Tuesday January 5 2009 – 4:36pm Eastern – Orlando, FL

Busy day in Orlando …

Jose Calderon is set to return to the Raptors line up …
Pops Mensah-Bonsu has been released …
And the weather experts down here are warning locals to “cover all exposed skin” (due to the cold temps) …!

We cover it all in the latest VLOG

Have a good one folks.

E. Smith

3 Responses to “VLOG 19.1 – ORLANDO, FL”
  1. 1.

    Lets hope the Raptors can tough it up against the Magic!

    - Raps Fan
  2. 2.

    Easy E….I wish you (Fan590)….would make your videos iPhone compatible…traffic would increase for sure…a lot of Raptor fans are younger and tech savvy AND on the go…please could you talk to your tech dept.?…

    - Dennis
  3. 3.

    Hey Eric,

    I think our debate about who the better team is between the Raps and Bobcats seems heavily in the favour of the Bobcats. Not only have the Raps been blown out by the cats this year and struggle to prevail against the Chandlerless cats in thier second game, but you jack on sunday befor the spurs game in a radio convo agreed that the more physical team usually prevails and between the Raps and the Bobcats there is no question who the more physical team is.

    - Thomas
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