Thursday December 3 2009 – 4:30pm Eastern – Washington, DC

Off-day VLOG in Obama country …

Trying to make sense of last night’s debacle in Atlanta.


We’ll be back with another VLOG tomorrow … plus any info we drag-up from the morning shoot-around.

Have a good one … and … Go Bills (tonight in T.O.)

E. Smith

11 Responses to “VLOG 12.0 – WASHINGTON, DC”
  1. 1.

    So sad that the Raps are in this position!

    What should we do?

    I say that we should make a trade and just hope something works! because this team is very very said and I hope something good happens or we are doomed for another 15 years!

    - Raps Fan No More!
  2. 2.

    If we were in the Western Conference, I’d panic. There’s no need yet. Give these guys some time to find themselves.

    - Michel G
  3. 3.

    Great Vlog guys! Jonesy…you’re killin’ me with the Obama emotion. Hilarious “first date” analogy.

    - Gary Sox
  4. 4.

    I’m sorry…I don’t think I can watch this.

    One minute and ten seconds in, and Jonesy is ALREADY comparing this terrible start to the 47-win season!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t anyone come up with anyone more relevant to say than “maybe the Raps can do what they did three years ago”?

    Ya, maybe they go on to make the playoffs and get beaten in the 1st round again.

    Does anybody believe ANYONE outside of Toronto freakin’ cares that the Raptors turned around a bad start and made the playoffs…three years ago?


    How about talking about THIS year for a change?

    - brento
  5. 5.

    I think a lot of this stems back to the Boston game and the Paul Pierce emphatic dunk on Chris Bosh incident. In that moment the team revealed so much about its character and it wasn’t good. Because the Raptors basically said at that moment, and they’ve been saying it in every game ever since, if you come at us hard we will fold and give up. Maybe they should hire Brian Burke to give these guys some truculence!

    - Peter
  6. 6.

    Eric and Paul,

    If there are no changes made to the existing rotation prior to the game at Washington, IMO, what you will see on display in this contest is precisely what the collective character of this group of players, coaches and management team is all about.

    Unfortunately, you might not like the answer you’ll be getting to that specific question in DC.

    - khandor
  7. 7.

    There’s a reason Pierce’s nickname is ‘The Truth’!

    How about going through Andrea on offense. Am I crazy?

    Great job guys. Thanks always for your work.

    - Still a Raps Fan
  8. 8.

    Please fire Triano, Calderon and Bosh.

    Belinelli in SF, derozan on the bench.

    - Mario
  9. 9.

    How much longer is this going to go one before the Chris Bosh trade rumours start heating up again.

    - Stephen Smith
  10. 10.

    What to do???

    Jose, Andrea, Derozan out of the starting five.

    Jack, Johnson, Belly in.

    Oak said it best when he was on the Raptors broadcast a month or so ago, you need players in your starting five who will do the dirty work and are not looking to pad up their stats. Unless BC makes a trade (which I personally think he shouldn’t, since he would be dealing from a position of weakness) the coach needs to do something to light a fire unders some of his players’ behinds. Sitting them on the bench may be the only option right now!

    - Mr. T
  11. 11.

    Does Triano even know how to start fires??? Lets be real hearing some of his players comments after that whooping the other night, it seems that he doesnt have the respect of the players any longer. When CB4 is speaking out against Triano that says it all. Triano has been here since Bosh was drafted and I think CB4 needs a change and that means all the coaches not just Triano. We all love Triano good ol’ canadian boy but that doesnt help him coach an NBA team.

    - Neil
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