Tuesday June 23 2009 – 8:56am Eastern (Toronto, ON)

As I mentioned yesterday … I’m going to attempt to do a Live Chat today. 

Check back at 4:00pm.  We’ll do it for an hour


E. Smith

6 Responses to “Live Chat Coming”
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    - Jon
  2. 2.

    Bucks deal Jefferson to Spurs!!!!!!!

    - Raps fan
  3. 3.

    Hi Eric

    Why do the raps like jrue Holiday. He is not athletic at all, cant shoot, can’t take his man of the dribble and is not a pg or a sg. I have seen him in other work outs and he was not impresive at all. Pleas give me some inside feedback on the Raps thinking, when a player like Derozan is there for the taking.

    - Robert
  4. 4.


    What player do you like that you have seen in workouts.

    - Robert
  5. 5.

    Well I checked back at exactly 5:05 pm and nothing yet. ooh well. Hey eric is there any possibility that BC keeps the 9th pick (Demar DeRoazen)and acquire a pick somewhere between 11-16th pick and select Duke’s Gerald Henderson. He comes from a great program and had proven to be a winner. GO RAPS GO!!

    - Derekl
  6. 6.

    ooops!! Did you mean Eric you had the LIVE CHAT TODAY?? If it’s today, then I missed it! I went to DQ for some icecream. Wheew! School is over! I hope another live chat will come soon. THanks!

    - Josephine
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