Friday June 26 2009 – 10:18pm Eastern (Toronto, ON)

I’ve had a number of emails come in about this …

Some fans have sent me a link to a thread on REAL GM regarding some supposed “rumors” involving the Raptors and last night’s draft.

Here’s the thread:


I was blogging/chatting through the NBA Draft last night – with Paul Jones – on the Fan 590 and Sportsnet.  Check that chat … none of that information was written/reported.

Earlier today … I was at the ACC for the DeMar DeRozan press conference at 12:30pm … and then I headed directly to the Fan 590 to host “The Game Plan” with Jack Armstrong from 2pm-4pm.

I did not post a blog on today.

I did not post a blog on today.

I didn’t “report” *ANY* of the information in that Real GM thread – ever – at any point.  Not even on Twitter.  Not even in a personal conversation.

The info in that thread was never reported by me!

I would ask that the moderators of Real GM immediately delete that thread and flag the person that posted those bogus comments.

And to the person that posted this erroneous info – using my name and my reputation:

I’d ask you to not only grow up and show some maturity, but also refrain from ever posing as me or misrepresenting (MAKING UP) any of my comments in the future.  Legal action will be taken if necessary.

Again, the information in this thread ( ) was never reported by me – ever – on the radio, TV, internet, or personal conversations.

It’s 100% B.S.

E. Smith

17 Responses to “Bogus Info”
  1. 1.

    Good on you for caring about a potential hit to your credibility this much on a fairly minor detail on Draft Day.

    Appreciate your journalism.

    - RealGM Poster
  2. 2.

    Per request, the thread has been removed from the site.

    - DL
  3. 3.

    Hey man, that’s not cool! I think anyone that know the “real” Eric Smith knows that if you have any info to pass on to us, you usually do! This post has zero credibility anyway. No source material to quote from or no link. I understand that your P’d and I would be too.

    No need to retrace your steps with us, I believe you. I was on the live chat last night. Why would you have not told us anything on there.

    This guy is a stooge looking for his 2 mins of fame. Instead he’s looking just like a loser.

    Don’t give him too much pub though, I’m sure he is loving the attention.

    - Jules
  4. 4.

    give’em hell Eric

    - Lanny from Whitby
  5. 5.

    As a forum moderator on the Raptors Board at Realgm I wish to assure you that we will investigate and deal with this individual promtly and probably harshly. I’m very sorry that this has happened – we do our best to prevent such silly and fraudulent posts. Again, I apologize on behalf of everyone on the moderating staff. Please keep up the great work.

    Kind regards,

    Ben Driscoll – aka Yuri Vaultin

    - Ben, aka Yuri Vaultin
  6. 6.

    Sorry Eric but im not a member of Real GM and the link requires me to be a member to see the thread.

    If it is not to much trouble can you please tell me the information that was posted?

    Thanks, again i understand if you wish not to talk about what was said…

    - Luka
  7. 7.

    BTW the Heir Canada on twitter for Derozan, Great nickname. I saw it somewhere else, but anyway its a good nickname…

    - Luka
  8. 8.

    Thanks Ben

    - E. Smith
  9. 9.

    Sorry Luka – I’m not gonna go through it again and give the original (bogus) post any more attention

    - E. Smith
  10. 10.

    Glad you took care of that bum who posted on RealGM. Hypnotiq. Too many frauds trying to post insider info.

    - J-Roc
  11. 11.

    Eric you’re my hero!

    - Little Ozzy
  12. 12.

    I couldn’t find it Eric, (the post) but, who ever wrote that they should really do not want to mess with Eric Smith and the Raptors organization!!!!!!

    - Raps Fan
  13. 13.

    RealGM is garbage their members will be the death of this team with their erraticism, don’t even pay attention Mr. Smith, no one with a brain takes those message boards seriously anyway

    - Truth hurts
  14. 14.

    Eric, your reputation is too strong to be ruined by something like this.

    Keep up the good work man, a lot of people appreciate it


    - Steve
  15. 15.

    Thanks everyone.

    No need to rip Real GM. The mods addressed the matter. Don’t let the foolishness of one poster – that put up the bogus report attributed to me – represent everyone at Real GM as a whole. That wouldn’t be fair.

    - E. Smith
  16. 16.

    Good on you for getting that dealt with and Kudos Ben for addressing the bull crap, Nice to see mutual respect in a sometimes cut throat business! Well done!

    - Lanny from Whitby
  17. 17.

    Sad to see Vince Carter traded. When RJ left New Jersey it kinda killed that rivalry anyway but what i really am sad about is the fact Vince Carter is not a raptor. The one thing this team has needed for the past two three years is Vince Carter and New Jersey was more than willing to deal his contract. Eric, what do you think. The fan’s would take Vince back but would the front office no matter who the general manager is?

    - Rob from brantford
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