Friday December 18 2009 – 10:45pm Eastern – Toronto, ON

Nets at Raptors

118-95, Raptors win (Toronto now 12-17 overall)

Smith and Jones Player of the Game:


- 18 points

- 7 rebounds

- 2 steals

- 2 blocks

- 7/10 FG

“Alice Fazoolis” Player of the Game:


- 16 points

- 4 rebounds

- 6/8 FG

- 4/5 FT

Shout-out to the Nets:


- 16 points

- 4 assists

- 3 rebounds

- 7/12 FG

Stats That Stood Out:

- TOR put up 39 first quarter points (while shootinh 65 per cent)

- TOR led by as many as 37 points in the 1st half

- NJ had 16 turnovers in the 1st half

- Raptors had 50 points in the paint after only 3 quarters

- For what it’s worth, though they never led in the game and trailed by as many as 40 points at one point, NJ did out-score TOR in the 2nd half (62-48)

Thumbs Up:

- Jumping on NJ early … scoring *70* points in the 1st half

Thumbs Down:

- After coughing up only 2 turnovers in the 1st half, TOR had 13 in the 2nd half

Smith Says:

- “This may have been exactly what the doctor ordered for the Raptors: a big-time blowout win. But they key is now trying to bottle what worked against the Nets, and carry it over to the Hornets, Pistons, Bobcats … and beyond.”

Jones Says:

- “This kind of effort was expected tonight. Would it have been the same result against another team? Doesn’t matter … cause the effort was there.”

Keeping the 3PT Streak Alive (now 889 straight games with a 3-ball):

- Toronto was 6/9 from distance

Next Game:

- Sunday December 20 2009

- New Orleans at Toronto (12:30pm Eastern)

- We’ll be on the air with the pre-game show at 12:00pm and bring you the tip-off (and the “Pizza Pizza” starting line ups) just after 12:30pmĀ 

Missed “The Rap”? You can listen to it here:


Talk to ya then folks.

Have a good one.

E. Smith

5 Responses to “Toronto Spanks New Jersey”
  1. 1.

    Why is beating a team with 2 wins a reason for optimism? They beat a very good Houston team 3 games ago. I was more excited about that. Then they went on to lose to Miami and Orlando.
    What’s on the line that makes anyone think they won’t continue the same pattern? Why now? Has it been communicated to the players that it’s win or else… We have heard “It’s time to stop talking and start playing”,”We’ve got to play for 48 minutes” and all the other cliches for 2 years now.
    By the way thanks to the Fan for making podcasts of their programs available.

    - Mr.Curious
  2. 2.

    Would anyone have been happier with a loss. It was an obvious game they had to win and they did. Starters got a good rest and should be ready to fly Sunday.

    Add the fact that they play a series of under .500 teams and this becomes a very important stretch if the Raps are to rescue this season.

    There are no gimmes in the NBA (with the possible exception of NJ) :-)

    - Gary
  3. 3.

    Stretches of games simply do not matter in the evaluation of a team expected to succeed in the playoffs.

    If this were a first year expansion team, or a team coming off a 25 win season — sure, it could be analyzed on a game per game, or week by week, basis.

    This team MUST be evaluated on nothing less than a “how far did it advance in the playoffs” basis. Nothing less than that.

    Bryan Colangelo was brought in here to make the changes necessary to bring a championship to Toronto. Not to squeak into the playoffs and get demolished in the first round.

    I am SO tired of analysts talking about “statement games” and “an important string of games”. Your diatribes are falling on deaf ears.

    Either this team is capable of succeeding in the playoffs or not. That is it.

    - brento
  4. 4.

    man this is awesome win,,electric eric ,,it was great to hear you guys all pumped up ,,this is what the buzz is all about eric,,anyword when playoff tickets would be first available,,great christmas gift

    - lemongellofan
  5. 5.

    Funny, lemongellofan :)

    It’s about time someone said something humourous around here…

    - brento
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