Monday April 20 2009 – 12:18pm Eastern


“I still believe, man for man, this is the best team I’ve had since I’ve been here.”"I can image where there’s disappointment amongst the fan-base. There are expectations of more. It’s not just external, it’s internal as well.”

“There’s no way to sugarcoat that we won 33 games.”

“You talk about what went wrong – and what went right … I think it’s safe to say that when things looked good, we followed the plan … All too often though … we did not move the ball up the court and we did not look good defensively.”


“That falls on me.”


“It was made for the right intentions … but unfortunately it didn’t work. It was a ‘swing for the fence’ kind of trade but not one that would (hurt) us long term.”


“Whether we move forward or not with that same group of players has yet to be determined.”

“…Flexibility and options that will bring us forward.”


“The biggest obstacle that we had all season long was the health of Jose Calderon. When he was playing in a majority of the games that he was playing in, he wasn’t the same player – particularly defensively.”

“I will say and acknowledge, with certainty, that the depth of the point guard was an issue this year. The jury is still out on whether or not Roko Ukic can become a starting point guard … or (provide) the consistency of being a quality back up. The kid needs a chance.”


“A deliberate and disciplined process.”

“We’ll talk about his growth as a coach … the players … his staff … I will speak to him about his vision for the team … “


“I think it’s safe to assume that there will be change (with the staff) – assuming Jay is brought back.”

“I do not have a specific date.” (RE: no time-frame on making a decision on Jay Triano)

“I thought Jay did a very solid job under the circumstances.


“There’s always uncertainty. There’s uncertainty with the draft. You don’t know how (things will work out) with your own free agents. You need to know more about the intentions of your own players. We’ve been keeping abreast of the Carlos Delfino situation – I’ve told you we (want) to bring him back. I guess the point is … there’s a lot of uncertainty every year. You can prepare for the future … but with respect to the Chris Bosh situation … I had a very good conversation with Chris in Chicago. We didn’t talk about the future …”

“You’re talking about a guy that is arguably – a top 10 player in the league.”

“If a decision is made to move him there will be a lot of careful thought put into that and sound reasoning … “

“… keep Chris as a part of this entity and (as a) fixture at the ACC.”

“We’re not that far away.  Between Bosh, Bargnani, and Calderon – 23, 25, and 27 respectively – that’s a good place to start.  We’ve got a (relatively) high pick, we’ve got money to spend … “


“…Probably look to re-sign.”

“…Using us a vehicle to re-sign (via a sign-and-trade).”


“Yes, I have been contacted.  That’s been going on throughout the year.  I have not, to date, conducted any other interviews.  There’s not a rush to jump into anything.  Probably some time in the next few weeks we’ll know the direction we’re heading … “

“As I am a consensus guy, the coaches … everyone … have to be on the same page (RE: trades and signings).”


“Jake was a terrific fit.  He worked hard on his game.  I would say Jake was more valuable off the court (though).”


“You couldn’t get a nicer guy.  He had some flashes of brilliance.  He’s far from a complete player.  There’s no reason to make a decision today.”


“He’s on a minimum deal for next year.  We’re going to take every opportunity to make him into a player.  It’s in large part up to him what he wants to make of (his chance).  He’s got something to prove.  But he definitely has the talent.”


“No amount more than the day I got here.  No amount more than every year I’ve (been doing this).

“This year was tough.  It was taxing on everybody.  I’m not a nice guy when we lose – I’m sure some people around here will tell you that.”

“I’m not sure I can add more than that.”


“Yes.  And it should.  It drives me.  I should have thicker skin after all these years.  But I wouldn’t be human and I wouldn’t have the same kind of passion if it didn’t.

“There’s moments when you’re a genius and there are moments when you’re a goat.”

“We’re not far away.  And I love to prove nay-sayers wrong.”


“(Andrea) is never going to be a monster on the glass.  Shawn was a nice compliment to Chris and Andrea.  Yes, can we get better and tougher?  Yes.  That (rebounding) is part of the improvements of the roster we talk about).”

“We are too nice as a group.  Collectively we are too nice.”

“It becomes a matter of pride at some point.  It can’t be me up here all the time – defending the roster.”


“I’m not certain right now.  It may be a few tweaks or it may be a couple of major strokes.  I’ll go back to the point that we’re not that far away.”

“Number 1, we have to do something at the back-up point guard spot.  Number 2, we have to have someone to compliment Chris and Andrea (in rebounding).”

“I don’t look at it like we’re starting at 33 wins … I’m projecting beyond that.  There’s a projection that if we do nothing, we’ll be better than what we are (right now).”


“On the trade, at the end of the day, here we are with flexibility and options.  Yeah, if that’s the best deal on the table, you do the deal.

I think the locker room did miss Rasho.  But I still think you make the deal.”


“I feel like that question has been answered.  A decision was made with the right intentions and sound reasons … ultimately for the betterment of the team.”

“33 wins – you’re not going to have much of a record against anybody.  Our road record was pretty good (but) our home record was horrible.”


“I think anybody can be moved at any time.  People talk about ‘untouchables’ and ‘franchise players’.  Well, Shaq has been traded 3 times.

“There’s a core of players (on this team) and that core will most-likely stay together.  But we’re going to move forward.”

“The holes (on this team) are at the 3 and the 2.  Everybody wants to get a player that can break somebody down off the dribble – and I agree.”

“If Shawn comes back, or not, that will affect the 2 and the 3 position.”


“Countless people in the industry say that our talent belies our record.”

“The players expected more (and) we expected more.”

“We have a future.”


“I did acknowledge to him that there were quite a few teams that had interest in him this year.  All of those teams would have been looking at him as a reserve.  I think as we move forward … his whole life he’s been a start (but) he needs to (adjust) to coming off the bench.”

“If he’s going to stay in the NBA – with the Toronto Raptors or another team in the NBA – he needs to adjust his scope.  I think he (knows) that at some point that’s going to be asked of him (to come off the bench).”

“I would very much like to have Anthony back.  He’s invaluable to this organization and he’s a class (guy).”


“Clearly I’d love to hear ‘I want to be here’ … to take that blood oath together.”

“…the possibility of signing an extension.  We can add up to 3 years to his deal under the current terms of the CBA.  That conversation cannot be had until the 3-year anniversary of when that (original) contract was signed.  Whether or not he chooses to do that, is up to him.”

“It’s not out of the realm of reason that it looks safer to sign the deal now (given the economic climate).  We’ll see if it makes sense for him.”

“If (he doesn’t sign) … there’s still no reason to panic and trade Chris Bosh.”

“If Chris is ever moved it will be done with sound reasoning (in mind).  That is not our intention right now (though).”

“There will not be a deal made, just to make a deal.  There will not be any sense of panic, just to make a deal.”


“I don’t know the answer to that – other than I’ve heard some bits that came out of the media session the other day.  I’m more than happy to discuss it.  But the rules that exist between FIBA and the NBA … (don’t allow) teams to (interfere) in the players’ decision.”

“I have to plead the 5TH on this.  I cannot – for public record – say that I do not want him to play.”


“I keep hearing this term … There’s a ‘reset’ button that the entire world is waiting to hit.  Whether it affects NBA teams … who knows … (but) … it’s going to be a major factor.”

E. Smith

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  1. 1.

    Great work as usual Eric. Are you and/or Jonesey going to be at any Raptors public events so the public could talk with you guys?

    - John
  2. 2.

    Interesting to hear BC say there is no point in trading Chris Bosh on the chance that he might take a hike a year from now.

    imo there’s simply no way to get fair value for him unless you value cap space above all.

    I emailed you this earlier Eric because I didn’t know when you would be bloggin’ again but perhaps you can answer here since it relates to the above:

    Two scenarios for you:

    1/ Let’s assume that Miami and Orlando both do well in the playoffs, making them even more attractive to Chris Bosh.


    2/ They both bow out, surprised in the first round or easily in the second, making Bosh even more attractive to them.

    My question is how could either of them afford to sign Bosh without killing the cap, considering what they’re paying Wade and Howard?

    And if that’s possible, is it out of the realm for the Raps to at least make a pitch for Wade or similar “A-lister”. My sense is that we would be way over the cap and MLSE won’t touch that. So again, how would it be possible for another good team to add Bosh? How does Boston do it or are they way over the cap themselves?

    I actually think that all things being equal ($$), Bosh would prefer to play in a warmer and closer to home location (who wouldn’t as a TX guy?). But if the Raps can add a key player and with the extra dough that they can pay him, I think Bosh has to lean to staying.

    The bottom line is I can’t see how the Raps can add this really key player(s) with all they have to accomplish this off season. Thanks for your opinion and have a great summer.

    - Gary
  3. 3.

    Does this mean it’s open season on everyone minus the 3 core players or is he open to trading everyone??

    - Lanny from Whitby
  4. 4.

    Thanks for doing this Eric. Having said that, its ridiculous that the Fan is not carrying this live.

    - Rob
  5. 5.

    Thanks for the updates Eric.

    Just out of curiosity, what was BC’s demeanor like during the press conference (i.e. calm, disappointed, frustrated, etc.)?

    - Patrick
  6. 6.

    Agreed Rob – pretty sad the Fan isn’t hosting this live. Puck fans could wait an hour.

    - Tom
  7. 7.

    I’m a bit surprised that BC states that a backup PG is a priority. I understand that Ukic has room to improve but I would have thought that a 2/3 particulalarly, a strong rebounder, a 15/20 points per night guy, a stronger bench/6th man or some combination thereof would have held higher standing.

    - Gary
  8. 8.

    Remember the movie The Great Imposter ?

    - Chas Calz
  9. 9.

    The man spoke for nearly 90 minutes and answered every question that was thrown his way. If you don’t like what he had to say in some of his comments, fine. That’s your choice. But I’m not sure what some of you expected him to say.

    On top of that, criticize all you like. Again, that’s fair game – especially in pro sports. But the man is not going anywhere. He has the job. He’ll have the job. He’s not getting fired. So this is your GM – like it or not.

    He acknowledged that 33 wins are unacceptable; he’s hopeful of keeping his core together but he’s not against making a big deal if it makes sense and he took the bulk of the blame for the disappointing year. Beyond that, I don’t know what folks could have or should have expected.

    - E. Smith
  10. 10.

    As for the FAN 590 not covering this, that’s not my call. You’d have to get in touch with Nelson Millman or Doug Farraway. I can tell you flat-out though, there’s NO way the FAN would have carried this thing for the entire 90 minutes anyway. IF it had been live, you would have probably heard 10-20 minutes tops.

    - E. Smith
  11. 11.

    Good points E, he “man-ed up” (sorry for the bravado term but I’m sick and not using my head) I think he covered the points that needed to be covered. I think he answered a lot more things too if you count the “sign and trade” scenarios with Shawn Marion and the team toughness! As I’ve posted I have confidence in BC and people let him do his work and let’s hope for the best! Have a great off season Eric

    - Lanny from Whitby
  12. 12.

    Some of the press conference is on

    Thanks Eric for the recap on the 90 minute press conference.

    - PJ
  13. 13.

    Ah, you’re not fooling us, Eric. We know you really run the show at the Fan :)

    You’re right, but the first bit live would have been nice.

    Great work on the summary – works just as well. Thank you all the extra effort this year.


    - Tom
  14. 14.

    great recap for those of us unable to tune in from work and unable to keep tabs on forum discussions.

    - Ken
  15. 15.

    thanks for keeping us up to date and on top of things…as per usual :)

    - Andrea
  16. 16.

    I agree with you Lanny! BC said all the right things to me in my opinion and he wants to fix up the team. My opinion is that a back up point guard in the market is a guy like Earl Watson and the Thunder would want to trade him because they have Chucky Akins.

    So, Eric do you think Earl Watson will be a great fit for the Raptors?

    - Raps Fan
  17. 17.

    Eric, sorry for being repetitive but could you comment on if it’s possible for Orlando or Miami to still field a decent team and be under the cap if they sign Bosh?

    I don’t see there’s a way for Toronto to sign one of “theirs”

    Is Boston over the cap or have they worked magic?

    - Gary
  18. 18.

    The CAP is immaterial to everyone, as they are all over it @ $58mil & will shrink in the next 2 years. The LUX tax @ $71mil is the guiding number, and also is predicted to shrink, due to the economy.

    Cleveland, Boston, LA Lakers, Dallas, Portland, Phoenix, Detroit are all over the TAX level for 08/09 and paying 2x the amt over plus losing a $3mil bonus from the NBA.

    - Johnn19
  19. 19.

    I’m confused about BC’s remarks concerning Shawn Marion. Colangelo stated that if Marion doesn’t want to sign with Toronto, a sign and trade could be worked out. I thought sign and trades were only applicable to restricted free agents. Marion is unrestriced…correct? Thus he’s free to go anywhere he wants without the team that signs him having to give up anything to the Raptors. Is that correct or am I incorrect?

    - Joe
  20. 20.

    Hey Joe … no … you CAN do a sign and trade with an unrestricted free agent.

    - E. Smith
  21. 21.

    I like Earl Watson Raps Fan, but I don’t like his contract at all.

    - E. Smith
  22. 22.

    Gary, that’s a question better-served for a year from now … when Bosh, Wade, Dirk, LeBron, etc. are free agents

    Yes, in theory, Toronto could have enough money for two A-listers but they would likely get strapped financially … as they’d probably have to pay Bargnani too, and they’d still have Jose under contract. So it’d be tough.

    You’d need $20-$25 million MINIMUM to consider going after 12 legit UFA’s

    - E. Smith
  23. 23.

    If I heard the comments correctly (and I’m pretty sure I did), BC said he plans to keep the core together Lanny, HOWEVER, if the right trade came along … nobody is untouchable. That’s why he started talking about how Shaq has been dealt 3 times, etc.

    - E. Smith
  24. 24.

    Hey Lanny,
    It’s great for you to have this overwhelming great outlook, however lets face it this team was mediocre last season and horrendous for the most part of this season, hence the reason they finished where they did. Therefore don’t expect paying fans to sit there as leafs fans do and praise the team and the gm when losing. Are we ever going to stop basing BC’s tenure here in Toronto on his phoenix years where he reported to his father for many years and had an abundance of chances to put together a good team?

    It has been said many times that Toronto has the tenth best attemdance in the nba, that means there has been great support for these Raptors here in Toronto, so we as fans must put the pressure on BC to Get the Job done and provide us with a team that will give us a return on our investment in the raptors, As I have mentioned several times on this Blog I am sick of the free pass that people want to give this 4 million dollar GM.
    BC got enough free passes in Phoenix while he was being overseen by his father. Here in Toronto I would hope that this management team would not give a GM the chance to fire six coaches, especially in the space of time he did. If everyone else has been accountable, players and coaches why shouldn’t he. Eric you keep saying BC will not be fired this year and that is fact, however with the hockey side committed to rebuilding, meaning no playoff money for MLSE this and maybe next year at least, lets see how much longer the leash is, if this team continues to spiral next eeason. As Richard Peddie said winning is great business for there sophisticated shareholders.

    - Thomas
  25. 25.

    I really don’t trust BC’s off-season moves anymore. He drafted a guy who just live off 3′s and yet, he can’t put up free throw attempts, 7-9+RPG’s or anything like that? Anyone can improve by points but there has to be another side to combine with. And with Andrea Bargnani, you will just get points by his cowardly outside shots and nothing else. Bosh now, that man can put up points and double-digit boards as well as getting free-throw attempts. People is right when they say that Bosh can’t do it alone. It would be better to bring proper guys like a true swingman @ the SF/SG positioning. So I would keep Bosh and trade Bargnani. I’m sure J.R. Smith would help out. Now for the draft, I say we go for either DeMar DeRozan or Earl Clark or Jeff Teague.

    Oh on thing. Just by the tone of Bryan’s voice, it sounds like he would rather build around Bargnani because they are Italian rather than Bosh who puts up a lot of double-doubles and perhaps one of the quickest centres in the league.

    I still say Bryan never wants to admit his mistakes. Especially when he hired that Gherardini clown.

    - BOJACK
  26. 26.

    Their is no weakness a pg. This makes me think BC is a confused man about the strengths of this franchise. Rebounding,rebounding,rebounding. When Bosh wants to go after the tough rebounds this team was much better. Does BC remember the rebound totals before Pops joined the club. This must be his way of devaluing roko because we all know he has no intention of dealing him or jose and the other pg is under contract for years. If the raptors can hold onto banks,roko and jose we should be fine a point guard.

    - Rob from brantford
  27. 27.

    I blame the Leafs:

    Is it just me or do Toronto fans have a habit of eventually running down virtually every coach/GM on TO sports teams and then players when they fall out of favour?

    We bitc*ed about Sam until he got fired, now we move on to Bargs, Jose, Bosh and BC.

    We’ve run multiple Blue Jay managers out of town and dump non-stop over JP.

    We punted around Michael Bishop and others for a few years but Pinball is the exception (and should be).

    And of course, when all else fails, there is the evil MLSE to rail at.

    We complain about them sometimes boo our own players out of town (Larry Murphy and Brian McCabe come to mind).

    Now I’m not saying that any or all of these aren’t deserved, but haven’t we become professional whiners in TO???

    I think the constant losing/underperforming or even missing expectations has made us generally pessimistic and actually LOOKING for negatives at the first sign of resistance.

    I blame the Leafs :-)

    - Gary
  28. 28.

    Who is giving Bryan Colangelo a free pass? I EXPECT him to fix the situation in Toronto. We all had high expectations for this season. Expectations that resulted from a 47 win season, a second playoff birth, and a move that looked like it addressed a need the team was lacking. Expectations Bryan created from his tenure in Toronto not from his previous success in Phoenix. It didn’t work. The man stood up and answered questions from the media for 90 minutes. I’m sure he is answering to the MLSE board. What else do you want the man to do. I’m willing to let Bryan do his job and fix it.

    Nobody wants six coaches in eleven years but that’s life as a head coach in pro sports today. Joe Dumars has had five coaches since 2001 and they all had winning records. The Raptors need stability in the front office. A fourth GM in six years will only reinforce the instability that has plagued this franchise since its inception.

    - PJ
  29. 29.

    Thanks for the clarification on the sign and trade rules regarding Marion. However, I’m still confused. If, for example, the Knicks wanted to sign Marion as an unrestricted free agent, why would they give up any assets to get him? The only reason, I’m guessing, is that the Raptors can sign him to a richer contract under the CBA but since they couldn’t afford it, they’d trade him to the team Marion wants to go to for assets? Is that how it works?

    - Joe
  30. 30.

    I guess I’m in a minority but I thought the press conf was self-serving propaganda.

    First, he talked about how he had assembled all this talent . Why couldn’t either coach get them to play .500 ?

    He justified the O’Neal trade as attempting to hit a homer and creating flexibility , when most feel it was a classic blunder .

    Firing Mitchell was proven to be an arrogant blunder also . If not, why hasn’t he rehired Truano already ? .

    He loves to talk about process and secrets he can’t reveal .. All this is just a smoke screen for his abysmal decisions that sank a promising team imo .
    Then he kind of implies some of the media should look back over some of the things they said about him .Like he should be immune to analysis after his blunders.
    He reminds me a bit of a cross between slick Willy Clinton , who kept denying till he was caught and “lyin” Bryan Mulroney , who lied till he got caught with all the $$ in envelopes .
    Let’s face it, half of the roster are Development League calibre . Voskuhl -”a perfect fit” ! ?
    We lacked a back-up point guard because we traded Ford .

    And what’s with the water bottle prop?
    Colangelo is lucky he signed a 5 yr contract instead of a 3 yr deal .

    - Chas Calz
  31. 31.

    The core of this team can put up great offensive nubmers, but defensively they are very, very suspect. Here’s hoping that Mr. Colangelo complements that trio with a little interior toughness and perimeter defense.

    - Steve-O from Waterdown
  32. 32.

    Joe – that’s exactly how it works.

    - E. Smith
  33. 33.

    so who do you think the raptors should go after

    - jc
  34. 34.

    Chris Calz…excellent, excellent post!

    That press conference was an absolute, self serving, joke.

    I don’t take a word BC says, seriously. He is either completely, completely inept as an NBA executive…or he is totally laughing (behind closed doors) at the paying fans.

    For anyone here who has even the slightest positive view of the Raptors’ current situation — please, please, please watch some NBA playoff basketball.

    You will see things being done, by both teams, that the Raptors absolutely cannot do. Tough perimeter defense, clutch shots, excellent ball movement, determined rebounding, skilled coaching, and, most importantly, all-out hustle.

    This Raps team has so little talent, and even less drive. Nearly every single player has a huge flaw in his game.

    For those of you who just “believe” things will get better…forget it. There are very few teams in the Eastern Conference with a bleaker outlook than the Raptors. Teams such as Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago, even Charlotte, have flown past our team. While it once seemed our destiny to be a top 4 team for years, this team will be scraping to win a playoff round for years.

    And while I agree firing GMs is not a good habit to get into, this BC character has proven himself to be an utter joke. I believe he is the laughingstock of the “new” crop of GMs — it was bad enough for US basketball fans to see him bail their country for Canada. But, the worst possible thing for thing has happened — he has turned our team into one of the weakest in the league, with very, very little upside.

    The guy actually focused on ROKO UKIC??

    Are you freakin’ kidding me?

    - brento
  35. 35.

    By the way, for those of you who have chastised me for being “so negative”…I’m so happy to see others with similar thoughts about this team speak out. Not that I ever thought I was alone (in fact, I know I am in the majority), but I was beginning to feel a it bullied around here…just joking, I can take care of myself ;)

    Anyways, that said…I may not be an expert in NBA team management, but I do a thing or two about management (MBA, Schulich School of Business ’95). And I can assure you, Bryan Colangelo’s style of addressing the public is incredibly narcissistic, shallow, and arrogant.

    His posture and approach to fans is nearly laughable. His 90s management style of covering up mistakes with poorly though-out excuses fool very few fans.

    His antics are tired and dated, as far as I’m concerned. As a season seat holder, I don’t trust a thing he says or does. The man appears to be delusional when it comes to his performance…usually a sign that his employment will not last much longer.

    - brento
  36. 36.

    Hey Brento, give your kids a hug. It will make you feel better. Its really not so bad. It’s only Basketball.

    - Tim
  37. 37.


    maybe your gonna continue to buy what BC is selling, but this consumer is not. I will not be fooled by the 90min media relations advised press conference, it had everything to do with defending himself, this so called best team he’s put together in Toronto, and his ego. At no time at all during this disappointing season or press conference did the man come out and apologize to the fans. PJ Brian got the reaction out of you and some other fans that perhaps him and his media people wanted, and that reaction is, that you think that he is so generous for stepping to the Mic. Well 90 min and a season of defending
    yourself and your moves, should obliterate any notion that BC did this press conference out of the goodness of his heart.

    - Thomas
  38. 38.

    We all make mistakes . Look at Nixon, Bush , Clinton , Mulroney . What is worse than the mistake is the cover-up .

    To try and sell 2 outrageous blunders like the O’Neal- Ford trade and the firing of Sam Mitchell as sound BB moves imo is pure delusional rationalisation .

    O’Neal wrecked team chemistry, could not fit in with Bosh, and we lost a under-valued PG in Ford .

    Sam Mitchell had developed into a fine coach and personality . He was 8-9 adjusting to O’Neal, a major injury-prone headcase .
    Colangelo said ” we are better than our record” , making Sam the scapegoat .
    The team without Mitchell fell out of the playoff race ..
    Brian Heaney on Stormin’s show cut right through the press conference spin too .

    Colangelo kind of reminded me of Capt Queeg on trial in the Caine Mutiny , with the water bottle replacing Bogart’s marbles.

    - Chas Calz
  39. 39.

    Some of you are so delusional.

    No, we shouldn’t be buying everything BC is selling or saying.

    But what would you have liked him to say?

    He said he miscalculated. He said it’s on him. He said they need to get better.

    And as Eric pointed out, it’s not like he’s going to get fired. Not yet at least.

    So what is it you want or wanted Bryan to say? (and by the way it is “BRYAN” (for those of you that are hardcore fans but can’t even get the man’s name correct))

    Plus, you’re crazy if you think that Sam didn’t have to go. He had lost the room. The players weren’t playing for him anymore. Go back and read all of the stories about the rumblings behind the scenes about guys not tuning in anymore to Sam’s constant barking and criticism.

    Plus, many of you want to blame or criticize Colangelo for two sub-par years, yet you wanna give Sam the free pass for his sub-par 41-41 season and his wonderous 8-9 start?

    And you’re still talking about the TJ trade? Has it not been discussed numerous times that the O’Neal/Ford trade was the best one out there for Toronto? Apparently there was a deal in place for Gerald Wallace before Wallace said he wouldn’t come to Toronto. So BC pulled the trigger, after getting the “ok” from the team docs and all of his staff and advisors too. It’s not like it was a rash or rushed decision.

    Finally, Brian Heaney? Please. Yes, the man played in the NBA and I respect him for that but he’s out in Halifax or something now and how close is he – truly – to the Raptors situation? Does he really know what’s going on or is he simply judging from a distance? Plus, if he’s so candid and great, I’ll ask, was he this candid and respected amongst the fans when he was in town and working for TSN, etc? I’ll answer for you: No.

    So some of you can just give your head a shake and realize that this team needs to be better and major improvements are wanted/needed but the sky isn’t exactly falling.

    - Jack
  40. 40.

    “What is worse than the mistake is the cover-up”

    Cover up? What cover up is this that you speak of? Cover up? The last time I checked they still finished with a paltry 33 wins. Everyone is disappointed. Everyone agrees things need to change. Where is the cover up?

    - DrJ
  41. 41.

    “Delusional” .. you want delusional ?- try this quote :

    “this is the best team I’ve had since I’ve been here ” BC

    If he had said that at the Clarke Institute , they might not have let him leave after that whopper .

    right there

    - Chas Calz
  42. 42.

    And on paper it was the best team. But it didn’t translate on the floor. Hence the reason he (BC) now has to clean it up.

    Much like – on paper – the 47-win team didn’t look like much. Some guy named Garbajosa from Spain? Whose game may or may not translate well to the NBA. Another Euro “star” in Parker who could never stick in previous attempts in the NBA. A number 1 overall pick that many hated, and a PG (Jose) who was coming off a very inconsistent year.

    But they came together. That wasn’t the best team on paper, but that was the best team on the floor. It was the exact opposite this year.

    Colangelo compiled both teams. So, ya win some and ya lose some. It’s all about how he “wins” now, but building this 33-win disappointment into a playoff contender again.

    See, that’s logic. Not anger, delusion, and Chicken Little.

    - Jack
  43. 43.

    Hey Jack — that wonderful 47-win team of yours…how deep did it go into the playoffs?

    Yup…another 1st round loss.

    Fans content with regular season wins, and playoff appearances just don’t get it.

    A team is measured by either championships or deep playoff runs.

    No one remembers who lost in last year’s first round.

    No one cares.

    BC compiled a team with no commitment to defense and no team chemistry.

    Half-way through this past regular season, when I realized Miami was in 6th place, and hugely overachieving, I checked out the team roster.

    I saw Wade, of course. And I saw…well, you know…I saw…ummmm…well…you know…

    Well, I didn’t see much. But, then I began to watch the team play. And I realized that the team’s star, Wade, was singlehandedly motivating his teammates to play far above their heads. It was amazing to watch. They were playing tough defense, fighting for loose balls, and seemed desperately to overachieve.

    It was everything the Raptors didn’t have. On paper, we had so much more talent…but on the court, we were lucky to string together 2 wins in a row.

    It’s not about talent. It’s about team chemistry and mental approach.

    And, once again, BC has put together a team completely unprepared to challenge NBA playoff-quality opponents.

    - brento
  44. 44.

    “I can honestly tell you today on paper i still believe talent wise, man for man, it was the best team, that i’ve had since i’ve been here. Didn’t work out that way.”

    “It’s not about the paper its about the game.”

    - PJ
  45. 45.

    You want delusional- #2
    ” We’re not that far away”

    Cavs -66-16

    Raps -33-49
    Wiz- 19-63
    BC should have added ” We’re not that far away from the bottom”
    Logic ? Triano does “a fine job ” going 25-40 with “most talented team ” and Sam goes 47-35 and 41-41 with less talented teams and BC fires Sam ..
    Then BC warns the “nay-sayers” in the media .He is an over-paid piece of work .

    - Chas Calz
  46. 46.


    You are quoting Colangelo but you are only giving small snippets of the entire quote. In addition, you are not using the quotes in the context in which they were spoken. How anything you write be taken seriously when you manipulate Colangelo’s words to build a false arguement?

    - PJ
  47. 47.

    Dear Pajamas,
    Don’t forget, the Devil can quote scripture. Amen

    - Chas Calz
  48. 48.


    Get back to bed!

    - brento
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