Tuesday April 7 2009 – 10:34am Eastern (Toronto, ON) 

I got a great sleep last night.  It started at about 9:25pm last night — about 3 minutes into the Michigan State/UNC game.  Man, what a snooze-fest that was!

Anyway … moving on …


- Atlanta leads the all-time series against Toronto, 27-25
- The Hawks lead the 2008-09 Season Series, 2-1
- The Raptors have won 3 straight in Toronto
- In his CAREER against Atlanta, Chris Bosh is averaging 20.4 PPG and 9.8 REB
- In his CAREER against Toronto, Mike Bibby (VAN/SAC/ATL) is averaging 19.6 PPG, 5.3 ASST, and 50.2 FG%

Atlanta comes into this ball game stumbling a little bit though.  They’ve lost 3 in a row — 4 and 6 over their last 10 — and they’re trying desperately to hold off the Miami Heat and hang on to the #4 seed (and home court advantage in the first round) in the Eastern Conference playoff picture.

The Hawks are just 14-24 on the road this season (29-10 at home) … but they’re certainly a team on the rise in the East:

2004-05:       13-69
2005-06:       26-56
2006-07:       30-52
2007-08:       37-45
2008-09:       43-34 (and counting)


Just how good have the Raptors been over their last seven games?  Well, 6 and 1 (and a 6-game winning streak) are certainly nothing to sneeze at … but check out how some of the players have performed individually as well:

- Bosh:
22.5 PPG
13.5 REB
49.5 FG%

- Andrea Bargnani:
21.2 PPG
5.7 REB  
48.6 FG%

But two of the biggest catalysts in the Raptors’ recent success – on both ends of the floor – have been Shawn Marion and Jose Calderon.  They’ve solidified the starting 5 and put up some impressive numbers as well:

- Marion’s last 7 games:
PPG – 15.5
REB – 10.5
OFF. REB – 3.3
FG% – 52.7
MIN – 37.4

- Calderon’s last 7 games:
PPG – 15.8
ASST – 9.4
TO – 2.3
FG% – 55.0
MIN – 34.2

Enjoy the game tonight folks.  Jonesy and I are on the air just after 7:00pm.

If anything earth-shattering goes down at this morning’s shoot-around, I’ll update this blog.

E. Smith

10 Responses to “Game-Day Number Crunching”
  1. 1.

    Here’s hoping for a good game. Entertain us boys.

    - PJ
  2. 2.

    Hey Eric,
    when is Hump getting back in the game?

    - dave
  3. 3.

    DAMN SPARTANS! I’ll be honest, it was a big gamble as i don’t follow NCAA as hard as everyone else. Fun none the less. Glad you benefitted from such a dull game. your bring up a very good point that I was discussing with Brento, and I want to know his take too. So The Hawks have been bad for a long time! They are now making strides in being a better team. The players and Management they have brought in have been constantly making changes to their team. Is it not possible that sometimes a little humble pie needs to be tasted before the sweet taste of success is tasted and appreciated? Just a general thought. (Wow I feel profound with that, I will not post for the remainder of the day and leaving on the high!!) Holy George Costanza Batman!!

    - Lanny from Whitby
  4. 4.

    Hi Eric,

    Just wondering if there are any lingering issues with Pops’ knee (which kept him out of a game a few weeks back)? He’s been a little less effective in the last few games.

    As for Hump, I’m guessing it’s safe to assume that he won’t be playing in any of the remaining games this season.

    - Patrick
  5. 5.

    Hump will not be back this year. His rehab took a little longer than expected. He’s off crutches now and the team might fast-track him if they were heading towards the playoffs. But with the post-season out the door, there’s no reason to bring him back.

    No concerns RE: Pops Mensah-Bonsu (aka – The British Bulldog)

    - E. Smith
  6. 6.

    This yr’s Raps prove that a team can be interesting and entertaining even though they were disappointing in W-Ls .
    The O’Neal- Ford trade created expectations ..
    Then the coaching change increased hopes . We waited to see if Colangelo’s gamble would pay off .
    Triano was likable and a Canuck, , so most fans hoped he could turn team around .and still do I imagine ..

    Then Bargnani and Calderon improved – depending on how you viewed them
    Then the O’Neal-Moon -Marion trade caused some excitment .

    The Bosh controversy – Sam Smith .Jalen Rose . etc .. will he stay or leave -was a continuous debate throughout the season .

    Then the Raptor nation celebrated Bosh’s becoming a father , with the interesting court documents .

    Then along the way minor characters were added to team — Pops , O’Bryant , Douby .etc .. generating some novelty ..
    Then the recent winning streak spiked interest ..
    Fans were interested to see if Chuck Swirsky could be replaced — most feel he was .

    It’s been an interesting, entertaining saga .
    Winning isn’t everything , esp. if the players are likable , don’t you think ?

    - Chas Calz
  7. 7.

    Wow…Chris Calz…you’ve certainly lowered the bar (or perhaps you were just stirring my emotions, trying to drum up a response!).

    No, my friend, winning IS everything.

    Everyone remembers exactly where they were when Joe Carter hit that home run? Or when Mike Timlin threw that ball to first base.

    Everyone remembers the vibe associated with Killer’s ’93 Leafs — him propping the team on his back as they watched The Great One dash their playoff hopes.

    Everyone remembers that phenomenal playoff battle between AI’s Sixers and VC’s Raptors. Both of them exchanging 50 point games as they battled to the bone.

    These moments define a home city’s sporting moments.

    Your list of “interesting and entertaining” events is, comparatively, rather sad.

    It’s time this team’s fans brought their expectations and goals back to where they were when this team seemed destined to win more than just one playoff series.

    And, by the way, to remind anyone who believes this team hasn’t greatly underperformed in it’s entire HISTORY — the Raptors have been the victor in ONE (1) series in their history.

    It’s time this team aspires for more than simply making the NBA playoffs.

    - brento
  8. 8.

    brento (Brento)I agree the great moments in sports are usually wins .. Joe Carter’s homer, Henderson’s goal in ’72 series, Leafs of 60′s ,Argos Cup wins, but my point was losing seasons can be interesting and entertaining too .
    We can enjoy lovable losers too.
    We can respect “the joy of effort” .
    Part of the interest in sports is second-guessing coaches and GMs , and trying to vent on how a team can be improved ie -trades, using certain players more.
    Fans can also enjoy the success of certain players , even though the team is losing .
    A good example might be this year’s Blue Jays, who most predict might be hard-pressed to be .500, but Halladay, Lind , Snider etc could be fun to watch .Plus we are in FIRST PLACE
    I ,like some, feel Colangelo has been an abysmal failure as a GM this season and I’m sure his bosses have noticed his blunders.
    Brian Heaney did a masterful analysis of the Raptors last night on Stormin’s show, pointing out the GM has a lot of work to do to improve this mess he has made .
    But to me the season had a lot of interesting aspects despite being an unexpected overall failure , don’t you think ?

    - Chas Calz
  9. 9.

    Ok, fine…grumble, grumble, I guess you’re right, Chas.

    Let’s see, what can I find that’s positive about this season?

    Oh, I’ve got it!!

    We sometimes, including last night, got freeeeeee pizza!

    Mmmmm…free pizza…

    But seriously, I’ve got to hear that piece by Heaney. He’s great…always speaks so directly, unlike so many other analysts, commentators, cheer leaders, etc.

    It’s about time someone not connected to this organization really simplified the mess Colangelo has created in this city.

    I like the direction fans are taking, generally speaking. I think BC’s bubbles has burst – his supporters have all run out of explanations and excuses. I have a feeling his days as the Raptors GM are numbered.

    - brento
  10. 10.

    Maybe Heaney, with Jack Armstrong as an assistant, might make a good replacement for Colangelo – if he doesn’t straighten out the mess ?

    - Chas Calz
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