Tuesday November 15 2009 – 9:48pm Western – Denver, CO

Raptors @ Nuggets

Final Score:
130 – 112, Nuggets (the Raptors are now 5-6)

“Smith and Jones” Player of the Game:
32 points
5 assists
12/15 FG
8/10 FT

“Alice Fazoolis” Player of the Game:
7 points
10 assists

Shout-out to the Raptors:
17 points
3 rebounds
* Career-high points for DD

Stats that stood out:
- Toronto had 14 turnovers leading to 21 Nuggets’ points
- Nuggets had 34 assists on 48 field goals
- Raptors outscored 66-48 in the second half after being tied at 64 at the half
- Toronto had 2 separate 11-point leads in the 1st half
- JR Smith had a season-high 29 points
- The Nuggets had a whopping *68* points in the paint

Thumbs Up:
- Depth (at least in the 1st half) was solid when you factor-in the performances of Sonny Weems (12), DeRozan (17), and Marco Belinelli (16)

Thumbs Down:
- Where to start?  61.5% for the Nuggets.  3 of 4 quarter at 33 or more points for the Nuggets.  130 total points.  Need more than THAT?

Smith says:
- “The Nuggets found a way to take the Raptors – especially Jose Calderon and Chris Bosh – completely out of their pick and roll game and they slammed the door on Toronto in the second half.  It got ugly in a hurry.”

Jones Says:
- “Until the Raptors decide to ‘push back’, physical teams will continue to give them problems all season.”

Keep the 3-ball Steak Alive (871 games and counting):
- The Raptors were 7 of 16 from 3PT range

Next game:
- Raptors @ Jazz – Wednesday November 18 2009 – 9:00pm Eastern
- Tune in at 8:30pm Eastern for the pre-game show and just after 9:00pm for the “Pizza Pizza” starting line ups

Missed “THE RAP”? You can listen to it here:


5 Responses to “Mile High Meltdown”
  1. 1.

    Something about this game didn’t feel right from the start in my opinion.

    By the way that poll on the front page that says they assume hockey is our favourite sport and they’re asking what’s our second favourite is, seriously makes me pissed at the fan 590.

    - Spencer
  2. 2.

    As I watched J.R. Smith kiss and take a bow to the crowd, I sometimes I wish the NBA could be the NHL for one night. It’s bad enough watching Denver push the Raptors around and they just stand around taking it, it’s even worse watching Mr. Smith rub it in their faces with nobody calling him up on it (where’s Colton Orr when you need him). I’m not saying start a fight, the repercussions are too great, but do something: get in his face, call him a bad word, insult his mama, whatever! Just do something!

    - Michel G
  3. 3.

    So as we talked aboiut the other day, if the Raps can go 6/6 to start the year (by winning tonight in Utah) I think we’ll take it and head home.

    Conversely, if they throw up another brick and lean on the back-to-back excuse, you go home after a failed road trip, losers of three in a row and things can go downhill very fast.

    I don’t want to sound close to negative after a loss to a good team but two things really stood out:

    1/ Until Bargnani learns to be truly consistent in his effort and also stay out of the nasty early-foul-trouble habit, the Raps can only be decent.

    2/ I’m a big supporter of Calderone, but he is becoming a momentum KILLER with the way he walks almosrt every single possession up the floor and allows the opposing defense to get totally set.

    Whatever happened to Triano telling him to get running if he doesn’t have the rebound and take the pass on the fly???

    What a difference when the second unit is really pushing the ball up the floor.

    -big game tonight. Go Raps.

    - Gary
  4. 4.

    What is up with the officiating? Their calls have amounted to 10 point swings in the last two games.

    - Will, Oshawa
  5. 5.

    Will, phantom calls where a “superstar” never even gets touched or initiates the contact himself by bumping or leaning in, is a continual source of frustration.

    This was the first game that Chris Bosh regressed to the level of last year where he simply threw his hands up in some sort of crazy exaggeration and then complained to the ref while the other team scored on the fast break. At one point, he hadn’t even left the paint at the other end.

    You have to decide “I’m getting my two no matter what and the foul is a bonus”.

    But you can’t complain if a weak dbl/dbl is his worst game so far!

    - Gary
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