Wednesday June 10 2009 – 8:13am Eastern (Toronto, ON)

The pre-draft workouts continue for the Raptors today – with the following players strutting their stuff at the ACC later this morning:

Ty Lawson – Guard – 6’0 – North Carolina

Grievis Vasquez – Guard – 6’6 – Maryland

Derrick Brown – Forward – 6’8 – Xavier

Austin Daye – Forward – 6’11 – Gonzaga

James Johnson – Forward – 6’9 – Wake Forest

Earl Clark – Forward – 6’9 – Louisville

Check back later today for some audio and any info I can gather.

Also, FYI, a lot of folks were asking about this yesterday … To my knowledge, Tyreke Evans and Reggie Evans are NOT brothers.  Tyreke does have a brother named James “Reggie” Evans, but that guy is 35-years-old.

Reggie Evans – now of the Toronto Raptors – is 29.

I will try to confirm all of this with the Raptors’ brass when I’m at the ACC.

E. Smith

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