Thursday January 28 2010 – 2:41pm Eastern – New York, NY

Coming off a big win last night … the Raptors are in New York City to face the Knicks tonight.  Toronto has not been great on the 2nd half of back-to-backs this year but they’re hoping to lock down their 4th straight win this evening.

After the game against New York, the Raps will travel back to T.O. and get set for a home tilt against the Indiana Pacers on Sunday.  Hopefully the ACC will be rockin’ as Toronto has won 10 of their last 11 games in their joint.

Jonesy and I just got back from wandering the streets of New York and having our traditional lunch at Rupert Jee’s “Hello Deli”.

Enjoy the VLOG!

We’ll be on the air with the pre-game show tonight at 7pm and we’ll have the tip of the Knicks and Raptors just after 7:30pm.

Have a good one folks.

E. Smith

7 Responses to “VLOG 25.0 – NEW YORK, NEW YORK”
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    Since this VLOG was recorded, Yahoo Sports has released a story about the NBA All Star RESERVES. According to Yahoo, the names have been leaked and David Lee is NOT on the team. Chris Bosh IS.

    - Eric Smith
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    A lot of teams need to build up a decent lead so that when the second unit gives up a few over the course of a game, your starters can come back out and lock up the win.

    Cleveland, Orlando and Miami all come to mind. When their superstars sit, you have to try and take advantage.

    With Josè on the bench, Belly, Amir Johnson, Antoine Wright and Sonny Weems among others, you don`t get the sense that there is a cliff hanging fall off for short stretches.

    Indeed, some of these guys can be inserted in the starting lineup in a pinch or counted on for significant substitution minutes.

    This is a great luxury for Triano and allowed him to really coach to manage minutes and matchups.

    Go Raps, beat em bad tonight.
    Dallas detroyed them; we beat Dallas. Ergo………..

    - Gary
  4. 4.

    This game is going to be really tough for the Raps to win. Not only the back to back, but the Knicks will be ready to jump on us. They won’t forget the beatdown the Raps put on them couple of weeks back! If the Raps come away with a win, I’ll be convinced they

    - Saif
  5. 5.

    …are improving and going in the right direction.

    - Saif
  6. 6.

    Good point Gary … Toronto has a solid 2nd unit

    - Eric Smith
  7. 7.

    Saif … the Knicks aren’t stiffs. I agree. It’ll be a well-earned road win IF Toronto gets this one

    - Eric Smith
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