Wednesday April 14 2010 – 11:58pm Eastern – Toronto, ON

Knicks @ Raptors

Final Score:
131-113, Toronto (Toronto finishes the year 40-42)

“Smith and Jones” Player of the Game:
24 points
5 assists
4 rebounds
3 steals
9/15 FG (including 5/6 from 3PT)

“Alice Fazoolis” Player of the Game:
15 points
3 rebounds
2 assists
2 steals
6/10 FG
2/2 FT

Shout-out to the Knicks:
28 points
7 rebounds
8/17 FG
6/7 FT

Stats that stood out:
- Points in the Paint: 62-28, Toronto
- Second Chance Points: 20-11, New York
- Fast-Break Points: 30-20, Toronto
- Raptors shot 65% FG for the game
- DeMar DeRozan had a career-high 24 points (on 9/11 FG).  He added 9 rebounds as well.  A nice finish to the year for rookie. 
- The Knicks scored 45 points off the 3-ball … nailing 15 of 33 from distance
- Toronto finished the season 29-8 when leading after 3 quarters
- New York hammered Toronto on the offensive glass, 18-4
- Amir Johnson followed up his career-high on Monday in Detroit with another fine performance … 21 points (9/13 FG) and 5 rebounds

Thumbs Up:
- Getting the must-win victory, period.

Thumbs Down:
- Chicago beating Charlotte and eliminating Toronto from the post-season for the 2nd straight year.

Smith says:
- “A disappointing end; a disappointing year.  I have nothing more to say.”

Jones Says:
- “It was a good performance overall tonight but too many others got away over the course of the season.”

Keep the 3-ball Steak Alive (942 games and counting):
- The Raptors were 7 of 14 from 3PT range

Next game:
- October 2010!

* Missed the post-game show?  You can check it out right here:


10 Responses to “It’s Over”
  1. 1.

    Was at the game tonite. Regardless of preseason predictions, I’m always at the first and last of every season. The team’s overall effort determines how many more games I’ll attend during the year. This year, I went to ONE other game.

    My section is comprised of very committed season seat holders. And almost every single person in my area of the section wanted the Raps to miss the playoffs. Not because we rejoice in the team losing, but because management and ownership simply do not deserve having two home games to rake in more dough. And, because Bryan Colangelo must not be given even the slightest bit of congratulations for the season that just ended.

    The players aren’t paid to play in the postseason. It’s nothing but profits for MLSE…except for it’s variable operating costs, of course. Everyone sitting near me agreed that it’s best for BC et al to have to face MLSE and accept that they have failed in their objective to win at least one round in the playoffs.

    Finally, after facing so much criticism from readers on this blog, I was surrounded by real fans. Fans who understand the implications of giving a failing general manager an opportunity to cover up his mistakes.

    Missing the playoffs is the best thing for this franchise.

    - brento.
  2. 2.

    I realize that the Raptor season is over, but when the jays season is over they still have Mike Wilner having jays come on and talk and then playoff games. if we want basketball in this town, then we have to push it, more than the hockey that gets pushed on us 24/7

    - TTTRap
  3. 3.

    In all honestly i am glad its over, but a mess. It will be interesting to hear what comes out of this mess. Theirs gotta be changes

    - Jose Hater
  4. 4.

    I have to say you guys dissapointed me tonight. You back up your statements with very weak arguments. There is no doubt that Jay Triano is the main reason why this team has failed. Now I said “main” not “only”. Firstly his defensive schemes as he called it at the beginning of the season have failed horribly. We have a fairly young team which means that they need good guidance and development help from their coaches. If you look at Bargniani and Calderon who were one of the few players who have been kept on this roster since last season. Tell me in one way that they have improved defensively. There is nothing. Absolutely no progress if not regression. What happens in training camps then? Does Triano make them practice shooting 3s the whole summer? Other than those two guys this team was very capable of playing some good lock down defence. We have atleticism with some good vets like Wright and Evans who unfortunately didn’t play much. And to say that this team doesn’t try is not right. A team that doesn’t try usually doesn’t try on both end of the court. This team has heart and commintment that isn’t directed properly by Triano. There is not enough commitment from the coaching staff to defence. Triano is trying to play a “Phoenix” style of basketball that this team is not capable of playing. That style of basketball will take you at most to the Conf Finals and even then its only if you have MVP Steve Nash and guys like Amare on your team that the Raptors don’t have and most likely will never have. The Raptors do however have a player in Chris Bosh who would suit playing a good old fashion winning conventional basketball as you said. Why isn’t this basketball played? Why is this team coached by a rookie coach who makes serious mistakes all throughout the season and then blames the loss in the most important against Chicago to the fact that we didn’t make shots. I mean that is just weak. The whole season Triano has blamed everything but himself. And then you guys say: Oh well there were a couple of games the Raps should have gotten earlier. What does that mean? You’re saying that if the Raptors won a game they should of won in like January they would of made the playoffs. That is statistical talking. You don’t even know what would of happened if they won that one game. Playoffs or not, even if the Raps would of magically got this 8th spot and got swept by the Cavs how does that change our situation really? We are still not even close to a winning team, we have a rookie coach and no serious players want to come to Toronto. What realistic chance do we have of keeping Chris Bosh? Unless he changes his mind about winning the Raptors aren’t going to win anything in the next 5 years. Unless they sing Dwayne Wade,go into Luxury and get an experienced coach, I don’t see a reason for him to stay here. Everyone says that he feels at home. See how at home he feels in Miami or New York with Wade or James when they’re winning 65 games. He will feel right at home.

    - RaptorFan
  5. 5.


    Is it true that by finishing out of the playoffs that Raptors have at least saved their 1 st round draft choice, Wasn’t there a draft owed to Miami (except lottery protected) for the G. O’Neil deal?

    - terry
  6. 6.

    It really didn’t hit me until just after the Raptors game had ended (nice win) and I could see that the Bulls were continuing to win by 10 with time running down: the Raptors season was ending.

    I can’t believe how fast the 2nd half went by as we kept waiting for Bargnani to put together a solid week or two instead of a game here and there. And even in his first year here (ouch) we’re reduced to still talking about how Turk was a force in Orlando, how he came to camp tired, and never found his place in the Raptor offense. His legacy will be severely tarnished unless they figure out an absolute about face for him. Does that mean moving PG’s? They’ve had all year to figure out how he works with the existing set up…

    Finally to Chris Bosh. I’m a big supporter and he’s got a place on my team any day. No he’s not Kobe or LeBron but there are only 9 I believe, dbl/dbl players in the entire NBA, he’s young and still getting better every year.

    My issue, as mentioned yesterday is I would either sign him to a max contract or let him walk and fee up his total cash from my cap. With the limited value (and cap hit) you might garner in a sign and trade, I just don’t see losing your bargaining position of being the only team that can offer the max.

    Please stay CB. If you don’t want to, make your millions (less) elsewhere and good luck. You were the best Raptor ever – but we’ll still boo you when you return :0)

    - Gary
  7. 7.

    Assuming that you can get two decent pieces in doing a sign and trade with CB, isn’t this just another way for a superstar to say “as long as I get my max money, I don’t care if I weaken the team I’m heading to in the process”?

    Why not just sign with them if they have the cap space and keep those pieces to play with???

    The answer? Because the pieces are spare parts and we don’t need them here. Sign Bosh or keep the cap space to sign another A player.

    No sign and trade for you here…take the money or the high road.

    - Gary
  8. 8.

    After the game Sid Seixeiro was conducting an interview with Sonny Weems, and his final question to Sonny was if he thought Bosh would return as a Raptor next season. Who better to pose that question to than someone who works out with Bosh, practices with Bosh, travels with Bosh etc…

    Sonny said yes.

    - Brendan
  9. 9.

    Do we really want to spend max dollars on Chris Bosh ??? He is a really really good player but is he a max player??? I dont think he is a max player and with all he has done here in Toronto has he really helped the Raptors progress, or has he ever got us passed the first round? Has Chris Bosh made the players around him better ? Sure the Raptors run almost every play thru CB4 and sure he gets all the touches he wants and its great he is a double doulble guy 1 of 9 in the league but even with all those above average stats that he has the Raps still have been struggling life and death to make the playoffs and when they have made the playoffs got out played everytime.

    Chris Bosh has been a great Raptor over his career and he has been a stand up guy but if this franchise wants to change the make up of this team it has to be done with the 3 core players BOSH, BARGS and JOSE…they changed 9 players and we still got the same results.

    Making Chris Bosh a max player on this team will be a mistake and I think its time management and fans in this city realize that Chris Bosh is a great second piece to a team that has that go to guy like a Kobe, Lebron, Melo, Wade or Durant. By giving CB4 a max deal will handcuff this organization along with all the other insane contracts( Jose 5yrs, Turk 5yrs, Bargs 5 yrs ) that BC has signed!

    We need changes not changing 9 role players…but changing the so called core players and if we can get a sign and trade for CB4 all the better.

    CB we love everything you bring as a player on the court and as a person off the court but its time for a change for you this team and this city!

    - Neil
  10. 10.

    For everyone saying not to re-sign Chris Bosh, please supply the player you would replace him with (and the likelihood of them signing here).

    You want LeBron instead. Great, dream on.

    Wade? And then trade Jose for a top flight PF? Good luck

    If you can guarantee Joe Johnson, would you take a flyer?

    Name your team if you think they’ll come here….

    - Gary
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