Monday June 22 2009 – 12:35pm Eastern (Toronto, ON)


No, I’m not talking about the burger joint in the U.S. (but if you do get a chance to visit this fine establishment – do so!) …

Here’s who the Raptors SHOULD realistically have a shot at on Thursday … and who is most-certainly out of the picture for Bryan Colangelo and company …

DeMar DeRozan
Jonny Flynn
Gerald Henderson
James Johnson
Earl Clark
Jordan Hill?

Blake Griffin
Hasheem Thabeet
Ricky Rubio
James Harden
Tyreke Evans
Stephen Curry


Raptors NBA TV will air their 2008-2009 Season in Review show tonight at 8:00pm.  Be sure to check it out (not just ’cause I’m a part of it).  You can see a preview of what’s coming, here:


I’ll be hosting “The Game Plan” later today with Jack Armstrong.  We’ll be on the FAN 590 from 2:00pm – 4:00pm


I’m hoping that Bryan Colangelo can uncover another gem at #9 this year – like he has done in previous seasons (with Phoenix) when he landed Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudemire (in separate years, obviously) with that same #9 slot.

But the Draft always brings it’s fair share of duds too, and Toronto is no exception to that rule.  Check out some of the forgettable names from the Raptors’ draft history:

1999 – Aleksandar Radojevic – 12th overall
2000 – DeeAndre Hulett – 46th overall
2001 – Michael Bradley – 17th overall (good guy – but you’d want more from a mid-1st-round pick)
2002 – Kareem Rush – 20th overall (who was turned into Chris Jefferies.  Who?  Exactly.)
2003 – Remon Van de Hare – 52nd overall
2004 – Rafael Araujo – 8th overall
2004 – Albert Miralles – 39th overall
2005 – Uros Slokar – 58th overall
2006 – PJ Tucker – 35th overall

Obviously, Radojevic and Araujo stand out as the BIGGEST gaffes.  But I included the 2nd round selections as well … because of the fact that the Raptors have never really had a 2nd round pick make a serious impact on this team.  Tucker was barely used.  And we’ll see what becomes of Nathan Jawai.  Otherwise, you’d have to go back to year 1 and uncover Jimmy King to find a second round pick that played any significant minutes — and that was on an expansion team, so does that really count?!

One of these years, the Raps have to get a steal in the 2nd round (but unless they make a trade or buy a pick, Toronto won’t have a chance to do so this year – ’cause they don’t currently own a 2nd round pick in 2009).


If we can get things ironed-out in time (and if my wife doesn’t go into labour), we’ll try to do a LIVE CHAT on tomorrow around 3:00pm.  Stay tuned for confirmation.

E. Smith 

7 Responses to “Drafts and Plugs”
  1. 1.

    Araujo was a strange and bad pick 8th overall and the pressure to perform doomed him even more than his lack of skill.

    But the fact that he was sooooo bad and out of the NBA so quickly was still a surprise. The fact that he yielded Hump back to us was a steal and Kris still has upside imo.

    Funny seeing Bosh at the MTV awards last night, another reason for you to love TO Chris.

    - Gary
  2. 2.

    you clearly forgot jrue holiday in your list,
    and he is a top 10 for sure

    - fg
  3. 3.

    Hello Eric!

    Thanks for the latest blog update. I’m looking forward for Thursday’s NBA Draft. Oh! I wish the Live Chat will work too. Oh! I’m just curious.. is it going to be your first child Eric? wow! Glad to hear that news. Congrats in advance! hehe.. ^_^.. i wish you a healthy baby!

    - Josephine
  4. 4.

    Congrats Eric.

    - Mike
  5. 5.

    As long as Delfino is back i could care less who the raps draft. Delfino can really help out Calderon moving the ball around and should be the go to guy in the back court if he returns. Rubio goes first and Griffin is a bust at number two.

    - Rob from brantford
  6. 6.

    Rob your funny Griffin is not going to be a bust I think it will be Thabeet and Harden who will be the bust!!!!

    - Raps fan
  7. 7.

    Correction. I see Brandon Jennings & Ricky Rubio that might be a bust!!

    - Steven
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