Tuesday June 9 2009 – 2:22pm Eastern (Toronto, ON)

Jonesy and I are together right now — painting at my condo.  Haha – Seriously!

We texted Jason Kapono … he’s at charity golf tournament right now.

He confirmed that he has indeed been traded to the Philadelphia 76ers.  He was told about the move yesterday.

The Raps are getting banger Reggie Evans in return.

E. Smith

18 Responses to “Kapono Traded To Philly”
  1. 1.

    THANKS YOU!!!!!!!!!

    We don’t need any more shooters!!!

    Evan’s is solid and he is the guy the raptors needed this year and completes Barangani!!

    - Raps Fan
  2. 2.

    GREAT MOVE!!!!!

    - Neil
  3. 3.

    Always loved Kapono but he never found his game in Toronto.
    I wish him all the best in Phili.

    As for Evans he crashes the boards. Flat out, plain and simple.

    Eric- How does this change our offseason? Including the draft

    - Luka
  4. 4.

    Awesome move, cutting dead weight and getting a physical, hard working big man. The off-season has started off great!

    - Brandon
  5. 5.

    What? Jason has been traded? OMG! That news made me shock. I prefer Patrick O’Braynt should have been traded instead Jason. WHat can you say about thhe trade Eric? I like him. He is a good player!

    - Josephine
  6. 6.

    are u kidding me?
    sorry i know we need a big body but seriously, a shooter in kapono doesnt come around everyday.

    - Behzad
  7. 7.

    I had a feeling that JK was going to be moved, but is Reggie Evans worth a Jason Kapono?

    - TomGfromBrampton
  8. 8.

    hey Eric,
    any idea who’s working out tomorrow yet?

    - mary
  9. 9.

    The funniest NBA story of ALL of 2009, so far:

    Behzad and TomGfromBrampton questioning the trading of Jason Kapono.

    I would have traded him for anyone, anything.

    Just to get him OUT of this city.

    He was one of the worst free agent signings in the HISTORY of this franchise.

    - Brento
  10. 10.

    Behzad & TomGfromBrampton Jason Kapono is worth a Reggie Evan’s! Because if you seen Reggie Evan’s last year he was in the starting line-up when T.Young was injured and he is a hard working and can get rebounds that a Andrea.B can’t get right now and really helps him. Also, I think he can help a guy like Nathan Jawai because they are the same body size.

    - Raps Fan
  11. 11.

    As, for the draft

    DeMar DeRozan is a guy the Raptors will take, and if they can’t get him then I look for Jonny Fln, Bredan Jenning,Tyreke Evans


    Even Ricky Rubio IF the Raptors don’t want Jose Calderon or put Roko with a package

    - Raps Fan
  12. 12.

    Well Evans is on the Decline, but he will still bring the Bows. Jk did nothing. Congrats to u and Wifey E. Its an awsome thing man best time in my life.

    - Andre from B-town
  13. 13.

    With all the 3′s JK hit, I honestly don’t remember any meaningful ones. A three that won or turned a game. I’m sure there were some? Maybe one?

    Does this open the door for Anthony Parker to stay and come off the bench? Or is he also part of the house cleaning?

    - PJ
  14. 14.

    i can believe that b. colangelo got some gm to take j. kapono off his hands. As a raptor fan i can’t stay i’ve agreed with the style of ball that colangelo has wanted to implement here in toronto but the one thing i can say about the guy is that he is able to get rid of players that are bottom of the barrel…. does anyone remember Rafael (‘Half a Man’) Araujo maybe not because he is no longer in the league… thanks for setting the team back 3 or 4 yrs Babcock!!

    - clutch_k
  15. 15.

    This deal will likely favor the sixers more. With their athletic style, which opens up the floor, Jason will get alot more open looks. Although Jason has not been as dominant as he was in years past, he’s not a shooter you want to leave open.

    - Thomas
  16. 16.

    Bosh must be thinking he’s going to be moved now.

    - Rob from (brantford)
  17. 17.

    Mr Clutch K. It’s not as if Colangelo robbed the sixers. i think this move, Will benifit the sixers more for financial reasons and I think Kapono will compliment the sixers ability to play in the half court or in transition. Sixers did not really have a perimetre presense. This move plugged that hole. Reggie Evans is a minor component of the big picture. Please Clutch don’t make Colangelo out to be the second coming because of this deal. In regards to Arujo deal, based on the success of the JaZZ I don’t think that deal to move humphries did any signifigant damage to them.

    - Thomas
  18. 18.

    MY guess is that Kapono will have a statistically better year in Philly but he wasn’t going to do it here so get over it. If Evans can make Bargs and Bosh stand a little taller than Raps win the trade. Let’s see what BC has next up his well tailored sleeve…

    - Gary
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