Friday December 11 2009 – 10:52pm Eastern – Toronto, ON

Jose Calderon’s ‘future’ with the Raptors may be in jeopardy.

Short term?  Long term?  Well, nobody is sure right now.

But the Spanish guard was taken to a Toronto area hospital earlier tonight to have testing done and images taken on his injured hip.

The Raptors training staff won’t know the results of those test/images until tomorrow and at that point the team will determine how long Calderon may be out of the Raps’ line up.  However, Jay Triano has already speculated that Calderon’s absence may be lengthy.

Calderon missed Tuesday’s victory over Minnesota and Wednesday’s loss to Milwaukee … but he was back in the line up against the Hawks.  In fact, word came down about an hour before tip-off that Jose would return to the starting line up.  But minutes before the game began, Triano changed his mind … started Jarrett Jack for the 3rd straight game … and brought Calderon off the bench.

Jose played 7:20 minutes in that half … going 1/3 from the field … tallying 2 points and 2 assists.  He was then evaluated at the half and told he would not be seeing the floor in the second half.  That was that.

We’ll update you on the FAN tomorrow RE: Calderon’s status and the long or short-term prognosis.

E. Smith

10 Responses to “Calderon Out Long-Term?”
  1. 1.

    jose hater will be ecstatic!

    - Michel G
  2. 2.

    I have repeatedly over and over and over commented on this topic,last year as well.If Bryan Colangelo and staff do not go and buy a FULL TIME guard like a Billips or Deron Williams style type that can win games in the last 3 minutes or 2 then the writing is already on the wall for Chris and the teams season. This bus is going NO WHERE! GET WITH THE PROGRAM RAPTOR FRONT OFFICE!!!!

    - Matt
  3. 3.

    You and Jones even compete with Wilner as apologists. As long as Triano and Colangelo think they have put together a team that can run and trade baskets the Raptors will suffer inconsistency. With slow pokes the likes of Bosh, Turkoglu and Bargnani, this team must control tempo to win games, in the same way a team like San Antonio has done in the past. They have to control tempo, be disciplined, and gaurd with mean aggression. If players step out of this program, Triano has to have the guts to sit them down. Keep telling these guys they are so talented, and they’ll soon forget the need to do any of the above.

    - Will, Oshawa
  4. 4.

    the only problem with him being hurt is that its impossible to trade him.

    - jose hater
  5. 5.

    Looks like another season seems to be slipping away quickly. Do I dare say the words “rebuild” … my take on this is to start again from scratch . As much as I dont want to, trade CB4 for some young talent at the 3 and 4 spots and rebuild again through the draft. I just dont see how this team will get over the hump and makes its move into the top 4 inteh East.

    - Fiyaz
  6. 6.

    Jose Hater,

    This is your Christmas present Jose Calderon is done for the year!

    - Raps Fan No More!
  7. 7.

    Wow life as a Toronto sports fan is just horrifying…

    - Spencer C
  8. 8.

    Nothing is working out this season

    - Matt
  9. 9.

    I was going to get cable just to watch the Raptors this season, but the team is soooo
    frustrating. I’ll be passing on cable. I just saved myself about $100 per month.
    Bad team = less cable subscribers (or at least VIP option), less fans at the ACC, less people listening on radio,TV and the web, less tourism and probably the loss of Bosh. Much of this could be solved if the team at least looked like they were putting up a fight.

    - Mr.Curious
  10. 10.

    The defence has improved thats for sure, nice to see jack attack

    - jose hater
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