November 1 2009 – 6:10pm Eastern – Toronto, ON

Magic @ Raptors

Final Score:
125-116, Magic

“Smith and Jones” Player of the Game:
30 points
5 assists
2 steals
8/20 FG
5/9 3PT FG
9/10 FT

“Alice Fazoolis” Player of the Game:
20 points
6 rebounds
7/14 FG

Shout-out to the Raptors:
35 points
16 rebounds
10/20 FG
13/19 FT

Stats that stood out:
- Matt Barnes had 6 steals
- Magic turned the ball over only 9 times
- Orlando led by as many as 22 points in first half
- Orlando’s 36-point 1st QRT iced the game … as Toronto outscored the Magic in the 3rd and 4th quarters and lost the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th combined by only 1 point (89-88)
- Tight on the Glass:  38-37 REBOUNDING advantage for the Raptors
- Andrea Bargnani had 4 points in the first half … 22 points in the 2nd half (26 total)
- The game was won from 3-point land:  Orlando was 17/32 from distance (those 17 three-balls were an Raptors’ opponent record)

Thumbs Up:
- Some folks reading this will say “whatever” … but … Toronto’s offence was solid.  They shot the ball well; it was their defence that let them down.  And the team fought back from down 22 … to cut the deficit to 4 in the 4th … making a game of it.

Thumbs Down:
- Allowing far too many open looks from the perimeter throughout the game … making it look too easy, too often for the Magic.

Smith says:
- “Sometimes numbers lie.  The Raptors shot 55+ per cent … held their own on the glass and in the paint … and didn’t cough up a lot of turnovers.  But their perimeter defence – especially in the first half – let them down, big-time.”

Jones Says:
“This is only the 21st time in over 225+ games that the Raptors have LOST the game when holding an opponent to under 45% from the field.”

Keep the 3-ball Steak Alive (863 games and counting):
- The Raptors were 10 of 17 from 3PT range

Next game:
- Pistons @ Raptors – Wednesday November 4 2009 – 7:00pm Eastern
- Tune in just after 7:00pm for the “Pizza Pizza” starting line ups

Missed “The Rap”? You can listen to it here:


E. Smith


7 Responses to “Magic Spell Sinks Raps”
  1. 1.

    Well I lost my voice during the game – had to pleasure to attend the game and well, I can get pretty vocal. A few F-Bombs and other comments. My comments ranged from “You Suck Bargnani” when he had 4 points and 1 board in the first half….to “There’s our star!!”, when he delivered in the 2nd half. My thoughts about Bosh – I hate to knock a guy for scoring 30+ and having another double-double….but he’s one of the only guys who can get good stats and NOT have a “game breaker” moment… one complaint about the guy. He’s not clutch when we need it. Fun game as always….Magic was on fire.

    - Jamal
  2. 2.

    Well, what can you say??? it sure didn’t feel like a game where CB went off for 35 and 16 – too much of a hole to climb out of and too late from Bargnani, the quietest 26 I’ve seen in awhile.

    Now I really like Calderone for a variet of reasons but the thing that gets me is for all the talk about up-tempo, get it up the floor, fast break ball, there was Jose standing 4 feet away from a Bosh defensive rebound, asking for the ball to WALK IT UP to half court s-l-o-w-l-y, just like most of last year.

    Isn’t his job there to be halfway up the court for a breakout now; not floor general bringing up the rear???

    And Jameer Nelson showed exactly what Jose needs to do when he turns the corner to the tin: LAYUP not run under the basket and pass out to the 3 pt line EVERY TIME.

    It shocked me to see him go right to the tin a few times and the on air commentator remarked on it. If he’s truly healthy again, that’s the agressive Jose we need to see.

    It’s actually comical to see them excuse Hedo for being tired after his summer and now needing to get in shape with his short pre-season and at the same time, say Jose needs time too get in shape after taking the 5 month summer off.

    No excuses Raps, we need a win before the road trip.

    - Gary
  3. 3.


    who is the team in 2nd place in the consecutive 3 point streak. Also how legit is this record, like i can’t remember the last time i watched any level of basketball and not see at least 1 3 pointer.

    - A.J.
  4. 4.

    I hate to rag on the man after he has another ‘numbers night’ but if Bosh hits for 30 and 15 every game we will finish the season 1-81. There are way too many options on the floor to not be moving the ball. I’d love to see Bosh work on improving his numbers in the assist column rather than trying to drive on a clogged paint, or jack up 16 footers. And I’d be upset if he hit 20 3 pointers – he has no business shooting 3′s on a team of shooters.

    - Joe
  5. 5.

    Its this simple really. Opposition PG – 3 Jose – 0. He gets broken down almost everytime down the floor. Leaves his teammates running around to cover for him, leaving wide open for jumpers.

    When is someone in the media gonna get on this guy. Imagine we had tj ford still?

    - carts
  6. 6.

    What is it with idiots in this city like you who think being a “fan” is about being a jacka**?

    - Juan
  7. 7.

    Hi, Eric.

    With all due respect, the Raptors’ offense was far from “good” in this game … relative to Orlando’s … when you consider that the Magic were playing without 3 of their 5 starters, i.e. Vince Carter, Mickael Pietrus and Rashard Lewis.

    - khandor
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