Tuesday January 26 2010 – 3:23pm Eastern – Toronto, ON

If you’re a basketball fan and you’ve been searching for a place to spend (throw away?) your hard-earned money for the past 15 years, you may be in luck by as early as this spring.

The Toronto Raptors – along with the NBA – and the province of Ontario are close to coming together on a deal that would finally allow wagering on NBA games to be a part of the Pro Line Lottery.

“It’s not done yet but it will probably be done for next season; maybe this year’s playoffs,” said Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment COO and VP, Tom Anselmi.

The details are a bit sketchy right now but this seems to be as close to a “done deal” as it’s going to get … until it’s actually truly DONE.  And when the formal announcement is made, Anselmi said that Pro Line (i.e. – The Ontario Lottery Corporation) will ensure that some of the of the profits from wagers on NBA games will be put directly back into the basketball community via development and programs, etc.

If – or should I say WHEN – the deal is finalized it will be the first time in the Raptors’ existence that people in Ontario will have a chance to wager on NBA games.  The league banned the province to drop their games from Pro Line when the Raps came into the league. 

Vegas North?  Ok, maybe not … but it’s a start! 

E. Smith

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  1. 1.

    It’s about time. I thought that was a stupid restriction when the team first came to town, and don’t get me started on that draft “rule.”

    - T.J.
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