. I agree with your statements about the Raptors’ defense but do you really rate Bargnani that highly? Personally I think that he is a poor mans Dirk. For all the hype that surrounded him coming into the league, he is taking an extremely long time to develop. And I’ve never been a fan of big men who don’t like to rebound and bang down low. He’s too ineffective on the low block, his post moves are very limited and it’s too easy to shut him out of the game. Your thoughts?

    - AstonTheIntern
  14. 14.

    I hate to have to endure another year of players getting used to one an another, having to wait for Bargnani to reach his potential AGAIN, and wondering whether Triano can be an NBA coach. As a fan I want results and I’m tired of waiting. There are too many “ifs” heading into next season.

    - Mr.Curious
  15. 15.

    Thank God some people here in the comments have realized that Colangelo is over-rated. The man has no idea what he is doing. Do I need to go over the contracts and Jermaine O’neal. Give me Charles Barkley as a GM over this guy. Lets be real, hes the one that put together this team and once again he has failed.

    - emoney
  16. 16.

    Isn’t funny how, once again, this BC stiff talks about how many wins his team “could” put up?

    Ummm…anyone care how many games their team wins during the regular season?

    I, for one, couldn’t care less. All I care about is how many games my team wins in the PLAYOFFS.

    As far I recall, in the highest-win total year in the Raps’ history, they were out in the first round.

    Buh-bye, Colangelo.

    Thanks for nothing.

    - brento.
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