Monday November 2 2009 – 3:50pm Eastern – Toronto, ON

Alright … I planned on writing today … but life got busy.  Then, before I knew it, show-time was approaching for “The Game Plan” and I didn’t have a chance to get the blog done.

But what better way to ‘make up’ for missing my written word … then chatting with THE COACH, Jack Armstrong.

Listen in on our 10-minute chat RE: the Raptors defensive deficiencies over the past two games — both losses (to Memphis and Orlando).


And feel free to get in on the conversation during the COMMENTS section below.

E. Smith

5 Responses to “Audio Blog – Raps D”
  1. 1.

    Why didn’t Marco play alot of minutes? And I don’t get why Jay didn’t get Antoine Wright play more minutes! He is a game changer for the Raptors in terms of Defense in my opinion!

    - Raps Fan
  2. 2.

    Raps Fan: Wright played 25 minutes, so he had plenty of oportunity to impact the game, which he did.

    Eric: Tell the Coach that the days of likes of Gary Payton locking down their counterparts are gone. He got a little overexcited during the broadcast.

    I’ll never forget last year’s Celtic/Bulls series where Rondo and Rose scored at will on each other. It’s only when both teams improved on the help defence that either player was slowed down.

    The criticism of Jose is over-excessive in my opinion.

    - Michel G
  3. 3.

    Hey Eric, you want to attract a lot of fan response to your next blog???

    The Raps are looking to honour Vince Carter the next time Orlando is in town (Nove 22) as part of th club’s 15th Anniversary celebrations.

    Colangelo says “Most of the people that he had problems with here (in TO) are gone.”

    Now I don’t know which players had the most problem with VC and it’s a bit overblown every time he comes to town but the fact remains that he was a traitor, a quitter and a cancer before he left town in a trade for a bag of hammers.

    He willfully sabotaged our season, this team for a considerable term, his trade value and his reputation.

    This overshadows or at least diminishes much of his great early contributions.

    I would have much prefered to see him continue to languish in NJ this year but injured half the year in Orlando will have to do.
    -not bitter much??? :-)

    “Part of this team’s history” or not, he is wholly undeserving of any honour at the Air Canada Centre; in the opinion of this humble fan.

    - Gary
  4. 4.

    Whats the status on Reggie??

    - Raps Fan
  5. 5.

    When did this become a Bash Vince Carter forum???

    For all the overblown hoopla surrounding VC, all the “superstar” ever helped bring to the city of Toronto was ONE stinkin’ playoff win.

    Heck, that doesn’t even classify as a playoff “run”!!

    I will never forget the whining, crying, whimpering to Mama…that look of desperation he always had on his face when he looked up at the audience — while he looked at the boo-boo on his knee…

    I thought this team had only positive times ahead of it when Carter was finally banished. Unfortunately, nothing has improved. It’s just stayed exactly the same.

    - brento
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