Wednesday March 31 2010 – 10:06pm Eastern - Toronto, ON

Clippers @ Raptors

Final Score:
114-92, Raptors (Toronto now 37-37)

“Smith and Jones” Player of the Game:
34 points
11 rebounds
3 blocks
12/17 FG
10/13 FT

“Alice Fazoolis” Player of the Game:
21 points
8 rebounds
3 blocks
8/19 FG
3/4 FT

Shout-out to the Clippers:
22 points
13 rebounds
3 assists
3 blocks
10/20 FG

Stats that stood out:
- Points in the Paint:  56-30, Toronto 
- 2nd Chance Points:  13-8, Clippers
- Fast Break Points:  21-16, Clippers
- Toronto’s lead (8th vs 9th) over Chicago is now two full games … and both teams now have 8 games remaining.
- This was the 24th home win of the season for Toronto
- The Raptors improved to 26-8 when leading after 3 quarters
- DeMar DeRozan is now 16/23 from the field since coming off the bench (4 games)
- The Raptors put up 66 points in the 2nd half and had 3 quarters of 30+ points
- Bosh had 15 of his 34 points in the 3rd quarter alone
- Sonny Weems was a perfect 8/8 from the floor … for 17 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists

Thumbs Up:
- Toronto shot 61% from the field for the GAME and outscored the Clippers in the 2nd half, 66-39

Thumbs Down:
- Toronto’s energy was a bit off in the first half … trailing by 5 at the break and getting hammered on the glass and in fast-break points and 2nd chance points.

Smith Says:
- “The Raptors may have been slow to rise but when they did, they completely dismantled the Clippers and got the win they had to have; a win they were supposed to have.”

Jones Says:
- “Solid offensive execution in the 2nd half for Toronto and just enough defence to get it done.”

Keep the 3-ball Streak Alive (933 games and counting):
- The Raptors were  7 of 15 from 3PT range

Next game:
- Raptors @ Sixers – Saturday April 3 2010 – 7:00pm Eastern
- Tune in at 12:30pm for the pre game show and just after 1:00pm for the “Pizza Pizza” starting line ups

* Missed the post-game show?  You can check it out right here:


6 Responses to “Raptors Clip LA”
  1. 1.

    8 for 8 from Sonny Weems (Joey’s long lost brother?) with stats all across the board. Impressive!! Sure is doing what expected out of the SF position this year.

    - Sid
  2. 2.

    I don;t know about anyone else, but I kinda dig Turk coming off of the bench. He facilitates so well that it helps keep the jitters down on offence. He reminds me a bit of the Manu situation in San Antonio. If it works, let him have his money and continue to produce.

    Kudos to Sonny Weems for having a brilliant night.

    I love a good team win, with a balanced attack and good effort on defence.

    That actually raises a good point, I don’t think the Raps need to play “great” on the defensive end. “Good” defence will get them wins with their great offence.

    Jack said it himself, “The teams that play well down the stretch, make noise in the first round.”

    Anyone remember Golden State over Dallas a few years back?

    - T.J.
  3. 3.

    In all the writeups I’ve read this morning after the win, nothing has been said of Bargnani going off for back to back 3′s, a block and a driving 2 on sequential plays.

    Although far too seldom, he shows flashes of being a really solid player and I think the benching of Hedo has woken him up to the fact that anyone can sit if they don’t put in th effort.

    Sonny has been a revelation who also should demonstrate to Hedo that starting is a priviledge you have to pay for EVERY night.

    DeMar is coming off the bench where he should have been all year; no pressure learn from watching and then ramp his minutes up.

    Lots to be hopeful for if the Raps are truly learning the lessons they should have long ago
    -effort, consistancy, desire, earning your paycheque etc

    - Gary
  4. 4.

    T.J you cant seriously be comparing Manu and Turk? ….thats not even fair Manu is a beast and can drop 30 or 40 points on any given night and that guy has ice in his viens he can drive the ball to the hoop with the best of them and if he gets on a roll shooting the three its lights out! Turk is not that type of player Manu is a game changer Turk is just average at best.

    - Neil
  5. 5.

    ….and also T.J you mentioned that the raps dont need to play great D because of the supposed “great offence” ….you really dont know what you are saying did you actually realize who they were playing THE CLIPPERS! Do you think playing weak D in the playoffs will get them anywhere? Just because they destroy a horrible team like the Clips doesnt mean squat…. any true basketball fan knows Defense wins games and if this team cant play GREAT defense they will lose more than they win!

    - Neil
  6. 6.

    I wasen’t comparing Manu and Turk, two different types of players, mearly what they bring to their respective clubs. If Turk can accept coming in off the bench and being a facilitator every night he will be a major part of the team like Manu is.

    As far as your definition of defence goes, middle of the pack defense (around the 98.5 ppg average in the East) with the East’s top scoring team (103.5 ppg) WILL translate into wins, even in the post season.

    The Raptors are a GREAT team when holding opponents under 100 (20-2) and all it takes is a solid effort on D to do that.

    - T.J.
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