By: David Alter

With 18 games now in the books, criticism of the Raptors has been focused on toughness and it’s defence. 

The last two games has seen Chris Bosh get knocked around a little bit, while seeing his teammates react in the moment.

Bosh says those reactions are nice but they aren’t winning, and the intensity has to carry over.

“It’s great to react like that, it showed camaraderie in the team, there’s not much you can do when you get up, you just get up and that’s it” says Bosh. ”I think we need to have everyone get up when we make a shot or a dunk or layup, let’s get up for that.  Or a defensive stop, let’s get up for that.  Let’s show passion about that.”

The schedule isn’t getting any easier for the Raptors who get ready to embark on four games in the next five nights.

At 7-11, there is nothing more that head coach Jay Triano would like to do than to implement some tweaks on defence –  including playing more zone.

Triano says the difficult schedule has thrown a wrench into that.

“We don’t want to play a lot of zone if we haven’t had a chance to practice it, and the next full practice we get is Dec. 21st” says Triano.  “I can’t remember the last time we had one [full practice] where it hasn’t been monitoring minutes because guys have to get rest.  The schedule has been tough, this is the NBA and we have to find ways to get around that.”

2 Responses to “Raps Face Busy Sked & Criticism”
  1. 1.

    Um Jay, these are NBA pros and have seen zone D before…I don’t want to hear any excuses regarding the schedule, teammates getting to know each other, injuries or lambos running out of gas on the way to the airport…

    Although potentially valid, excuses give rationale for further excuses. And there are none.

    Go Raps. It’s time for a gut check and a little winning streak.

    - Gary
  2. 2.

    Rebounding, setting girly picks, and defence are the biggest problems. Nobody aside from CB4 and Amir deserves to be on this team. Reggie where ya at?

    - LL
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