Tuesday March 16 2010 – 10:56pm Eastern – Toronto, ON

After landing off a red-eye from Portland EARLY on Monday morning and then practicing later that day in spite of the travel (a RARITY in the NBA) … Jay Triano had his team back on the floor for another long season on Tuesday afternoon.

The Raptors were on the floor for more than two and a half hours on Tuesday as they prep for the Atlanta Hawks tomorrow night. 

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the starting five for Tuesday’s tilt but Triano hasn’t officially confirmed anything as of yet.  The most likely scenario though would see Jose Calderon inserted into the starting line up for Jarrett Jack.  Talk of moving out DeMar DeRozan may be premature as well, given that Antoine Wright has been nursing an ankle injury since Sunday night.  In fact, deflection or not, Triano said no one on the second unit has really jumped out at him RE: nabbing a starting role

For his part … Jarrett Jack stressed that if he is replaced as the starting PG, he’ll still play as hard as he can for every second that he’s on the floor and he’s not concerned with coming off the bench or starting.  He said he’s just happy to be home (note:  the Raptors are 22-10 at the ACC this year). 

Toronto will be looking for win #23 against an Atlanta team that will be coming in on the back to back and likely playing without all star Joe Johnson as well. 

Enjoy it. 

E. Smith

12 Responses to “Change(s) Coming?”
  1. 1.

    Are we supposed to congratulate Jack for his statement? Tell him that he’s a solid guy for giving an effort every night?

    Give me a break.

    The bottom line is that Jack and DeRozan should be the LAST guys we focus on at this juncture of the season.

    How about the two stiffs earning $10 million a year, who give about as much effort as I did in Grade 13 math?!?!?!?!??!?!

    I just don’t get it. I really don’t Jack is a big, big part of why this team turned around it’s season and became a playoff contender. And DeRozan is a ROOKIE! If you were content to put him in the starting lineup at the beginning of his first season, you should be willing to stick with him now.

    Where is the accountability on this team? Bargnani and Turkoglu have been INVISIBLE for almost the entire season. Since Bargs had that 17 rebound game (two months ago!), his effort level has plummeted!!!

    What is going on with this team and it’s coaches/management???

    - brento.
  2. 2.


    You’re flat-out wrong about Bargnani. He has not been invisible all season. Would you like to see more … sure. But I totally disagree with your assessment.

    As for Turkgolu … nobody is saying you’re wrong. Heck, even Colangelo agrees with you. He told the FAN the other day (paraphrasing) that Turk has been a disappointment.

    But you’ve been around sports and followed sports long enough to know that the last thing Toronto should be doing is benching Turk. Not only did you invest a ton of money in the guy but *IF* he actually has the light go on and *IF* he plays like the kind of player you thought he was, he could be very dangerous for you. I know those are BIIIG ifs based on the way he has played but you have to bank on that if for no other reason than this …

    What are you doing to his value if you bench him?

    Toronto may want to deal him in the summer. Who knows. But if they are interested in trying to move him – and his massive contract – how hard do you think that will be if you combine his salary AND the fact that he’s now a bench guy that was demoted?

    You can’t do that.

    And if you aren’t going to trade him and you want him to be a part of your team for years to come, you can’t bench the guy and expect things to be rosy for the next 2-3-4 years.

    You SHOULD be able to do that. But in the world of fragile egos in pro sports, that doesn’t work. There are FEW exceptions — teams that are the best of the best … or coaches that have a ton of tenure and/or hall of fame credentials … can MAYBE get away with bold moves like that. But not 8th place teams that are scratching and clawing for consistency — let alone a playoff spot.

    - Eric Smith
  3. 3.

    Actually, Eric…I agree with you. Almost completely :)

    I didn’t suggest benching Turk and Bargnani. Not at all. To begin with, there’s no one to replace them with. Second, these pampered, overpaid “stars” almost never respond well to being turfed out of the starting lineup (which means their production will likely decrease further).

    And, third – as you pointed out – it does nothing to enhance their value to other teams.

    I just can’t believe the media and fans are focusing on a guy like Jarrett Jack, who simply has hit a wall. It happens to nearly every non-star in the league…even happens to some stars every once in a while.

    It’s ironic…’cause I was both chastising Jack (for reassuring us that he’d continue to give a full effort…sigh) and supporting him by stating that he clearly is not the problem on this team.

    And, taking DD out of the starting lineup would be any typically desperate move by a team that should be FAR beyond desperate moves by this juncture in it’s rebuilding process (ie. the one that started when Vince was traded).

    As I’ve said before, this team is completely stuck. Contracts that will be very difficult to move, players who seem impossible to motivate (as if they should need someone else to inspire them…sigh).

    So, once again — I don’t support benching anyone. Not unless there was a bench player who’s play was SCREAMING to get increased floor time (which can be achieved in the 2nd unit, anyways).

    Either way, the casual sports fan in Toronto seems to be totally disinterested in the Raptors, and rightfully so. And, the loyal diehards must also be wondering if supporting this team any further is really worth the effort.

    - brento.
  4. 4.

    Hmmm… I was about to write that I totally agree, but when I got to Bargs I really looked at it and thought… perhaps that IS the problem…. there are (wait for it) TOO MANY scoring options. Triano said it recently (i think) that they maybe don’t run enough plays for Andrea. It’s difficult because he is on the floor with Bosh, and Turk, and JJ who all need their touches. Put him in the 2nd unit where he can have plays run for him, which gives Turk and Bosh more room to operate and Amir can do what he does and clean up.

    - Mat L
  5. 5.

    Oh I agree with swapping Jose and JJ too. But too many moves could make things worse than they already are. I just think that Jose should have never lost his job as the starter. When he came back from injury and was playing well they should have given him his job back. A player should not loss their spot because of injury and I think JJ would have understood that. And who knows maybe you make the switch then, and it doesn’t seem to work, and you go back to what did. By doing it earlier in the season there is less risk because there are more games left and less emotions at stake than there is now.

    - Mat L
  6. 6.

    Go Raps Go!

    - Raps Fan
  7. 7.

    I could not agreee more with Mat L. I think the real change should be at centre. I am not saying that Andrea has beena total bust. I am saying that rebounding is the key, and he does not have that key. The bench is usually the group that brings the spark with scoring and defense. Look at the third quarter when they started Amir. I think we should all agree that Andrea at centre has not been fully working. That is the change that needs and should be made. Turks needs to be changed too, but the reality is it will be harder to replace him than Andrea…

    - Paul
  8. 8.

    I agree with Mat L in that there may be too many cooks in the kitchen. Too many people doing the same thing.

    I don’t think that more plays needs to be run for Bargs, I think Bargs is good enough not to have plays run, but to be given more of an opportunity to create for himself, leaving Turk wide open on the perimter to take as many shots as he can.

    I love the way DD has been developed and he has shown glimpses of being a MATURE option on the floor. It has been awhile since I have seen him take a “bad” shot.

    Bosh just needs to be CB4. Forget about all the talk, just be the monster you have created. When CB4 is going, Bargs and Turk need to have one of them crash the glass and the other spot up for open looks.

    Jack and Calderon should continue doing what they do best, deliver the ball and not depend on Turk to do it for them.

    Forget about any offence from anyone else. you can’t depend on it. Anything off the bench is a BONUS. The bench guys are like you’re tax return, it’s coming, but don’t count on it to bail you out.

    As for brento, you sound like a woman scorned. Chill dude, it’s just game put forth for our amusement.

    For all the spazoid nay-sayers: It could be worse, we could be watching the Nets right now.

    - T.J.
  9. 9.

    the fact of the matter is without Bosh in the line up teams focussed on Bargs and he crumbled under the pressure of being the main guy on a weak team…and since Bosh’s return his rebounding has been off which is understandable but really if Bargs cant handle the pressure of rebounding and scoring is he really worth 10million a season? is he getting paid based on IF’s …. also why all this talk of reducing Reggie’s minutes he is the one guy along with Amir that actually rebound! If its rebounding they need they should be increasing Reggie’s minutes and telling him to grab as many boards as he can without trying to score the ball!!! Reduce Bargs mins and let Reggie get some playing time because we will need a guy like Reggie Evans in the playoffs IF we make it into the playoffs and Eric thats a BIG IF!

    We will need Reggie in the playoffs but no one is considering getting him ready…makes no sense to me. Triano needs to sit him down and tell him his job is to rebound and THATS IT!

    - Neil
  10. 10.

    Is an athletic team like Atlanta the best choice to turn to Calderon, who is not as mobile as JJ?

    Let’s hope they find a way, Raps look good in green tonight; think I’ll open a Guinness to offer my support…

    - Gary
  11. 11.

    good win tonight

    - ginomassari
  12. 12.

    see i told you all they needed was a Jose-JJ switch ;)

    - Mat L
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