Monday May 25 2009 – 2:07pm Eastern (Toronto, ON)


Despite some erroneous rumors, Jose Calderon has stood by what he told the FAN 590 late in the season – and what he re-iterated in his post-season scrum as well:  He will NOT play for the Spanish National Team this summer.

Taken straight from his personal website,, here’s what Calderon had to say:

“This morning I called José Luis Sáez, President of the FEB. I asked him, if he was considering my inclusion, to exclude me from the pre-selection for the European Championships that will be played in Poland this summer.

This was a very difficult decision for me to make because I think that everyone knows that my involvement with the national team is concrete. I have played with them uninterrupted in all of the categories since I was 14 years old and I was very excited about participating in this Championship.

Never the less, I know that now I need to rest, recuperate well from the injuries from this season and seriously prepare for the upcoming NBA season where my team requires 100% of my effort to improve our results from last year.

I want to be clear that this waiver is only temporary- it is not taken lightly. Rather, it was a result of the outcomes of various consultations and medical tests that I have undergone in the past few days.

If the FEB is agreeable, they can count on my participation in the future. At the same time, I hope that that the fans understand, and that everyone is aware that this was a very difficult decision. For me, playing with the National Selection Team is the best.”

Nobody can question where Calderon’s loyalties lie now.

He is committed to the Raptors – and making sure he’s in top form for a very important season for Toronto next year.

And there’s no doubt that the management staff of the Raps is doing cartwheels right now; nobody wanted to get into another potential Garbo situation.


Things are pretty quiet around the ACC these days.   Aside from the noise coming from the construction workers that are hammering away at the ACC, Maple Leaf Square, and the new Telus building … there’s no news coming out of the Raptors (or the Leafs for that matter).

Jay Triano’s hiring is old news by news, though we’re all still waiting for an announcement RE: his assistant coaches / staff.  There are rumblings that something could be finalized by the end of this week but nothing is set in stone.  In fact, as I’ve written before, Toronto still may opt to wait until June 30 – when the contracts of the 3 current assistants (Mike Evans, Alex English, Gord Herbert) expire and then officially make the new hirings.

There’s still no word yet if Evans, English, or Herbert will be brought back for next season.

What seems to be officially unofficial though is that Marc Iavaroni will be on Triano’s staff … and the talk of Alvin Williams – first reported here a couple of months ago – is legit.  The interest is there on the Raptors’ part … but time will tell if Williams is interested as well (and if he is – if the I’s can be dotted and the T’s crossed on a contract).  And *IF* Williams is ultimately hired by Toronto, it may be in an assistant coach / team ambassador kind of role.  Williams could workout players and act as a sort of mentor to some of the younger guys while “learning the ropes” of coaching in a sense.  As I’ve said before, if he were to join the staff, there’s a chance that he could possibly sit in the 2nd row – with the other basketball development consultants/coaches (not necessarily up front with the main assistants).  We’ll see how it all unfolds … if it all unfolds.


One bit of news that is happening with the Raps …

The basketball operations staff will be heading to the Windy City later this week to check out some of the Draft prospects at the Chicago Pre-Draft Camp.

Toronto holds the # 9 selection for the June 25 Draft.

E. Smith

20 Responses to “Calderon, Coaches, and Chicago”
  1. 1.

    I think that Marc Iavaroni should be on The Raptors coaching staff as one of the main assistants because he has experience of the game ( also Alex English) and experience coaching star big men, example Pau Gasol. If Alvin Williams comes back to Toronto as a assistant or as player development staff , he can help with the point guards like Roko and Quincy douby.

    Raptors Have Ninth pick and they should pick Earl Clark from Louisville, because he can drive and shoot and play good defense.Toronto is in desperate need of that kind of guy and also sign 2 free agents this summer like another point guard and a center who is tough and rugged .

    - Nicholas Valdez
  2. 2.

    Hey Eric just wounder who YOU think the raps should go with.

    I think Tyreke Evans would be a good fit, how about you ?

    - Luka
  3. 3.

    Hey, guess what Mo.Williams is saying!!!

    So, Mo. You’re sure the Cavaliers will win Game 4 on Tuesday night and rally to win the best-of-seven series. Willing to guarantee it?

    “Guarantee we’re going to win the series? Yeah, yeah,” he said. “We are down 2-1. But there is nobody on this team and definitely not myself that says we are not going to win this series. Yeah, it is going to be tough. We know that. We get this game tomorrow, go home, still got home-court advantage.

    If anyone watched the All-Star game Mo Williams said that he guarantees that he will win the skills competition!!!

    But, who WON? Derick Rose!!!!

    You, heard it from Raps Fan the Over-Confident Mo.Williams just pulled a Jonezy Jenx’s and the Cavs WILL LOOSE THE SERIES!!!! :P

    Eric, how much will a LeBron James New York jersey with the number 23 three will cost?

    That will be my birthday present!!!

    - Raps Fan
  4. 4.

    I say it’s for the best for Jose. He is needed for the upcoming NBA season.

    - Steven
  5. 5.

    Oh! i’ve been waiting for this news about ALL RAPS in one blog. Merci Eric!

    What’s the Windy City Eric? I don’t get it. Hoenstly, I just moved here last June. So, that’s why. Go CALDERON!! For me, his decision was a tough one. But, all we can do is to support his decision. It’s also better for him to rest and spend most of the summer with his family maybe.
    Do you think Eric, Andrea will also play for his national team in ITALY?

    Your SSSHHH on top made me laugh. It sounds interesting and intrigue,,

    Thanks eric!

    - josephine
  6. 6.

    Check it out Luka … from a few days ago:

    I like Harden – but he’ll be gone. Evans and DeRozan would be right up there

    - E. Smith
  7. 7.

    I agree RE: Jose Steven

    - E. Smith
  8. 8.

    I don’t mind Clark at all Nicholas, but as I just stated above, there are a couple other guys I think I’d look at before him

    That said, we still have a month to go ’til the draft so sooo much could change

    - E. Smith
  9. 9.


    Chicago’s nickname is “the windy city”

    Mainly because … well … it’s so windy in Chicago — in the winter and summer.

    As for Bargnani, he has said he WILL be playing for the Italian National team.

    - E. Smith
  10. 10.

    Raps Fan … until the Cavs have a lead – or the series is tied at the very least – Mo Williams should keep it zippped!

    Jones Jinx!?! Maybe!!

    As for your jersey … man … I really don’t know. I’d guess $85+ (probably over $100 (and that’s IF you can get somebody to make it for you ’cause I know won’t take the order))

    - E. Smith
  11. 11.

    i like earl also but Terrence Williams and tyreke evans looks promising

    - lorenzo
  12. 12.

    -glad to se Jose will rehab or whatever and come back to Toronto totally healthy for the 09/10 season. Bargs I like to see stay active this summer maybe put on a bit of muscle like he did last year.

    But please no excuses about hitting a wall 1/3 of the way thru the season by playing too much!

    What do you think Bosh is thinking when he see Howard, LeBron and Carmello in the final 4???

    Does he think he needs to go to a better situation of get more determined to get the Raps there?

    Looking forward to Rap news over the next few months.

    - Gary
  13. 13.

    Hi Josephine and Eric,
    A little trivia.

    One of the stories of the nickname the the Windy City came in I believe 1890 when Chicago was trying to get the Worlds Fair in 1893. The newspapers in New York and Cleveland basically called the politicians in Chicago blow hards and nicknamed Chicago the windy city. Chicago before then was named the Garden city.

    There are many stories about Chicago’s nickname including the breezes that come off Lake Michigan.

    Just some trivia.


    - KC
  14. 14.

    Heard Marion was interested in coming back… how true is that?

    Gotta think, if they do get marion back, and don’t trade joey, then evans might not be the best choice. I’d like to see a shooting SG with good D to replace parker.
    Go Nuggets! lol

    - Drew
  15. 15.

    Interesting. Thanks KC

    - E. Smith
  16. 16.

    I think Marion has always had interest in coming back Drew … but the biggest thing will be PRICE. I don’t know if Toronto can/will give Marion the kind of money he’s probably looking for. Thing is … Marion may not get what he wants from ANYONE. We’re in a difference economy now. I doubt he’ll get even half of the $17 million he was making. $6-$7 million tops would be my guess.

    - E. Smith
  17. 17.

    lets talk about the poorous officiating in these CONF finals and the even worse front office decisions on techs and such….

    You’ll enjoy this Eric cuz i know your a laker fan at heart as am i… Dwight clearly taunts Varaejo after that lay up and gets his with a tech like many have for doing the same thing right ? ok good… the NBA rescinds it a day later after reviewing it ? ok

    But why didnt the league review a push to the back on Kobe by Jones ? not even a review ?

    Even worse earlier was the under cut on Kobe after a shot,sticking his foot in there causing the defending MVP to fall down and luckily not injure himself….how are neither one of those reviewed by the league office ?

    That undercut in my books is the worst and dirtiest move in basketball and we both know Dahntay was doing that on purpose…..dirtiest move in basketball period and the NBA wont review it ????

    absolutely no consistency from the league offices or the refs….hampering whats been a good set of series…

    Phil needs to release DJ Mbenga on them chicken mcnuggets….


    - Mike
  18. 18.

    Stephen Curry would be a nice fit for the raps… not only can he play as a 2 but even point gaurd… he would be great back up to help calderon when his tired, off his game or even injured..

    I know his dad played as a raptor but what are the chances for him to come toronto like his dad?

    - Filip
  19. 19.

    IMO…Marion is NOT the type of player the Raptors need in order to compete with the likes of the top four teams in the conference.

    Marion may not even be a starter in the NBA, anymore. I see him as a solid 6th man…on a GOOD team. On a bad team, he’s not going to improve things significantly.

    The Raptors, AS ALWAYS, need TOUGH, DEFENSIVE, DETERMINED, COMMITTED, HARD players!! The reason they have never succeeded is due to a huge lack of these attributes.

    Marion is not a good fit for this team. I don’t see any future for him on this team. But, then again, with BC and his ridiculous theories on what it takes to build a championship (HA!) team…who knows what he’s capable of doing, including resigning Shawn Marion.

    - brento
  20. 20.

    Seriously i wonder if BC closely watching these CONF Finals and sees the differences between these teams and what his team has looked like the past 2 seasons lol…

    Toughness,athleticism,defense…things that we have been missing for years…and i agree let Marion go unless theres a sign and deal that makes sense…i want no part of him on this team goin forward…..and the reality is he has always been ghost in the playoffs and we have enough of those guys as is…

    - Mike
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