Friday November 27 2009 – 12:48pm Eastern – Boston, MA

The turkey hangover is long gone by now … so it’s time to put Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror … and look straight ahead at a big-time battle against the Boston Celtics tonight.

We’re vloggin’ from Beantown.


We’re on the air with the pre-game show tonight at 7:00pm (Chris Bosh will be one of our guests/interviews) … and we’ve got the tip of the Raps and Celts just after 7:30pm

Have a good one

E. Smith

2 Responses to “VLOG 10.0 – BOSTON, MA”
  1. 1.

    Bosh has a hard match-up tonight. As you mentioned, both ‘Sheed and KG have a history of playing tough against CB4. Should be a good test for the boys.

    - Lewickipedia
  2. 2.

    I’ve always felt that CB gives Garnett too much respect, not that he doesn’t deserve it; he’s one of the mopst intense players in the NBA.

    But Bosh has to decide that he a young KG and refuse to defer to him. Get ticked and decide you’re actually going to SCHOOL him (easier said than done lol).

    Make it personal.

    This is a statement game and not the Phoenix kind where you show you can compete but lose….

    And Bargs needs to grow a pair and keep them.

    - Gary
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