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I’m a little late in getting to the blog today because I was faaast asleep in an Advil-induced haze; trying to relax my body from yesterday’s 100 Holes of Golf charity tournament for the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario.

I had the pleasure of riding in a cart with Doug Smith (Toronto Star) for the entire day and I’m pleased to announce that I set a personal best this year – plowing through *80* holes in about 7 hours!  This was my third year taking part in the charity event … and I had previously tackled 63 holes (2008) and 77 holes (2007) in one day.  So 80 now takes the cake – and I’ve set the bar quite high for next year.


Someone in the post-golf dinner claimed to get through 210 holes … and while I know this is all for charity and the number of holes truly means nothing … I’ve gotta question the legitimacy of that 210 claim!  Doug can back me on this – cause we golfed together all day:  While we may have taken the odd mulligan and re-hit a few balls, and while “gimmies” on the green were in full effect (within about 2 feet) … we hit EVERY ball through 80 holes.  Drive, chip, putt … they all were counted and hit.  And we played for about 7 hours – stopping for maybe 30 minutes total (for lunch and various coffee and/or bathroom breaks) – and we juuust crammed in 80 holes.  I’m doing my best Anderson Varejao on this one and crying foul!  I believe Smitty and I played the most holes (legitimately) and I’m standing by that!

We even kept score …

Through 80 holes:

Doug – 264
Eric – 295

SHOCKINGLY, I recorded only three 7′s all day and NO 8′s (normally a common digit for me on the golf course).  It was 5′s and 6′s for the most part (though some of those 6′s were on the Par 3′s).  I had 13 pars, and no birdies (or eagles, haha).

Speaking of which … here’s how our 80 holes broke down:

40 Par 4′s
38 Par 3′s
2 Par 5′s

The final total for all of the money raised for SBH is not yet known but last year the golf event brought in about $30,000 and members of the board told me this year – based on early returns – they think they well surpassed $30K.  Outstanding!

210 vs 80 controversy aside, despite the brutal weather, it was a GREAT day for a GREAT cause and I look forward to playing again next year.

For more information on Spina Bifida and Hyrdocephalus, go to:


Speaking of Doug Smith, I’ve gotta give him a virtual high-5 …

He’s the only one (locally and nationally (maybe even internationally)) that I know of that picked the Magic to knock-off the Cavs.  Smitty is looking like a genius right now.

If not for LeBron’s heroics in Game 2, the Cavaliers would be on the golf course this morning … fresh off a sweep by Orlando!

I didn’t see this coming.  I figured the series would go to 6 or 7 games (and it still might) with Cleveland moving on, but the Magic have been outstanding on both ends of the floor and their size/scoring - especially with Turkoglu and Lewis – have caused major issues for Mike Brown and the Cavs.

I’m sure the NBA offices have a major headache right now – seeing their dreams (and mine too) of a Kobe vs LeBron NBA Finals possibly going up in smoke – but Orlando deserves a ton of credit!

Let’s just hope LA can take care of Denver … ’cause if it’s a Nuggets-Magic final, I think we could see an all-time low for TV ratings.


1. Somebody tell Cleveland’s bench that this series started 4 games ago.  Thanks.
2. Superman should now by know as SuperStuff after that monster block late in the game on LeBron last night.
3. I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again:  I’m tired of Anderson Varejao’s whining and theatrics.
4. Mo Williams:  Want a do-over on that prediction/guarantee?
5. I’ve got the Lakers tonight


Congratulations goes out to my friend and broadcast partner Paul Jones … who will be inducted into the York University Sport Hall of Fame tomorrow night.

Jonesy won three provincial titles (1978, 1980-81) as a member of the York men’s basketball team and was awarded the Kitch McPherson Trophy as most valuable player of the Ontario championship game in 1981. A two-time Ontario all-star (1980-81), Jones participated in the CIAU national championship tournament four times and won two bronze medals (1978-79). In 1983, he won a silver medal as a member of the team that represented Canada in the Commonwealth Basketball Tournament in New Zealand.

Joining Jonesy in the 2009 Class are:  Carol Wilson, Stuart G. Robbins, Karen (Jackson) Northey, Dirk Leers, and Susan (Craig) Kuck.

The Hall honours those who have significantly contributed to York U athletics as athletes, coaches, and administrators over the years, as well as those who “exemplify the spirit and ideals of York University sports in professional or community life”.

The York U Hall inducted 27 members from 1980-1986 but funding issues saw it fall by the wayside for almost 15 full years.  But it was revived in 2001 – with 10 new inductees – and the 2009 ceremony will now induct 6 more.

Congrats again Jonesy!

E. Smith

8 Responses to “Smith, Smith, and Jones”
  1. 1.

    People keep comparing LBJ’s shot to “The Shot”! That is so over-rated (in relative terms).
    The only Shot that comes even close to “The Shot” is the one by Horry on “the Queens” as Shaq likes to put it.
    That shot completely changed the face of the Kings… and now they can’t even get the bailout pick.

    - Sid
  2. 2.

    Way to go, Great Blog Eric! Nice positive stuff to an otherwise dreary day!!

    - Lanny from Whitby
  3. 3.

    Charles Barkley predicted the Magic to win the series on National TV before it began. Chris Webber believed that the Magic has the best team in the NBA but did not agree with Barkley’s prediction because he believed that the Cav’s ball IQ was much greater than the Magic. However, if both teams had the same ball IQ, he would have chosen the Magic as well. Good stuff.

    - Daniel
  4. 4.

    Congrats on the golf odyssey Eric.

    Ratings be damned, I’d love to see Orlando/Nuggets and Howard vs Melo. Or LeBron vs Melo, anything with new blood (and no Kobe!)

    The Cavs series is proving that it takes a team, and not one guy bagging 40 to win a series. Having said that, LeBron is money these days and I wouldn’t put it past him to make this a 7 game series yet.

    - Gary
  5. 5.

    Eric are you accually suprised by the Orlando vs Cavs series?
    I saw it as a very real possibility going in, its almost impossible to “carry a team to a championship”. Orlando has the better TEAM while Lebron is obviously the best player and you need a team to win no matter how good the player.

    Do you think it is at all possible that if (most likely) Marion walks that BC will look at Hedo as a option. I know we will have a bit of money to spend and i think Turkoglu would be a good fit. So again do you see them making a push for Hedo?

    - Luka
  6. 6.

    Wow Eric! You’ve done an astounding job for other people! You’re a certified GOLFER! I realy wonder how can one shoot the “ball” in the tiny holes. it looks soo soo hard..

    - Josephine
  7. 7.

    Is Josephine for real?

    “I really wonder how one shoot the “ball” in the tiny holes.


    I don’t have a lot of spare time, but I find myself checking in here just to see she has delivered another gem like the one above.

    Seriously, Josephine…your involvement here is awesome :)

    - brento
  8. 8.

    LOL brento so true so true….

    - Luka
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