Tuesday June 16 2009 – 4:15pm Eastern (Toronto, ON)

I had a chance to speak to Reggie Evans about 90 minutes ago on the FAN 590 (while co-hosting “The Game Plan” with Jack Armstrong) and he’s got me jacked-up about seeing him in a Raptor uniform next season.


Listen to the interview and tell me – as a fan – that you’re not feelin’ some good vibes for Reggie right now:


E. Smith

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    It’s nice to hear a player that is excited to play for the Raptors. Nevertheless, he talks about being a player who is a jokester and always smiling and having a good time…the problem is, we have too many of those players! Hopefully on the court he’s a pitbull because that’s what the Raptors need him to be…NO MORE NICE GUYS!!

    - Mr. T
  2. 2.

    Ok E, you need to get some more info on him, Then a “Moniker” will be born! Does he have any right now? You know this Town with nick names, and its can’t be like “Smitty” Or “Jonesy” in adding a “Y” to the name. No offence but Nicknames coined like “THE RED ROCKET” or “British Bulldog” are much more creative.

    - Lanny from Whitby
  3. 3.

    i remember watching this guy’s stat lines for fantasy basketball a few years back, and i always wondered why he was on scrub teams… i always seemed to think that he really had no offensive game, but his boarding ability is outstanding… should’ve signed him 2 years ago when they had the chance… great acquisition…

    - chefdiz
  4. 4.

    I love his quote at the presser
    “I’ll do my best, I don’t like ‘trying’. I’ll do my best, ‘trying’ is a weak word” I was sold after that.

    - Damon
  5. 5.

    I agree with you Damon. Has for Evans he and Rasho(if we can sign him) are our two front court players off the bench. Everyone said that we should get Tyreke Evans which won’t happen because he will be in the top 6.

    I think the Raptors will draft DeRorzen or Hoilday

    - Raps Fan
  6. 6.

    Evans assessment of what he brings to the court: heart, attitude, toughness, rebounding.

    Not words we’ve associated with the Raptors recently.

    In my opinion, he has the ability to be a fan favourite and all he has to do is hustle hard every night.

    Not asking much is it???

    - Gary
  7. 7.

    LOL I made my “fan favourite” comment while I was listening to the first half of the interview – looks like we are thinking alike Eric.

    I like the fact that he jokes around and keeps his teamates loose OFF the court, but is a different player with an edge ON the court.

    Is there even hope that he doesn’t hug all the opposing players before the games???

    - Gary
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