Friday November 27 2009 – 10:15pm Eastern - BOSTON, MA 

Raptors @ Celtics

Final Score:116 - 103, Celtics (Toronto now 7-10)

“Smith and Jones” Player of the Game:- PAUL PIERCE

18 points

7 assists

5 rebounds

2 steals

7/12 FG

4/4 FT

“Alice Fazoolis” Player of the Game:


18 points

5 rebounds

2 assists

8/8 FG

Shout-out to the Raptors:- CHRIS BOSH

20 points

13 rebounds

2 steals

9/13 FG

Stats that stood out:- Boston had 6 players in double-figures

- Toronto coughs up 24 points on a season-high 25 turnovers

- The Bobcats put up *68* points in the paint (outscoring Toronto in the paint, 68-48) after Toronto allowed Charlotte to score 74 in the paint 2 night ago

- Kevin Garnett and Perkins combined to go 14/14 FG (Garnett – 6/6)

- Boston tears the game open with a 19-3 run over the course of 8:06 minutes in the 3RD QRT

- Toronto had only 15 assists on 39 FG (remember … 25 turnovers too.  19 assists – 25 turnovers – not good)

- Boston finishes the game shooting a ridiculous 62.3% from the floor

Thumbs Up:- The first half … shooting 67% and leading by 1 at the break

Thumbs Down:- The second half … especially the 3rd QRT … when Toronto was out-scored 33-17 and had a stretch of 6:53 minutes where they DIDN’T SCORE A POINT

Smith says:“Kendrick Perkins told us on the post-game show that defence – even in Boston – is all about effort and that’s it.  Effort.  Plain and simple.  The Raptors have to take note … and find a way to play D.  Period.”

Jones Says:n/a

Keep the 3-ball Steak Alive (877 games and counting):- The Raptors were 7 of 14 from 3PT range

Next game:- Suns @ Raptors – Sunday November 29 2009 – 1:00pm Eastern

- Tune in at 12:30pm Eastern for the pre-game show and just after 1:00pm for the “Pizza Pizza” starting line ups

* Missed the post-game show?  You can catch it right here:


6 Responses to “No D = Boston Blowout”
  1. 1.

    I feel for Triano and hope he does well, however base on his record this year over 17 games and Sam Mitchell’s record last year over 17 games, Sam Mitchell is better by one game. And unfortunately the Raptors this year got destroyed by 35 points by a bottom feeding East conference team Charlotte, where as last year Raptors were beaten by a western conference contender in Denver.
    Should Colangelo fire Triano, after all Sam was dealing with injuries with Calderone and Oneil last year, Triano’s main injury bug is Evans, Wright a couple of times and Turkolough for 1 or 2.
    All I am saying is firing Sam when he did so far is making Colangelo look stupid at this time and we will see what will become of his moves since then.

    - David Dawson
  2. 2.

    This is truly a very soft team. As I sitting there watching the game last night, I watch Pierce do what he did and I almost stood up off the couch… which is more than I can say about half the Raptors. Our best player is a bit of a _____. When you break down their roster it is no wonder why we have the softness issues we have. I think Reggie Evans would help but its just too glaring. I love what the Bobcats have done. Getting Jackson is going to put them into a playoff spot. He’s just the kind of tough player a team needs, plus he can fill it up. How can we blame the presonal though. They are what they are, they’re not built to get into other teams faces.. just not them. Unfortunately Boston has about 4 guys like that,… we have one and he hasnt been able to play yet this year to try and change these guys mindset.

    - Monzy
  3. 3.

    Actually Eric, the blog entry’s title should be:

    No O = Boston Blowout

    As you mentioned at the end of the game, it’s the stalled offense in the third quarter that cost them the game. Boston increased the defensive intensity, but the Raps have to learn to fight through that and keep moving the ball.

    I know it’s basketball and not hockey, but if somebody gave a Phil Kessel the kind of cheap shot Pierce gave Bosh it would have been addressed immediately. The coaches showed more fight for goodness sakes.

    - Michel G
  4. 4.

    Three points that stood out to me: Defence…”is about effort”(Perkins), “We’ve got guys standing over our best player (about Bosh),flexing…,”You’ve got guys in here eating popcorn, joking around before the game…and we lose by 40″ (Antoine Wright).
    So after all the talk and player changes, it looks like the Raps are still a very soft team.

    - Mr.Curious
  5. 5.

    Very disappointing very!

    I don’t know and I am so mad.

    This quote just sums up what the Raptors need to work on.

    “Kendrick Perkins told us on the post-game show that defense – even in Boston – is all about effort and that’s it. Effort. Plain and simple. The Raptors have to take note … and find a way to play D. Period.”

    “Is all about effort and that’s it.”

    Remember that!

    - Raps Fan No More!
  6. 6.

    We are supposed to lose to boston. They are way better, 3 maybe 4 hall of famers? Wallace the 4th, who knows? We have none? Bosh one day maybe.

    This team just isnt gonna beat boston.

    We have the big 4, but three out of the 4 are just average players.

    - jose hater
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